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  1. They don’t care about theatrical right now, AT&T is sacrificing everything for hbomax
  2. Let’s get a trailer now! Can’t wait to see some footage.
  3. @Jason Have you heard anything about that doctor passing away after getting vaccinated? The only reason I’m asking is cause I have ITP so I wanna know if there’s any info on what vaccine type might be safest for me. I’ll of course speak to my doctor before I get vaccinated but I was just curious.
  4. Cap is probably my favourite character from the mcu so I’m glad to see him come back. I assume this will be some other version of him though cause I thought his storey ended pretty well in endgame.
  5. There’s also been chatter that another Disney tentpole, the Scarlet Johansson-led Marvel adventure “Black Widow,” may follow in the steps of fellow studio release “Raya and the Last Dragon,” which is premiering concurrently in theaters and on Disney Plus for a premium price. Disney insiders continue to deny those whispers. Yet in the age of coronavirus, nothing is being considered — until it is. Sources at Disney disputed reports that Pixar’s “Soul” would premiere on Disney Plus, only to announce a month later that “Soul” would open on Disney Plus.
  6. Well if they wanna keep him happy and continue working with him it’s probably best to work out a deal. He’s supposed to be working with them for some HBOMAX stuff as well.
  7. No idea what will come from this but this was WB statement tonight on the situation. It seems like Ray wants John’s and Hamada gone but if he doesn’t have a contract with WB anymore then I’m not sure what their motivation would be to do anything else.
  8. I’m not sure this is ever going to end with Ray tbh cause I don’t think he’ll ever work for WB again so there’s no real reason to stop posting this stuff. I guess he’ll stop once he thinks he’s “won” or the action he wants is taken or he gets sued by WB. Not sure what he expects to happen to Hamada if they’re extending his contract though.
  9. Some parts of a certain fanbase thought Hamada would be gone after Fisher made that tweet speaking out against Hamada.
  10. We’re barely getting 5000 people done a day in Ontario, we have almost 15m people here alone in our province. Our premier thought vaccines could save him from this situation and how terribly he’s dealt with it, but he can’t even get people vaccinated cause he’s such a fuck up.
  11. Probably get the trailer at the AT&T earnings call at the end of January if they’re gonna announce new stuff for Max, or maybe they’re putting on another Fandome event in the next few months and they’ll show it there.
  12. I stopped following this thread and decided to check back in, bad idea lol. Not at all surprised this is about to go rotten, the discourse on social media and other places is bad, seems excessive to me but I don’t really care lol.
  13. I think he’s gonna be in Shazam 2 which goes into production soon but I’m pretty disappointed we haven’t got another Superman movie announcement yet.
  14. imo it would be a huge mistake to recast Cavill, he’s really come into his own since Witcher came out and he’s at the height of his popularity. I’ll be happy getting another Superman movie either way(if it happens)but I think they should use him.
  15. I don’t think Batman will open near the lion king. I think Batman opens to around 130-160m. Maybe it could do more with amazing reception etc but I’m trying to be realistic. We’ll see what happens closer to the release.
  16. I’m not suggesting what’s going to open to what, but it’s very hard to determine things for the Batman cause over 20m people watched the trailer live on Fandome and it also had over 20m views on Twitter in the first day as well. So for that I can’t take the YouTube views as gospel for this particular movie. I obviously don’t think it will open anywhere near what excel thinks lol but I think there’s a lot of excitement for the movie.
  17. Private theatre rental is the only way I’ll be going back to the movies next year. Our big chain just announced they were about to start these before the latest lockdown so I hope they still offer them next year for some big movies.
  18. Lol, I didn’t mean to imply you shouldn’t respond anymore, you’re not being rude or anything. I just don’t think you’ll change specific people’s minds, and that’s fine cause they’re entitled to their own opinions. But ya, realistically I don’t see how this had a path to a billion.
  19. I agree with you but at this point I don’t think anyone is changing anyone else’s mind lol
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