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  1. Sure, but it's a good metric as far as US BO goes. In OS territories, inflation is different to US Dollar, so to get accurate numbers, you'd have to take each local inflation into consideration and then re-adjust it to US Dollar. For example, for the biggest part of Avatar's release US Dollar to Euro was on average 0.7, while in 2019 the average is about 0.88. This means that if you had exact same admissions and exact same ticket prices for 2 movies, one in 2009 and one in 2019 in EU, it would seem that the 2009 made more money, while in fact Euro has been (somewhat) stable between 2009 and 2019, so that would be technically false. My economics are highschool level, but that's how I take it works.
  2. So you use US dollar inflation rates to compare grosses that were made in OS markets? How does this makes sense to you? If you wanted more objective comparisons, why not use total admissions?
  3. Good discussion here. For anime, I've not dived in too deep, but I'm a big fan of Stein's Gate, and my guilty pleasure is Girls und Panzer. For manga, I'm new to this as well, one of my favs is the original Devilman, though I admit it packs some really hard hits towards the end. For comics, it's another discussion. I prefer to follow writers, and some characters. Too many underrated gems in the genre.
  4. That's sad, but true. To be fair, I can't blame people for not caring anymore, the big companies failed to see their business model would die off, and agenda-ridden current state of comics doesn't help at all* * before anyone jumps in and say that comics always had sociopolitical agendas, let's make sure we know the difference between themes and agendas.
  5. She's a top tier hand to hand fighter in the comics at least
  6. Using the Gerry Conway logo I see. They better show some respect.
  7. So what is the mind blowing plot twist going to be? My prediction is
  8. I didn't see any youtube rants about Victoria Alonso in the many years she's served as a producer for the MCU. What gives?
  9. Great X-2 Good DOFP Logan Xmen FC Deadpool 1&2 Bad Apocalypse Wolverine Last Stand (saved from WTF by Hank McCoy) WTF Wolvering Origins Dark Phonix I guess you got that right,
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