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  1. Out of the "largely unknown before GoT" crowd of actors, to me Natalie Dormer is the best of the lot.
  2. The bursting film careers of Edward Furlong, Hayden Christensen, Nick Stahl, or heck, Mark Hamill, beg to disagree with that statement. These franchises have never been kind to young actors.
  3. Lightsaber battles are best used when they are a battle of the wills between two main characters, not some random brawl between nameless jedi/sith like often happened in the terrible prequels. I think lightsaber duels have been used well in the Disney movies. You have two big ones involving both Rey and Ren, which tell the tale of how their relationship evolves and how they grow as characters. Is drama through action.
  4. The Conjuring. It's even managed to spawn spinoff franchises (Annabelle). I'd not count Pacific Rim unless there's a third movie. To me "franchise" entails more than 2 movies.
  5. Honestly, I don't think Rogue One's concept is on paper particularly better than Solo's ("how the Death Star plans were stolen!", "How Solo got the Falcon!"), and that one turned out particularly well BO-wise. So poor choice of concept doesn't really explain Solo's failure to me. Something that I don't see people mentioning often is the fact that it was released so soon after TLJ. To me that was a mistake. The film had problems to create its own hype (RO actually needed quite a few trailers and time until it began catching fire), and people's SW appetite was sated (TLJ's reception also didn't help). IIRC only Marvel has been able to pull off releasing same-universe movies so close to each other and still have them all do well. Personally I think that Disney overplayed their hand. I guess they wanted to see if this could be their second MCU. It needs to be back to one movie every 1-2 years.
  6. My biggest complain about the first movie, is that when comic book Deadpool is great, is when it manages to mix up the absurdist humor with bonafides emotional resonance. He's a broken man whose insanity is his shelter. Deadpool 1 failed on that account. So if DP2 is an improvement on that department... well then I'm all in.
  7. Reception in the Spanish press has been pretty mixed. "Will satisfy fans not looking for much" is the overall consensus. Star Wars is pretty popular over here. I will see it, and it looks like I will have a decent time, but this is going to be the first Star Wars film I don't watch on opening night since... well, ever.
  8. Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me if this went under 300 DOM. The original was the first superhero movie since Antman the previous year, and the first action-driven blockbuster since TFA. Deadpool 2 has none of those advantages, plus the novelty/curiosity element of the first one is not going to be there. Also the news cycles have been dominated by the MCU and the marketing campaign hasn't been able to play as superlatively well as the first one did. And Han Solo is going to cut into the legs, regardless whether Solo flatters to deceive itself (although the post-Solo weekends look good). It's obviously going to be successful but I see it falling far short of the original. Betting on 110-120 opening and 275 DOM.
  9. During the recession many theaters slashed prices. €3 Wednesday tickets became very common in my area (Barcelona metro), plus loyalty schemes that allowed you to buy discounted tickets. I paid €5 on weekends at my favorite cinema, when the list price was €9. So "8 Apellidos" sold around the same tickets as Avatar, but at cheaper prices. Nowadays Cheap Wednesdays are the second largest day in attendance after Saturday.
  10. Yeah, attendances have slowly been picking up over the past 2-3 years. We are now back at pre-recession levels of tickets sold. Avatar was a phenom over here. It made €77m and our second top grossing movie of all time (a local comedy) lies at €55m.
  11. It's held great in Spain. Will certainly become the top grossing SH movie of all time in our market (Incredibly, Raimi's first Spider-Man *still* holds that record with $23m), and has a very good chance of becoming the first SH movie to win the year. Spanish market heavily favors animation and family-skewing blockbusters, so it's quite an achievement.
  12. I wouldn't say "dead", but it's got stage IV cancer. I'm seeing something slightly over 650 DOM right now.
  13. Tuesday numbers: AQP $3.14, Rampage $3.4 million

    Monday holds weren't particularly out of order - most stuff in the top 10 decreased 70-75%. But these Tuesday increases are pretty weak in most cases. Strange.
  14. From that list, only TGS and AQP are original films. The rest are all adaptations. I think we'll need to wait a little more for that golden age...

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