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  1. People have the things they're interested in and the things they aren't. It's about material more than names. Basterds and Django looked more attractive to lots of people for obvious reasons. I'm a massive Tarantino fan and I hope this makes every penny it can but it's also clearly a movie about Tarantino exploring some extremely specific historical territory that fascinates him on studio dime, this is perfectly good and what all filmmakers with ideas and interests should be able to do (as well as have the resulting work widely released and promoted) but even in the healthiest cultural/artistic climate it'd be unrealistic to expect tons of people to share this specific fascination. Don't be an Adam McKay with that Fast and Furious talk. (And I'm sure that people who really are "fans of film" over 40 would overwhelmingly prefer to see this. But there's only so many of them.)
  2. Says the guy whose default reaction to an actor getting praise for a non-franchise/indie movie is "ooooh hopefully Marvel blesses them with attention"
  3. This includes all its re-releases including the most recent Fathom one from a few months ago. It was overtaken by The Sound of Music in 1966. https://archive.nytimes.com/www.nytimes.com/packages/html/movies/bestpictures/music-ar.html
  4. I'm in favor of this, provided you could get all those members to re-send. And if you feel strongly about them not gaming their lists, idk maybe you could ask for screenshots of their original PMs from all those who haven't deleted them? Also if this were to happen I'd be happy to help you out with the tabulating.
  5. The Quick and the Dead was a bomb. Gangs of New York, The Aviator, Blood Diamond, Body of Lies all made less than 2x of their budget worldwide, the last two in particular likely ended up in the red.
  6. Midsommar PTA increased from last weekend so it may still have enough juice in the tank to pass The Witch and Ex Machina to become a top 3 A24 release. Though The Farewell might kick it back out soon afterwards.
  7. It's not dead but it's not getting advantages or the necessary exposure. The hits always have room to get bigger. And partly because of that, movies like Booksmart in almost all cases can only get smaller. And smaller and smaller. Unless they either become an unexpected wom sensation or were made by one of the very few directors who are themselves brand names.
  8. Audiences don't know what they want. They can only choose what they want out of what they see in front of them, and when those options largely if not entirely consist of corporate brand extensions, that's what the audiences are going to support, because they're actively not being encouraged to seek out anything different. It's a self-perpetuating vicious cycle and an essential cultural problem when you get down to it.
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