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  1. Aren't most of JLaw's current/upcoming movies indie/smaller projects? Probably want a role like this to bring in the $$$. Anyway, they really should just motion capture Mystique, especially if she's wearing a costume, would just be the face/arms. Has Mystique ever been "naked" in the comics anyway? Kinberg directing is scary, hopefully he knows if it flops, will hurt his directorial chances in the future, and he uses all his resources to make it good.
  2. I loved Burn Notice (Matt Nix), so I'm excited abut the show. Legion is great if you haven't seen it. Anyway, I'm super excited about it. I was a huge fan growing up and knowing that Boone is a huge fanboy of the comics, I think it will be very true to source material. Plus, Anya Taylor Joy BETTER be Magik!
  3. I'm probably going to end up buying a ticket for Rock Dog (and The Shack) If you are part of Regal Club, apparently I got auto-enrolled into some Lionsgate thing since I watched JW2 in Regal (and yes, I plan to watch Power Rangers). Basically, if you watch all four, you get digital copies of the movies when they come out (I want JW2...) along with extra bonus points (and a free popcorn after your 3rd movie). So, IF i purchase tickets on a Tuesday matinee for the other 2 ($5)...I'm looking at $10 for Digital Copies of all four (or basically just JW2...and hopefully Rangers is good). Maybe I can sell the codes for the other 2 on ebay or something.
  4. So saw a youtube video via Hashtag Show that Dani is already casted, but they still are looking for Sam, Rahne, Illyna, and Robert. I hope Fox locked up Anya Taylor Joy, because with Split's success, success of Witch (BAFTA rising star nom, Gotham award winner), she probably could ask for a little more $$$. Still, with ATJ comments in the last year (seeing the Demon Bear short, almost confirming McAvoy being in the movie, etc), following/liking Josh Boone's New Mutants/Magik post on IG, it would be very odd if she wasn't signed yet.
  5. It's X-Force, though Deadpool made his debut in New Mutants. Boone seems to be a huge fan of the New Mutants (pre-Liefeld), so highly unlikely he pops up here.
  6. Unlikely, if they are probably small/cameo roles. It's the 5 mentioned above plus apparently Warlock (which w/o Doug is eh). Anymore than those 6 will be too many IMO. I could do without Warlock (plus I figured him being CGI will add to the budget, unless he appears in the end?). I figure if its a success they can do add Karma and Magma, and do Nova-Roma/Selene in the sequel.
  7. Finally, a WB screening close to my house, so I maybe seeing it tomorrow. I just watched Arrival (tonight, and loved it) and hopefully Manchester on Friday, so hope it isn't horrible.
  8. Eh, I don't care to much that he doesn't look too much like the character, I'm just afraid they will try to make him a lead. I'm not a fan of the actor fro what I've seen (granted like 3 movies). We will see how he does on Death Note. Assuming its Demon Bear, leads should be Dani (hopefully they find a talented, charasmatic NA actress) and likely Magik (Anya Taylor Joy). It seems like Boone is a huge fan of the comics, would be nice to Sunspot be Afro-Brazilian (or a black actor). Marvel is the one that seems to have white-washed (probably not the correct term), but he went from a black kid to a light skin Brazilian in recent comics. There was an interview a while back during XA with McAvoy where he says an actress signed on for NM was telling him all these things about the movie (he wasn't aware). I believe or hope that was Anya Taylor telling him about it during filming of Split.
  9. Just set it in another "dimension"/time-line etc etc. Like how in the Comics there is the main 616, Ultimates, AoA, etc. Too complicated though?
  10. What if this is all part of the marketing and Miller really didn't leave the project? Would be brilliant way to keep DP in the news. Anyway, he probably did leave it. I think as long as the writers are still there, and Ryan, I'm not too worried.
  11. Might be seeing this tomorrow, if I can wake up early enough, 11AM screening and about 30 mins away plus I have to get there early to ensure seating most likely.
  12. Really enjoyed it. I didn't find it scary at all though, but every enjoyable. I have Friday's off so I usually go to the early bird Friday showing, and my theater was pretty packed. A whole lot more than Sausage Party, when I went at the same time 2 weeks ago.
  13. Didn't Josh Boone turn in 2 drafts? Are they rewriting/fixing his script? Anyway, Anya Taylor Joy commented on the rumors of her casting at IGN. Also, a few months back James McAvoy in an interview said he talked to another actress signed up for it and she was telling him all this info about New Mutants (and he co-stars with Joy in Split).
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