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  1. I mean if you're comparing Disney to WB, what else are you going to compare to make WB look good?
  2. Everybody talking about the second weekend drop but what if it increase? Will smith could get hit by a car and suicide squad on its way to 500m+ dom.
  3. You know for all the flaws BvS had, the action was incredible. Say what you will about how the third act was a big CGI mess, but the title fight and Batman warehouse fight made up for it. SS doesn't have any fucking decent action set piece. Shitty writing, shitty editing, shitty motivation. I can look pass all of that if the action was at least decent.
  4. Anyone else getting this message while going on TPB? Deceptive site ahead Will this lessen piracy of movies?
  5. Even TWS had a 56% second week drop. You guys are being pretty generous.
  6. The movie was great. was kinda slow at first, but the pay off was definitely worth it. 9/10 overall. The opening seems to be just right. Don't know why everyone was freaking out.
  7. "BvS wasn't that bad. I enjoyed it alot. 7/10" "CW was disappointing. I expected more. 7/10" INCOMING!!!!!!
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