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  1. Yo, if someone makes the mistake to post spoilers, don't follow up with the mistake of quoting them or continuing the context of the spoiler, that's extra spoilers. It's common sense.
  2. Reaction videos are stupid. His reaction might be genuine but it's obvious that these people do this for the attention. Sure, people who attacked him are overreacting, but let's not act like what he did was not stupid.
  3. I like the idea that everyone is baby groot's surrogate parent in gotg, and great to see it still hold up in IW. Also, Rocket is a banter specialist
  4. Gonna rank the Avengers/Guardians from most likeable to least likeabe because I'm bored. Cap Thor/Rocket/Scott tie Sam/Nebula/Spider-man/Clint/Strange tie Tchalla/Hope/Natasha/Groot tie Gamora/Tony/Hulk/Wanda/Vision/Quill tie Bucky/Pietro tie -huge gap- Rhodey/Carol
  5. @lorddemaxus that doesn't mean you should use derogatory terms , whatever to context. You have no excuse to judge others if you don't hold up to your standards.
  6. So you must agree that using slang that is offensive towards those who have less than others (which in our day and age is a very big number, and in my opinion one of the biggest problems our society has to sort) is classist?
  7. You choose your own battles Lorddemaxus. If you go out of your way to find idiots to argue with, I won't necessarily assume you are the intelligent one.
  8. And what stops you or anyone else from classifying everyone who disagrees with them as a troll?
  9. So am I wrong about suggesting that discussing points is more beneficial than attacking each other?
  10. This is rich, since JC has done strong and meritable female characters for over 30 years now. What JC fans don't support is unearned praise that exists not because of merit, but because of identity politics and marketing targeted to the lowest common denominator.
  11. How about we start arguing on the points made instead of attacking the integrity/character of anyone we disagree with? The real red flag here is that @lorddemaxus knows who this youtuber is, which means that he delves into shit like this. I've been in this forum for almost 3 years and still can't tell jeremy johns from jeremy stuckman.

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