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  1. Marriage Story would have probably swept if James L. Brooks made it 30 years ago but it doesn't seem Important enough to win big today. I would also say Shape of Water was absolutely broad and clumsy so a Jojo win would be par for the course at this moment. That Taika is, like GDT, a much more Internet-friendly director than Peter Farrelly will help, sure.
  2. Fully ready for Jojo to win best picture and Mendes best director tbh. Y'all feel free to expect the Oscars to do better but after the last couple years especially I can't. Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised. Likewise with Phoenix in best actor. (Still am on the Pacino train, at least, and original screenplay will be hard to mess up.)
  3. on Well Go USA's website there's a full list of theaters where this is opening. There's 64 of them (47 in the States, 17 in Canada). https://www.wellgousa.com/films/better-days
  4. rewatched original Star Wars for the first time in almost 8 years. Luke is horny af for the princess literally from the moment he sees her hologram, a totally realistic character beat I wouldn't expect to see in any blockbuster today Other than the editing team, the big unsung heroes here are all the balding British a-gig's-a-gig character actors who serve up much of the realness and the paperback pulp energy at once Movie holds up, which is honestly a relief. Except that I no longer feel a kid/teen's awe/immersion watching it, so much as a sense of "damn, they really got this thing to work when it was evidently this close to not working at all". There remains an endearing scrappy charm to it that marks it as fundamentally a work of insecure but committed young people (backed up by older pros), which is also pretty much antithetical to the corporate-controlled way of making movies. Ironic, etc. "The Empire doesn't consider a small, one-man fighter to be any threat." Thought of both Lucas circa 1970s and our man Rian at that moment
  5. Tentatively in, wanna hear more details. And this probably isn't gonna work on my end heh.
  6. I suspect the only real motivation for that post was that an Ansel Elgort movie is coming out the same day as this.
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