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  1. The directors said that. Are you calling them nutjobs? You could skip IW and still enjoy EG since everything important that happened in IW is explained to you.
  2. While I wouldn't call it a perfect movie, it's certainly my favorite. For a long time I considered The Man From Earth my favorite. I decided to re-evaluate how I picked my "favorite". I asked myself, what movie have I seen the most? There were a few contenders as I don't keep track. Then I asked, of these, which do I still enjoy watching the most? Oddly enough, the final decision was Ace Ventura 2. Shocked me since that wasn't even on the radar before I started. The more I think about it, the happier I am with the choice. Shikaka!
  3. Everyone is forgetting about the real perfect movie. Ace Ventura 2 When Nature Calls.
  4. Love those movies. Fistful of Dollars was my favorite. The "apologize to my horse" scene is one of my favorite movie scenes of all time.
  5. Still works with tickets sold. Gone with the Wind didn't do so well cause it was a good movie. Factors from the time period were why. Most notably theaters being the only places with air conditioning at the time.
  6. I think it will end up tracking better than TA1. Anyone done the math at how much better its been doing each day? I can throw together a spreadsheet later tonight, if not.
  7. Looks like my over 50M club is a bust. I blame those lazy stoners! 😂
  8. Are you trying to win my avatar? I just switched it! At least let me have it for a little while.
  9. It'll get to or close to 600 with its 3rd weekend.
  10. He confirmed by liking multiple posts saying 25M after his hint. It's how he rolls.
  11. Rough estimates, some rounding. Mon: 25M (282M) Tue: 23M (305M) -8% Wed: 18M (323M) -20% Thur: 17M (340M) -5% Fri-Sun: 140M (480M) -45% v LW Mon: 12M (492M) -52% v Last Monday Tue: 13M (505M) +8% Wed: 10M (515M) -20% Thur: 10M (525M) --- Fri-Sun: 84M (609M) -40%
  12. It's still crazily unbelievable looking at Avatar's OS gross. I forget sometimes just how insane it was.
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