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  1. Edit: Oops, I made a mistake. Can anybody tell me how to delete this post plz?
  2. AWE has one of the best and most satisfying final battles I've ever seen in many Blockbusters
  3. I can't let myself suffer through the pain of watching the whole mess of unteresting story and characters again. However, its action sequences are incredible and highly rewatchable. I've been watching Trinity vs Doomsday fight scene several times already and still enjoying it. As for Apocalypse, this and SS were among the worst of 2016 for me.
  4. Um, yes James's girlfriend is blond, but it's not her in the picture. That's Pom Klemetieff AKA Mantis standing next to him
  5. Actually, Thanos is better known for his supreme intellect than his power. Maybe you should read Thanos Quest, a classic Thanos story and where Infinity gems were first gathered. In that , he collects all 6 gems from 6 cosmic beings far more powerful than him by using only his wit.
  6. Agree. I don't wanna see Thanos get tricked by any mean. He's the smartest being in the universe, no one in the MCU can outsmart him. Period.
  7. Based on what i've gathered on the internet: - 2009 was the first year ever to have a movie passing 1 million$ mark. That movie was Avatar (final number is aprx 1.3m$). Whole market grossed 13m$ - Let's jump to 2015. The market made more than 100m$, basically 8 times bigger than 2009's number. Highest grossing blockbusters were: Furious 7 - 7.2m AoU - 5.2m Jurassic World - 4.4m Minions - 4.1m Ant-man - 2m Inside out - 1m - The Force Awaken is the weakest blockbuster last year since it made less than 1m$ (nearly 890k$ FYI). Why so? First, It's because the audience here have little to zero interest in SW franchise; and second, it was poorly received by the audience. So i doubt that Rogue One can do any better than TFA eventhough the market is still growing rapidly.

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