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  1. Here's your retroactive quote from 2008. You could have said X2 though and I would reluctantly agree with you.
  2. You speak a lot of idiotic things, but this takes the cake. The adveristy newer generations in the west face compared to the adversity their progenitors (or people in non advanced countries) have faced is minimum. You think you are oppressed because not enough superheroes in movies share the same gender with you? Meanwhile, everyone and their grandmother in Europe/US/West have an iphone/samsung etc that someone in Phillipines works 18 hours per day for peanuts to make, half the countries that had the "luck" to have oil/natural resources have been invaded by our precious leaders, and I could go on for ages but you get the point. Join the rest of us in reality please.
  3. Me too, except for when DC movies fail. I don't even hate DC, it's just fun
  4. Critics don't like DC because they're generally biased against bad movies.
  5. Let's be real, it doesn't really deserve the best picture nomination. But being even more real, who cares about the oscars?
  6. I really don't care about SW, but man, the SW meltdowns are even better than the DC meltdowns. Pretty sure that the just from Ruin Johnson to Jar Jar Abrams will produce the shitstorm of the century.
  7. LaughingEvans

    Spider-Man: Far From Home | July 5, 2019

    What will it take for him to admit he's full of shit?
  8. I agree if it's going to be a teaser for SMFFH or so, but if it would be a teaser as big as the FF, then it's a must.
  9. Thor arriving in Wakanda is really hard to bear, but the scene where Tony and Steve eventually meet will break the audiences.

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