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  1. Loved the first one. Was super hyped for the second. Shaved my goatee down to a mustache for preview night. Loved it. The first third was kind of slow, but the rest was hilarious.
  2. From the album: Gifs

  3. Any live action movie that's actually filmed in 3D has been just as visually appealing as Avatar. Transformers and The Hobbit movies come to mind. I was one of the few fans of 3D HFR. Marvel has certainly improved on conversions over the years, but it's still not the same.
  4. Took my mom on Friday cause I love her and wouldn't want to torture her with the wait. She's hooked on Marvel movies. Seen them all at least twice minus BP. Up to date on SHIELD as well. Same. Saw it two or three times in the theater, but without the amazing 3D visuals at home, I haven't been able to watch it since. Has anyone seen the roasting The New Yorker is getting? https://mashable.com/2018/04/29/new-yorker-avengers-infinity-war
  5. WW, there is no way IW doesn't make more than BP. For DOM, it will be harder since IW is going to have its legs hurt due to much greater competition than BP saw. I could still see it happening though. It'll be close. I certainly wouldn't be surprised if it managed. For now, I'd be happy with 2.5x to get it to 630M since that's what I predicted in the IW over 500M club. 😁
  6. Should have specified that WW is definitely a minimum, DOM probably too. I was just using A1's 40/60% DOM/OS split to get an estimate. A 30/70% split would put it to 2B with a 630M DOM total.
  7. I think the scenario of IW's WW total beating A1 while also having its DOM total being below BP to be extremely likely. 630M DOM 1.575B WW I personally hope it smashes even these numbers though. It deserves it. My unrealistic dream scenario would be: 800M+ DOM 2B+ WW
  8. If they can give us a GotG level or better quality movie, with the women empowering vibe that WW had, this movie is going to do insane numbers. If it can tap just 75% of the enthusiasm that BP had, that would give us the 150M OW and 517M+ US
  9. Not too far from what I've been thinking for Captain Marvel. 150M OW 450M US 900M WW The only way I see it making 1B WW is if it makes 500M US, which I don't think is out of the question. I'm just not willing to go that crazy until I see a trailer, haha.
  10. I was joking about the procrastination, hence the face. Nostalgia may not be "needed" but it's certainly going to be a huge factor. Such a long wait between a first movie that made over 200M and the release of a sequel has only been seen once before, Finding Nemo and Finding Dory at 13 years. Normally they come much sooner, so it's safe to say this is uncharted waters. Incredibles 2 is taking it even further, should be fun to watch.
  11. I have faith in Jim's procrastination I'm actually shocked they finally started. I gave up paying attention cause it was taking forever. Is 11 years enough time for nostalgia? It's not Jurassic World's 14, but does that 3-year difference really matter?
  12. So, when this wins the Oscar for best visual effects, who gets it? I noticed all the companies involved in the credits the first time and counted the second time for fun. IMDB had this nice list. Looking at past winners, it seems like supervisors from each company win. ILM and Weta for sure. I wonder how much work the others did. Special Effects Capital T (visual effects) Cinesite Clear Angle Studios Digital Domain Direct Dimensions (DDI) (3D scanning) (uncredited) Double Negative Elstree Effects Exceptional Minds (additional visual effects.
  13. Or they can just cast Chris Pratt! The first one was also when 3D was fairly new. People are either used to it, or over it by now. It's still going to do pretty well since I'm sure Jim won't have 2D versions for people to see like we get with other movies. I don't recall ever seeing any showings of the first one in my area in 2D.
  14. I'm a huge Star Wars fan. TLJ is my favorite episode. They took the best parts of SW and added a dash of Marvel. I don't see how SW9 can top it. People didn't like Empire Strikes Back at first either as you can see with its drop in box office. Ep4 (307m) > Ep5 (209m) > Ep6 (252m) for original runs. What are the odds of BP hitting 700m? I'm thinking unlikely considering "Digital copies will be available from May 8, with Blu-ray and DVD releases on May 15."
  15. It worked! This site isn't loading through a quite a few DNS servers. Set my router to use OpenDNS and it worked! https://dnschecker.org/#A/forums.boxofficetheory.com
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