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  1. Source please. I need to see this for myself!
  2. So wait a sec... You said you never saw them and yet you believe they suck?
  3. Very funny joke! Seriously, my sides hurt right now! Thank you for the wonderful joke! I really needed it! Oh wait... ...
  4. Detroit OVER 100M DOM

  5. In all seriousness, I respectfully disagree with your opinion.
  6. I think so. With its holds, It even has a shot of beating RO. TDK probably won't happen though...
  7. Ghost in the Shell... More like "nobody but ghosts want to see this movie... in the shell" EDIT: darn Coolio beat me to it.
  8. Anyways, I saw GO today with my friends. They were really freaked out at the end.
  9. Get Out | February 24th | Armond White Strikes Back!

    It made like a banana and split
  10. 30 likes for the standard service. 60 if you want it wierd... 90 and we'll get out the toyz.
  11. You could definitely say it got "the touch"

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