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  1. at this point WW over 700 is looking good,if it have good hold the rest of its run and great number from Japan over 800$ is quite possible
  2. super good hold,like under 40% drop
  3. if the outcome be reversed i still do the same
  4. Parasite opens tomorrow,so good luck GKoM,Parasite can kills even monster i guess PS at 525k,this gonna be huge,the hype make it much more an event film,so cool
  5. bigger WW like 500-550 but yours seem reasonable with some number's been reported
  6. since when this thread become Fanboy war thread reading through all kind of shit not even get to numbers @DeeCee should mods do something with this
  7. not just commercial,he is great in term of writing and directing,he is always the one director in korea i follow closely
  8. btw,Parasite is so good,always find myself impressed with Bong's film.he has a kinda twisted view on societyreally want it to do well
  9. let's see how market growth and 10 years hype carry A2 to under A1
  10. so far better than i thought
  11. i thought Batman is quite popular,anyway you re expert so i trust you on that
  12. when you replied yourself ,got that figure out,btw if that batman movie is good,over $1B WW is sure a target
  13. because the one start it talk about 2B WW,and he replied to that,2B Yuan ofc is possible
  14. seem like avengers making 2 films over $2Bww in the span of 1 year makes people think $2B is easy to achieve
  15. his chart is projection and he said $631 without ext and $638 with ext,minus or plus 2 so it just range from 5 to 9
  16. extension not gonna do much different though,just around 5M.And i think it will have bigger margin than that either over or under
  17. you're not alone but fans are really excited about this,maybe it could work
  18. so much more interesting to track now from no chance to lock to close but not enough.Can't wait to see how it unfolds
  19. if i am not wrong his table shows 10% or so,anyway not much different,will not impact much on final total More concern about extension
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