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  1. Marry Poppins is in a tough place, where if it stays true to the classic era it will be attacked for not being more modern, while if it goes more modern it will be attacked for straying away from the classic. You can't please everyone, and they outrage cultists will be out there to get you.
  2. Also, same as Gunn, he publicly tweeted his support for Barr getting fired. But let's be honest, his tweets are not the worst thing about him. Try reading his books. Pretty sure a good 80% of the people in this forum write better than him. edit:
  3. Good, it was trash. But even better :Chuck Wendig has been fired from marvel/star wars for his twitter hate speech
  4. It's excellent, but not nearly as good. Moore took Superman away from him being an icon and made him a character. Morrison almost did the opposite. Also, if we need to discuss why Morrison doesn't understand Moore's Superman, we only need to have a look at Morrison's JL.
  5. "Inspired" is a rather small word for "stalking". Moore hates Morrison, and there's a reason for that.
  6. Moore has written the 2 best Superman stories ever, and comic book fans wank over morrison, who is exactly like what Chip described.
  7. In the final battle the heroes and Thanos are fighting in an alternate universe that is about to collapse. Starlord figures there's no winning this, so he secretly has Cosmo teleport everyone back to safety except for himself (he has a cosmic cube) and Nova to keep Thanos in the collapsing reality. In one of the panels that didn't make the final version it's revealed that Starlord knew he was gonna die in this battle from the beginning (Mantis can foresee the future in the comics)
  8. Nobody cares enough to hate on it. The cult film that came before it killed all interest.
  9. Imagine if they do the annihilation Imperative ending, but instead of Starlord and Nova, it's Cap and Tony.

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