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  1. Our grandkids are going to be watching this franchise in the cinema...Its best we accept this ...
  2. Ah yes over 700mill worlwide in a pandemic market...horrible way to die..How will the James Bond franchise survive now ..
  3. Its funny how in the long run this ageing franchise will still outlive all the cool and hip young people franchise of today..Timeless stuff
  4. Great year for SONY , Spiderman and Venom...Good year for universal..F9 and NTTD overseas
  5. Very un Marvel like looking trailer, more of this please Maybe if they helped out, Stark and Cap would still be around to lead the Avengers..
  6. The Disney Princess plug in the Ralph sequel was so forced and shameless....made it more hilarious how it didn't help Box office numbers for that film.
  7. Normalcy of the box office for half of the world apparantly.... A classic line that should not be forgotten..
  8. I don't think he will be satisfied until the film goes straight to streaming....
  9. .....they are not nervous....The Rock and the movie will be fine...
  10. Apparently Chase is 7 years old........Why does he look like a puppy..
  11. I want this to make it to cinemas so bad... It deserves it....oh and for the meltdowns...
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