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  1. I've read that too, but the Roman numeral reasoning makes no sense because MM = 2000 in Roman numerals. Edit: 420th post hype
  2. My Regal has discount Monday through Thursdays. I don't go still cause the sound sucks. They are in need of a serious upgrade.
  3. About a movie that has magic as well as explosions and sound in space.
  4. Long shots indeed, but I was just saying that IF they could do it, it would have to be with those. Incredibles 2 is the only trailer where I've heard a large number of people clapping and cheering. Not just one or two like usual. Multiple different times. Adults. And that was just a teaser. People in their early 20s seem to be in love with the Incredibles.
  5. 2019 is going to be HUGE for Disney if things remain in place. Dumbo, Aladdin!!!, Lion King, Toy Story 4, Avengers, SW9, Frozen 2, Captain Marvel which could be another Wonder Woman.
  6. I remember following it and being on the edge of my seat!! Disney has a shot with Infinity War, Incredibles 2, Solo, and dare I say...... Deadpool 2 😂😂
  7. I'm procrastinating going to bed, so here is this. Do with it what you will. lol Through day 14, R1's drops had averaged -26.46% and TLJ averaged -26.39%, pretty close. R1's increases averaged +35.38% and TLJ averaged +29.48% So while R1 averaged better % increases, it also had slightly worse drops and of course, started at much lower numbers.
  8. Sadly, with my spreadsheet being pretty damn close with 19.27m, it's broken for tomorrow. It is saying only 19.54m. So I'm going to give it a jump from Thursday of +6.6% based on other jumps vs R1 and go with 20.54m for Friday, using 19.27m for Thursday for now. I'm basing the +6.6% on the fact that R1's % increases have been about 26% higher than the TLJ's so far. R1 did +9% so I'm saying TLJ will do +6.6%. Not sure how the logic works, but it's the only thing I can come up with at the moment.
  9. Spreadsheet is giving 19.27m, maybe this will be closer than the 6% that was Wed's 23.2 vs actual 21.8 EDIT: Here is a graph that I made of TLJ's run so far vs R1 Purple is $ over R1 and light blue is % over R1
  10. I'm hoping that 3.2x is still alive. The sliver of hope that I had for my original 3.69x is gone. I dared to live the dream 😂
  11. Except that SuperWhoLock fandom, they're a bunch of loonies. 😂 *cough* I'm one of them *cough*
  12. Noo! But our final predictions were so close! I'll be happy to see yours go up though, haha. Hopefully, mine will too eventually. I'll stick with my 664m for now, especially if Wed really does come in close to 23.2m
  13. Oops, you're right. Brain fart. Somehow did 650+650 in my head and got 1600 I blame that post for giving me a concussion.
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