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  1. "From the studio that brought you Spider-man: Homecoming and Spider-man: Far From Home"
  2. I'd like to see certain WB execs arguing with an AI, especially Jon Peters and the Green Lantern exec that had a hardon for aircrafts.
  3. So he wasn't a Stormtrooper then? And as a Stormtrooper, he didn't get extensive lessons on weaponry, much like all soldiers do? Also, wasn't he the person who had the information on how to destroy the starkiller planet? How far up into your own ass are you?
  4. Let me know if I'm wrong, but isn't Finn the only resistance character in the movie that would know what would it take to take out the cannon, since he was part of the First Order? I can't expect from a professional writer to omit this point, that would be bad writing.
  5. It does, when the genius behind this has another character lecture Finn about his will to sacrifice. And of course, the sacrifice is understated, because it's stopped by the most incredibly stupendous plot point ever, where the genius wants us to believe that causing a mid air craft collision ,which if by any chance the people involved survive, will leave them stranded just in front of the enemy frontline, injured at least, will save lives. Rian used his poetic license there.
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