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  1. Of course a narrative will be pushed against anyone who feels that Brie is stupid, but the truth is that people caught on to that only because of her rising popularity due to MCU. I remember her retweeting a picture of a black family sitting in the tube reading books with the caption "why is this not going viral". You can't marginalize a group more than that. Some people are legit empathetic, some others simply have the "white saviour" complex. On top of that, she's named after a french cheese
  2. This, he is not even mentioned, which leads me to believe he's part of a plot twist. He's either a skrull in disguise or (my most wild wishful thinking) the Magus.
  3. A white male stealing the show in a Brie Larson movie? Preposterous.
  4. A champagne socialist celebrity is out of touch? Let me grab my surprised face
  5. Please don't contaminate this thread with Captain Marvel's dumpster fires.
  6. It's funny cause it's obvious paid marketing which backfires good. I don't think most people there actually care that much, but the banter is great.
  7. If you lack agency, you will lack representation. In any case, is it not shallow to only relate to characters of the same race/gender as you? For me, it's the personality traits that matter, not identity politics.
  8. You have to account for 2 things here though: detrimental effects of the wipe out, and the expected poor reaction from most of the remaining population. Basically, the wipe out would cause half the people with critical roles would vanish, so half the people who depend on them might perish as well in the ensuing time. On top of that, a huge chunk of the population would die in months after the event, given that there is no functional society they can rely upon. My estimate would be from around 200 to 400 years to recover to current numbers.
  9. All this talk about parts or no parts? Why the hell does it matter anyway?
  10. True feminists are concerned about real problems, not about the gender of fictional characters.
  11. It's Paulie from Sopranos, my personal pick for Dr.Strange in the MCU. Cumberbatch is decent though.
  12. I suggest you wait out until the right avatar comes along. Trust me, I have the best avatar around.

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