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  1. The directors said that. Are you calling them nutjobs? You could skip IW and still enjoy EG since everything important that happened in IW is explained to you.
  2. Endgame is definitely better than Black Panther. It deserves a few Oscar nominations. Not saying they should win them, that would depend on the competition.
  3. 5. Did you leave for the bathroom or something? Hulk was severely hurt from using the stones. He was fighting, but he was nowhere near strong/well enough to be of much use. 10. Really? Only just those two had reasons to not move on and want to bring back half of all life in the universe? Reeeally? facepalm.jpg
  4. For me, it was the cheers when they showed her with the new hair. As well as the group of women sitting behind me yelling about it made it easy for me to tell they liked it. Unless I didn't interpret "Yas that hair!" correctly. It was a very vocal crowd on my second viewing.
  5. All these people hating on the scene with all the women. I knew watching it that there would be people complaining for no reason about it. I thought it was great. The audience thought it was great. It got a huge cheer both times I've seen it. Only cheer louder was Cap wielding Moljnir. Not everything in a movie has to be for you.
  6. Anything Black Window related should be a Disney+ thing. I don't see how she could sell a movie by herself. Marvel lies. I wouldn't be surprised if the talk about a movie was to throw people off of her dying. Either that, or it will be a Black Widow/Hawkeye/Fury unnecessary prequel.
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