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  1. Some movies that weren't on my list(s) before but are looking to make it now after a watch or a revisit
  2. Truly, for some men nothing is written unless THEY write it. Lawrence of Arabia was directed by David Lean. It received 500 points and 37 votes
  3. How could I forget my own #1 jesus. Forgive me Marty
  4. Amazon Prime folks put this on your watchlists. It's really great.
  5. Amadeus has already shown up. I'm guessing Schindler, SPR, Lawrence, Grave and Dunkirk
  6. Which means that it'll turn any month it releases in into its own personal blockbuster season no problem.
  7. Some of this chaotic energy better find its way into the movie
  8. Not that many lists, a lot of different movies and a tight point system that groups them all incredibly close together pretty much explains it.
  9. Yeah take out that and Beautiful Girl and I'm onboard with the masterpiece crowd.
  10. I was lucky enough to rewatch the movie on the big screen a few years back. The audience was audibly having a good time in the first half and then that scene happened and there was nothing but pure tomb-like silence. One of my favorite moviegoing experiences.
  11. Ben-Hur was a VHS staple when I was a kid but I never felt the slightest urge to rewatch it since about the age of 12. Tbh I found the overtly religious stuff a chore even then.
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