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  1. That's my question exactly. In this forum people tend to discuss the movies on their merits, and unless someone identifies himself as alt-right, or outright admits he did not like a movie for political reasons, I don't see why the alt-right point is being brought into the discussion. On top of that, the term sounds hollow and jaded since it's being used in such frequency.
  2. In what way is it considered common sense to deflect from a specific point and instead project political views in order to dismiss said point? If that's considered common sense in the states, then no wonder why it's such a dumpster fire.
  3. But what qualifies the alt right troll angle as a fact? Rationalization on the part of people who did like the movie is a bit skewed source of statistics.
  4. My assumption is that he is only temporarily on the main timeline, and will get back to the Peggy timeline where the respective Doc Green is waiting for him with their respective landing platform.
  5. That was damage control after people pointed out how disrespectful it was of her to claim she does her own stunts in that interview. Typical PR stunt.
  6. You know your posts read exactly like a trump tweet if you mask the typical buzzwords? I mean, you may be right about them, but that's a low hanging fruit there. In any case, you pretty much fail to consider that incel behaviour is very likely to be tied with mental health issues, and these mra types could be people that have gone through the pain of losing their kids, [MOD EDIT].
  7. Disney does not abuse it's power , they're not nearly at it as much as news media, oil corps, pharmas and consumerable corps. I think it's silly to be wary of the mouse, when half the big corps on the mentioned industries have politicians and media in their pockets
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