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  1. What he's saying is pretty much common sense. He doesn't need asterisks attached to his argument. There was a point when the X-Men and its characters were the biggest thing in Marvel. That hasn't been true for close to a decade.
  2. Someone should write a book on how much potential Fox squandered. Logan was good, would have been even better if the character had 2 good to great movies leading into it.
  3. No that's my opinion as well. 2 just didn't age well imo(superhero randomly losing their powers is one of the lamest tropes). The slavish focus on Ben also helped doom SM3. And that's all on Raimi, not the studio.
  4. Yeah, agreed. The more I think about it and reading all the other opinions. This was a smart move by Marvel. You may have a small contingent of Raimi stans muttering about more uncle Ben but if there is a main potential nitpick you want for a Spider-man film(3rd iteration in about a decade). It's that. Hell the 1 guy some are attaching their opinions to likes it, a lot. :/
  5. It really is impressive how much Civil War was able to accomplish. it gives so much freedom to not only Watts but Coogler, who doesn't have to bog his film down by killing T'challa's father.
  6. Arguing that talking about uncle Ben once in a film that has no thematic connection to him would somehow bring depth to the proceedings is, indeed, dumb. If you are arguing for that you really will get torn apart in a discussion. If you are on the other hand arguing that the shadow of Uncle Ben needs to hover over yet another Spider-man film..... good luck with that.
  7. https://www.instagram.com/p/BTpuNJGhTLa/?taken-by=chadwickboseman
  8. People are too damn sensitive and need to get over their own insecurities. There was nothing even pompous in what he said, man is just confident in his work.
  9. Hooked On A Feeling: GOTGV2 OW over $150M

    Easy in.
  10. They are both the same click-bait garbage and one isn't more "in the know" than the other. Using basic common sense should tell you they aren't going to recast.
  11. Justice League over 1 billion WW

    Out, wont come close.

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