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  1. Headshot is right about Scorcese though. It's awfully disrespectful towards everyone who has worked in these movies, from top to bottom, to talk shit like that, unprovoked even. And it is even worse coming from him, because he was subjected to the same attitude back in the 70s, he should know better.
  2. Like I said though, that's not meaningful discussion. 99% of the "talk" is the left fighting with the right about things that the movie is not really about.
  3. I hope you're not conflating controversy with meaningful conversation. A movie does not have to be controversial to have valuable meaning. A good and consistent theme is enough. (Not throwing shade in the Joker as a movie though, as I've not seen it yet)
  4. No marvel movie is as bad and tucky as the gangs of new york though. Except for maybe Captain marvel
  5. In the list of reasons deranged people carry out mass shootings, media fascination and overexposure is one of the top reasons, movies like the joker would be on the 4th page or some shit. Basically, whatever the media is doing is having a heavy streisand effect.
  6. This thread has reached a new low we previously didn't even know was possible.
  7. Turns out I was wrong. Not only @VENOM will not zip it, his posts are even worse now because he is in cope mode.
  8. I am really happy that Spidey is back where he belongs and even happier that @VENOM will finally zip it.
  9. How's that? She DID sleep with reviewers to get better reviews for her game, she DID fake harassment from some nerd community, she DID admit to be an active member of a forum that doxxed and harassed people, she DID try to shut down Candace Owens' anti-bullying platform because she was afraid it would unveil her shittiness, and she DID scam people out of 90k on a funding platform. I don't know how deep into social justice you are, but this does make her a liar, yes.
  10. Only thing people supporting Zoe have gone through is denial. You could not convince me she's not a shitty person, and her being involved with something I love, after her involvement in gaming brought the shit storm of the century is just something I don't have to like.
  11. Which goes to show the sad state of comic books today. It funny how she gets support, even though it's obvious that she's a lying psycho. After Holowka's suicide, someone pointed out that her tweets during the period she claimed she was abused by him pretty much prove she was lying about most of the alleged abuse. It's a shame what this industry has come into.
  12. Sure, but it is almost exclusively practiced by one side of the spectrum.
  13. It's another American """critics""" judge a movie based on their sociopolitical agendas and not on artistic merit episode.
  14. Isn't one of the overarching villains in the mcu a high ranking member of the US military? Didn't IM2 shit on the US military? Also, are we sure that it wasn't Man of Steel and Green Lantern the ones that were military funded and subsequently sucked military penis? I concede the points about CM though, that was pure military propaganda.
  15. Then your point loses all gravity on account of it being too niche, since it only applies to cape comic book movies. The concept is not groundbreaking for movies in or comic books.
  16. It's not however nothing new to cinema in general. From Taxi Driver to Falling Down and Sling Blade.
  17. basic math says that 95% > 93% >88%. Why is it so hard for you to admit that you are wrong?
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