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  1. Ontario theatres won’t open till we get to stage three of our reopening plan. We just entered stage one yesterday and it’s “supposed” to be 21 days between each stage though I doubt that happens. If case counts keep dropping and as more people getting fully vaccinated I think they’ll move up the dates but we’ll see. I’ll let you guys know when things change.
  2. We live in the streaming age now and stuff like this will continue to be released on streaming, so the complaints about it are just boring at this point(especially for this year). This movie will probably benefit much more from streaming cause WB can spin Max viewership number against it’s bad box office numbers. It will probably get more exposure being on max as well cause it seems like there isn’t as big of an audience for this as some had hoped.
  3. I like the title, I hope it’s another huge goofy movie, Aquaman in imax was such an awesome experience.
  4. I assume this guy is working on the soundtrack or something so I wouldn’t expect anything other then praise. But either way I thought I would share. Edit. Maybe it was just a random screening cause I saw more reactions on Twitter/Reddit. I’m not gonna share anymore cause I don’t think anyone cares what random people think of the movie lol.
  5. Sandberg said the Flash is his most anticipated DC movie cause of “What I’ve heard and seen from it seems amazing”.
  6. Each province is opening on their own timelines. I live in Ontario which is like 40% of Canada’s population and they probably won’t be open here till early July at the earliest, more likely mid-late July. It all depends on case counts and hospitalizations.
  7. The Batman must be so bad that they are now forcing Reeves to not only work on the Batman movie, but also an HBO Max spinoff of the Batman that films later this year and made him create a new Batman animated show. They must truly hate each other. And they must of hated Pattinson as Batman as well so as a punishment they signed him to a first look deal.
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