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  1. It was bad. If I remember correctly the review embargo and social media embargo dropped at the same time but you had guys on social media like Jeremy Smith and Kris Tapley reporting that it was really bad.
  2. Hmm I think hes referring to a shot of Ares(David) after he is beaten by Zeus and is like curled up in a cave or something and stands up. Didnt really notice any obvious CGI. Other than that his face is behind Ares helmet and is in armor. Noticeable CGI there
  3. I think they are damned either way. If the movie gets glowing reviews its because ,"a female directed it and its a female lead". Despite having flaws a movie can still be really good... For example every Marvel movie ever has a terrible villain flaw but they are still good. I don't think things will be overlooked. Critics have no problem pointing out problems with DC films.
  4. 15 or so minutes. But it cuts between ither things that are happening. Actual fighting is somewhat short
  5. I liked the movie. Didnt love it. Gal and Chris are great. Honestly, if anyone has anything negative to say about Gal after this then they are just too stubborn to admit they were wrong. Action is good, humor is good and has good emotion. Third act/end fight is messy and way too long with too much going on. I completely disagree about Empirecity in regards to Ares. I knew David played Ares because I read spoilers before I saw the movie but when Diana looked into the glass and saw the back of him the entire audience I saw it with gasped. If the twist fooled hardcore DC fans who keep up with all news then it will certainly be a twist for the casual movie goer. I was fine with them making Ares actually David. Dont see a problem with him looking human consider Diana does too and yah know... Shes a God or at least demigod. Honestly first and second act are really darn good. If the third act was also good this would be one hell of a film.
  6. Lol what have you been reading. Ive seen AT LEAST 80-90 tweets calling it good or better. As of now the subreddit has only found 2 people who have said negative things about it. I wouldn't call that mediocre
  7. Don't think anyone can say without spooling stuff but I will say that it is really good and makes me excited for what the future holds. Definitely feels like a new ERA for DC films. Whether Geoff Johns had a big say in it I'm not sure.
  8. I wouldn't say the third act as a whole is weak just one specific aspect. Cant say much without spoiling.
  9. I liked it... I didn't love it. Great acting, humor, action and guess what guys...THE STORY IS COHESIVE. It actually makes sense and flows. However, the finals act like others started is lackluster compared to the rest of the film no doubt. Definitely enjoyable. I think everything fans complained about (humor, character development, color, story) were definitely heard and the ship is going on the right direction.
  10. Well I've seen over 60 tweets from critics and reporters and it sounds like every one of them would give it a fresh review. Could easily see it hitting 80+ unless people are hiding their reactions but I don't think that's the case.
  11. Yes, what he said. Some are mainly bloggers but in that mix there are at least 10 to 15 that are RT critics. Another critic was Andy Lea who had that early review. Unless other people see this movie dramatically different than these forty avid movie reporters I see its RT score being quite high.
  12. So over 40 tweets from bloggers and critics and not one negative review. Well done Jenkins. Glad the whole idea of this movie being a mess has been dismissed. Yes also... why are peeps going crazy in here. I thought we were supposed to be happy with positive reactions not at each others throats.
  13. Decided to hit the National Aquarium with the girlfriend and then hit the theater. Sucks though would have loved to have one in King of Prussia like the BVS one.

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