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  1. That’s a good number from samba for GvK, they had ww84 at 3m views for its first full week and the Snyder cut was 2.2m for it’s first full week.
  2. Meh, I’ve been saying since last year that Disney is only looking out for their best interests with respects to theatres etc, I thought it was garbage how they handled Mulan, Hamilton, Soul etc but it’s their products and they can do what they like with them. The Black Widow thing is just another slap in the face for theatres and it’s on them to hold Disney accountable for their decisions. Wether they do(or can)is a whole other question. Disney should do better, but so should many other companies who probably won’t.
  3. So there’s a theatre exclusive trailer for this playing before GvK, some cool clips in it, the trailer is cut quite differently. I just saw it on YouTube from a cam recording but I’m sure it will taken down soon lol.
  4. I just found it on YouTube lol, some cool stuff in it.
  5. Anyone catch the other Suicide squad trailer playing before GvK in theatres? Apparently it’s a theatre exclusive trailer.
  6. I was so happy to hear that also, my younger son is 14 and hasn’t been back in soon since last year. Pfizer has already asked health Canada to approve the shot for the younger group also. Hopefully it gets approved within a month or so here.
  7. Apparently her and Gunn have already spoken about another project so I doubt she’s too unhappy about anything regarding her time on TSS.
  8. I just read London is going back to red zone tomorrow, will that shut down the theatres?
  9. I think the movie does have a time jump. Like it will show his origin and then jump to the future. I’d love if he announced Cavill was in it but I think he’ll announce the release date but I hope you’re right.
  10. Seems a bit harsh lol, I thought Robbie was good in that clip at the beginning of the trailer when they were there to save her, but to each their own.
  11. Maybe people wanted more action? Also, at least on here it seems like the jokes didn’t land for some? Reception been really good online for the most part.
  12. Oh weird lol, it was like a new 30 second TV spot with a bit of new footage.
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