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  1. How did Kathleen Kennedy fuck up so bad?
  2. ‘Deadpool 2’: Josh Brolin Brutally Compares DC To Marvel: ‘Total Failure & Massive Success’
  3. I met Foureira a couple of times in person and she has a lot of talentnand temperament for this level. Needless to say, Israel won because god forbid we would be fat shamers and sexists if we didn't vote for her. With shit like this it feels like the human race is actually devolving, it's a sin to look up to people with great appearance , we are forced to admire the fats and the uglies.
  4. Yeah, basically in DS, Kaecilius was able to break from the time reverse spell in the final battle, while Dormammu could not, because he had no concept of time. Strange either estimated or knew that Thanos would break from it as well.
  5. Thursday (10/5) Numbers:- Infinity War - 6.9m

    If my math is correct, IW is going for a 7m Friday
  6. The dream is dead. @IronJimbo you can relax now.
  7. Very disappointing numbers. For those who were predicting sub 600 and sub 500 millions
  8. And of all the movies that fit this description Transformers is not the worst

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