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  1. Name 3 things about its premise that are interesting.
  2. Let's not make comparisons between BoP and Deadpool, the latter was a really popular character even before the movie, and his popularity was not based on trends.
  3. Even in languages as rich and intelligent as the greek languages you cannot find a decent title because the original title contains the word fantabulous. Whoever came up with that obviously spends all their time on tumblr.
  4. It was bound to fail. From the start looked unoriginal, and more like a production done using a checklist named "what's hip today?". Sony level of production values.
  5. This isn't getting any nominations for the soundtrack, is it? edit: except for the mtv ones, unless that's owned by disney
  6. If you think that MCU vs DCEU/DCmovies fanbase wars are bad, I suggest you don't even bother with the idiocy that you can come across in the the marvel comics vs dc comics fanbase wars.
  7. https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/marvel-fans-are-infuriated-about-kevin-feiges-possible-lie.html/ LOL @ this lame journalist attempt to stir the pot. Nobody's infuriated except for maybe 3-4 twitter snowflakes that don't even watch the movies.
  8. That's all good, except for the part where the song is original. It's a run-off-the-mill imitation of I'm Feeling Good.
  9. "From the studio that brought you Spider-man: Homecoming and Spider-man: Far From Home"
  10. I'd like to see certain WB execs arguing with an AI, especially Jon Peters and the Green Lantern exec that had a hardon for aircrafts.
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