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  1. I'm still not sure the Pacific Rim sequel featured actual human characters, either.
  2. Having Iranians in a movie set in the Islamic Golden Age is pretty realistic, to be frank. For starters, the main characters of the overarching One Thousand an One Nights tale (Scherezade and the King) are Iranians.
  3. Genies are fantasy creatures, so they have more leeway with them race-wise. I'm personally happy they didn't pull a Gods of Egypt with this. I agree the leads seem miscast though, hopefully it's just a badly cut trailer. That said, we're just two months away and they should have better material available than this...
  4. I'll bite. Now, what makes a western a western will always be fuzzy, unless we really want to restrict it to films set in a particular time and place in US history (which actually is a respectable position to take). But to me, westerns have two basic thematic principles and Logan embraces them: - Lawless environment set on the fringes of civilization - aka "the frontier". Logan's apocalyptic New Mexico exemplifies that. - Stories that deal with the struggle between "civilization" (Transigen) that's trying to claim this frontier and the old ways (Logan). Furthermore, Logan replicates a very common crepuscular western theme. The old warriors of the west (Logan) have to go away so a new, less violent, society can hopefully be born (Laura). Now, one could say, correctly, that many non-westerns can conform with these two traits, but given the fact that Mangold in addition seeks to include Western visual cues, I think he's consciously trying to make a western, and one that's not limited to skin-deep visual homages.
  5. This would've been much better as a sequel to "Hot Pursuit", with Liam Neeson pairing Resee Witherspoon's character.
  6. Yeah, sadly Replicas looks like a failed Johnny Mnemonic. I never thought this concept was possible.
  7. Funimation definitely left money on the table by cutting so many theaters after the opening.
  8. Still surprises me that Dragon Ball still continues to be so popular up to this day. I remember watching the first series when I was 10 y/o (and it was huge over here, pretty much the cartoon of my generation) but that was... let's say a while ago!
  9. Loved it. Beautifully directed. It's one of those films where people do really stupid things because they're crazily in love, but I'm sucker for those.
  10. BR is now the top grossing film released in Spain in 2018 after going past JW:FK this weekend. It has made the equivalent of 300m+ in the USA.
  11. Always wondered by The Numbers don't try to do more with those graphs. Something really basic as just using the average of films released that month would yield much more useful results and probably would not be that hard to code. They have enough data to produce a decent average.
  12. Yeah, at which point isn't it just a Thursday opening? OLD FART WARNING I still remember when preview shows were a 12 PM thing only, and just for hyped movies...
  13. If I'm not missing another movie, New Moon is currently the most successful Hollywood film ever with a budget of 60m or lower, grossing 709m WW. Can't wait for BR to get past that. That movie's run is just incredible. I love when we get insane stuff like this.
  14. Finally caught up with Into the Spider-verse. Well, that was fantastic. Pity it's not doing as much as it deserves, we need more big budget animated films that aren't either Pixar copycats (and I love Pixar) or lowest common denominator slapstick crapfests. Does it have animated Oscar buzz? I hope so.

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