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  1. I guess, it's because DP2 is a night movie and Germany plays tonight at 8 pm. Solo probably will be less effected by it.
  2. WED (62.5k) + THU (72k) = 139.5k and the first trend in the insidekino forum is 500-550k for the 5 day start.
  3. There is also another national holiday on thursday and lots of people will have the friday also off. The holds will be very good this weekend.
  4. With 1.53M admissions after 6 day AIW has already more than AOU had after it's 2nd weekend (1.48M).
  5. Tuesday is Labor Day. Lots of people take tomorrow of for a long weekend and in most, if not all, states there is no school tomorrow. So the the next two days should also be bigger than normal.
  6. This trend shows the total of this whole week. Meaning it includes the last weekend. So the number for Rogue One are 450k(THU-SUN)+590k(MON-WED)=1,040k(whole week).s
  7. I think the opening of the Christmas markets everywhere combined with the cold but sunny weather were the reason for the lower numbers.
  8. First trend: Inferno 475k FD 425k MP 160k BM 110k SP 75k In the IK-Forum a user posted yesterdays numbers and FD had 68k and Inferno 66k. Don't be surprised, if FD is also above Inferno for the whole weekend.
  9. I think FB will behave similar to the last Panem movies. A bit over 1M on opening weeknd and final admission at around 4M.
  10. First trend: Suicide Squad 550k Pets 275k Bourne 160k Conni & Co 115k Schweinskopf 70k Ice Age 5 55k Captain Fantastic 45k Will be interesting to see, how the weather will effect the next trends and how frontloaded Suicide Squad will be.
  11. I would say 3.8-3.9M and with a chance for 4M if the weather is mainly bad the next weeks.
  12. The last week Pets did benefit from summer breaks everywhere: On thursday school started in the first states and over the next weeks more states will follow. So the results during the week should get worse compared to the weekend.
  13. 8/18/16 Here is a list of opening dates for Germany: http://www.insidekino.de/DStarts/DStartplan.htm
  14. In the 2nd trend everything decreased: Pets 450k STB 140k GB 130k IA5 120k LO 110k Tarzan 100k MBY 90k ID4 2 80k
  15. Another thing to keep in mind is, that Suicide Squad opens during summer break in most countries, which might make its opening weekend more frontloaded. BvS opened on Easter weekend and might have benefitted from national holidays over the weekend or on monday.
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