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  1. Looks like a return to his slick crime/crime-adjacent dramas with a coat of existentialism like American Gigolo, Light Sleeper and The Walker which I guess was predictable, he wasn't gonna do another First Reformed. Those movies are a mixed bag at best, hopefully this is better than at least some of them. I wonder what would have happened if he'd gotten to make Nine Men from Now instead of this.
  2. Try some Budd Boetticher joints they're all 75-80 minutes long and well-regarded. The Ox-Bow Incident, too. Anthony Mann's westerns are all 90-100 minutes.
  3. 1. Kiki’s Delivery Service 2. The Emperor’s New Groove 3. The Incredibles 4. Toy Story 5. WALL·E 6. Toy Story 2 7. Waking Life 8. Pinocchio 9. Fantastic Mr. Fox 10. Spirited Away 11. Ratatouille 12. Tower 13. Monsters, Inc. 14. Toy Story 3 15. The Iron Giant 16. Dumbo 17. Wolfwalkers 18. My Neighbor Totoro 19. Castle in the Sky 20. Fantastic Planet 21. Coco 22. Porco Rosso 23. South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut 24. Cheatin’ 25. The Princess and the Frog 26.
  4. This music is not original to In the Mood for Love, people. (Galasso's is, but it's not his stuff that's played 40 times in the movie and is most associated with it.)
  5. 1. Vertigo (1958, Bernard Herrmann) 2. Blade Runner (1982, Vangelis) 3. Once Upon a Time in the West (1968, Ennio Morricone) 4. Chinatown (1974, Jerry Goldsmith) 5. The Third Man (1949, Anton Karas) 6. Days of Heaven (1978, Ennio Morricone) 7. Once Upon a Time in America (1984, Ennio Morricone) 8. Touch of Evil (1958, Henry Mancini) 9. Under the Skin (2013, Mica Levi) 10. Brick (2005, Nathan Johnson) 11. Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981, John Williams) 12. Star Wars (1977, John Williams) 13. Elevator to the Gallows (1958, Miles Davis)
  6. June aka Animation and Camp Month, thanks chas and Cap *Hoodwinked! - 6/10. This is my preferred version of Rashōmon. X-treme Granny stuff cringy, Patrick Warburton and Japeth the Goat magnificent. *Monster House - 6/10. A pretty fun, these days refreshingly non-patronizing movie very nearly undone by some of the most eye-gouging horribly aged performance capture animation I've ever seen. (Did it ever look good? I don't remember being put off by it in 2006). Kept thinking about how awesome a Henry Selick-style stop-motion version might have looked like and trying not to cry in
  7. I don't think anyone would argue The Village isn't a good-looking movie. It helps having Deakins at your side.
  8. I'm not sure why this is an argument, I thought it was clear from this scene that The Lion King remake does have live action elements:
  9. May Witness (1985) - 6/10 *The Fast and the Furious (2001) - 6/10 Heat (1963) - 7/10 *The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003) - 9/10 *Chungking Express (1994) - 9/10. Seen on the big screen twice. Don't watch this new Wong "restoration" if you can help it, it has "Dreams" (the Faye Wong song from the home improvement montage and the end credits) play over the earlier scene of Leung slowly drinking coffee which is a George Lucas-fucking-with-the-OT-level offence. You and Me (1971) - 6/10 *The Ascent (1977) - 9/10 Come and See (1985) -
  10. Boo Searchlight give me a summer release. Try winning best picture without clogging up the fall/winter for once.
  11. it's a fast and furious movie that's 140 minutes long in 2021 so as you might imagine it pretty much plays like big-screen season 9 of a network tv show, with ever more absurd narrative contortions, arbitrary mcguffins (it took me less time than ever before to completely check out of why anything was happening) and disbelieving reflections on its own existence. definitely better than 4 and 8 but lacks the inspiration of any of the others, although the magnet shit is cool. Cena is serviceable; Charlize continues to be criminally wasted, with a couple of dialogue scenes here so embarrassing I ac
  12. This isn't ineligible since Galasso's music is original as far as I can tell, but the Umebayashi piece was first written for another film. That may affect your placement.
  13. April Penny Serenade (1941) - 7/10 *Easter Parade (1948) - 8/10 Dragonwyck (1946) - 7/10 Somewhere in the Night (1946) - 6/10 Adam's Rib (1949) - 7/10. Thought I was watching a new favorite early on, between the unexpected rawness in Judy Holliday's performance and Hepburn and Tracy's amazingly (even accounting for their being together in real life) intimate, lived-in dynamic, but it semi-lost me along the way as it increasingly turned into a farce, with the court defense being based entirely on "it's okay for women to commit a crime in response to infidelity if
  14. March *Chungking Express (1994) - 9/10 [up from 8]. "It's not every day / We're gonna be the same way / There must be a change, somehow." No longer bothered by Faye Wong's stalkerish ways, as I finally recognize the whole film is shot through with an almost childish innocence that makes such objections irrelevant; even when people kill other people here, it's just a heightened gesture rather than an action with real weight (it's not cynical or juvenile, just... guileless, somehow), the weight being reserved for the romanticism. The only Wong I really love, shape-shifting and exhila
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