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  1. It's excel, insisting he knows better than studios and filmmakers what they should/are gonna do is like his whole personality here.
  2. Come to think of it, Argo too would've stopped at about 6x without the awards season bump (it was 19/110 as of early January 2013). So if you wanna ignore that too, then it's The Ring, which came out two weeks before Halloween, and before that The Others.
  3. Either Hidden Figures, which got a Best Picture nod a week or two after it expanded wide, or, if you don't wanna count that, Argo.
  4. keoghan and farrell means this is now canonically taking place in the killing of the sacred deer universe.
  5. No one is surprised The Batman is dark. That's the point. There's nothing unexpected about the tone here. And that's tiresome.
  6. Most live action superhero media has pretty much spent over a decade now bludgeoning audiences into accepting worlds that just look like our normal gray boring world, in which these goofy-ass costumed fighters, super-beings, aliens or whoever are then simply plonked and that's it. Good way to have your cake and eat it too, encourage people to think they're watching something grounded and weighty and (in terms of setting) recognizable without requiring any effort that goes into watching something that actually is those things. And the more they do it, the more insecure it comes across. The end of the trailer is the issue in a nutshell - ok, here we have a Batman who methodically beats a goon into a pulp, real impressive shit, but why do I suspect this isn't gonna have enough courage of its convictions to show us what the result of that looks like?
  7. It's one of the weirdest, horniest, most blissfully silly yet sneakily smart movies to come out of classic Hollywood. It's got fireballs, sex dreams, crazy dance routines, Gene Kelly in very short shorts, Judy Garland owning dudes, and more. If any of that sounds good to y'all, you best join in.
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