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  1. finally a dc superhero that i have an emotional investment to. the movie's greatest strength lies in it's strong character and well streamlined story. also, i love love love that we get scenes where diana and steve just... talks. like, it's not plot related talks, just them being human and talk with each other??? and it feels authentic?? gal and chris works together very well, and it really lifts the whole things up. one of my favourite of the year so far. A+
  2. according to corpse piracy is pretty much non existent in japan. which is why there's no problem releasing a movie in japan even after it's already on dvds and blu ray in other countries. so the fact that it's bombing hard there could only be blamed to it's overall terrible reception
  3. My bias for Valerian is obviously there, but honestly, a space epic that doesn't start with "Star" or made by some big name auteurs (Cameron, Nolan, blah blah blah) getting some love wouldn't hurt anyone or anything really. If you don't like seeing other people liking and rooting for something that you don't because you think nothing that doesn't appeals to you should be made or be liked then I don't think the problem is the movie.
  4. we'll know in a week or two, obviously. the only film that targets the same demographic for the rest of july is valerian so it had that going for it.
  5. their love for minions stems from the same reason disney whores out another cars movie this year
  6. sweet 20 is actually very entertaining. still waiting for Valerian because my eyes need something to jerk off to.
  7. in. i think this have a chance to beat The Bodyguard's unadjusted gross ($121.9) if they ride on the wacky action flick right. also, nick fury and deadpool? the 12 years old marvel fan (a bit redundant i know) inside of me is squealing
  8. you'd be surprised just how hard they were pushing shrek merch when it was big
  9. considering it's an edgar wright movie, baby driver's number is considered a breakout tbh
  10. that poster actually looks nice. still, i read somewhere that the movie tested very poorly. i wonder if that's true since it won't really be a surprise
  11. why do you hate it that this movie cost much? it's not like besson held you in a gunpoint and tell you to pay for the $200 million budget. unless you're a europacorp employee that might lose your job from the movie bombing, i really don't see why a movie's financial prospect gonna affect what you feel about it when you haven't even watched it yet
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