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  1. I thought that was Whedon. You know, because he did the exact same "joke" in AoU
  2. If Marvel wants to incorporate the Fox properties into the MCU, I see no way it would work with the X-men (I mean it doesn't even work in the comics). But the FF are a perfect fit. They can link the earth to cosmic, they have great rogues gallery, and they have great interactions with other marvel heroes. The way I'd do it, I'd leave the heroes scattered across the universe or multiple timelines after the final Thanos fight, and for the stinger have the FF open a portal to the main timeline. Then have them show up in other marvel movies (Human Torch in Spiderman would be bonkers) and eventually have the Fantastic Four movie.
  3. Cho was (almost) mentioned in Winter Soldier, should still be a student, so ages don't match. He could be Mr. Negative.
  4. Ruby Rose (who?) was forced to leave twitter because apparently she's not lesbian enough to play Batwoman in one of these CW DC series.
  5. Motherfucking SLJ must habe raked 15 billion in box office appearances. I may even be modest.
  6. Points for Gunn: 1. Disney execs have personal relations with him that are more insightful than whatever Internet campaign has to offer. 2. There was a campaign for Gunn to be fired which had heavy political context. It was indeed alt right people who mostly asked for this, and Disney catered to them. 3. In any case, no one has the right or position to ask for someone to be punished for something he said, unless we are talking about someone whose job involves speaking to the public (politician, journalist etc). Ask for apology and reform, yes. Asking for punishment is wrong. Points against Gunn: 1. Really distasteful jokes, and mostly unneeded. 2. He did advocate for Roseanne being fired. He got the same treatment. 3. He used twitter.
  7. Yeah, meanwhile marvel is ahead because they focus in doing good movies rather than outrage culture.
  8. why would anyone rejoice with the lack of Arnold. jesus,please don't let sjl's ruin terminator
  9. To extend to that, pretty much everyone who writes on the internet nowadays has to have either a clickbait title or a indoctrination title. The hell with them.
  10. I once wanted to scan like 10 pages to a partner, but was OOO, so I had to go to a nearby "net-cafe". They asked me £1/page. I bought a scanner out of spite.
  11. Above anything, even the house prices and the black cabbies, I hate food in London the most. For the price you have to pay to eat legit good food, you might as well book a flight to Italy or Greece and go eat like a human being.

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