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  1. Amazing. Imagine keeping an alt in storage for 2 and a half years just in case and then getting discovered after two posts because you just... can't help but be yourself.
  2. Recommending and talking about great foreign cinema is perfectly possible while other things are going on in the thread. And if you're gonna solicit these kinds of lists from a forum community, it seems like basic courtesy to 1) provide people with the information on how their lists are gonna be scored and especially 2) actually engage with perfectly valid criticisms of the initial scoring system you had. Deleting it and refusing to talk about it makes you look pretty childish, and certainly makes me want to participate in this whole thing less, especially if you still intend to score this like the summer game.
  3. Huzzah! I can see that, that part is one of my favorites (really it's the whole stretch from Gene Kelly's first appearance through to the big running-into-one-another-in-the-streets sequence) but in the end I love the movie's whole world too much to care about the final third not quite being the peak. As for the murder, I take it as wry commentary on - the film basks in being "movie-ish" in how it treats romance (love at first sight, fate, people being perfect for each other, etc) but that doesn't mean it's not aware of the potential darkness beneath all that. The murder is just the most extreme example of that really.
  4. The Hairdresser's Husband (1990) - 7/10 Days of Being Wild (1990) - 6/10 Hero (2002) - 8/10 Rashomon (1950) - 6/10 rewatches all
  5. I dunno. Hard for me to imagine adults hyping up Shrek 2 in the year 2020 for reasons that aren't primarily nostalgic. But maybe that's my problem.
  6. Every '60s Leone western is better than the one before it.
  7. Push comes to shove I presume they can put out a statement condemning Ansel, announce they're still standing by all the other cast and crew members whose effort went into the movie, release it as it is and donate most or all of the grosses to charities supporting assault survivors. Would save a lot of time, money and energy, that is unless Spielberg actively wants to reshoot the thing himself and/or the allegation turns into a charge and casts such a cloud over the movie in its present form that it loses any chance of making money.
  8. Throwing in some older tried-and-true recs. Most of these will be high on my list. Only Angels Have Wings, A Star Is Born and Barry Lyndon are in my top 10. Brief Encounter highly recommended to the fans of the Before movies.
  9. Yup.
  10. Sonic vs Beanpole the hottest best picture race in BOT history.
  11. An Andrew Dominik movie isn't winning an Oscar. He deserves better treatment than Sundance too anyway.
  12. Matt Damon and his mullet coming for that Best Actor Oscar.
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