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  1. Great club. Skeptically true for me. There are the ones I think might increase, although I don't think all of them will: - Terminator: James Cameron name will bring legitimacy back, and only needs a good trailer and decent reviews to go past Genisys awful performance. I see this as the most likely one unless it's a trainwreck (please don't be a trainwreck). - The Conjuring Universe flick: those are always a bit of a wildcard, if they come up with a good concept and trailer it might increase, but it will be difficult to top the Nun outside the mainline movies. - Star Wars IX: end of the franchise, if they manage to turn the mood around with good marketing it could increase from X. I'm a bit skeptical on this one unless there's a really great hook in the trailers (ROTS increased but it did have the "birth of Vader" hook which was really big), but the chance is definitely there. - Avengers 4: potential is there, it's somewhat of a franchise-ender, with several characters possibly ending their participation in the MCU. However, I don't see many people jumping in the MCU ship on a direct sequel, and A3 repeat viewership was already very high. I think at least one of the above will increase, and there's bound to be a surprise or two. So I'm going down the skeptically true route. As for some other movies mentioned... John Wick I can't see increasing. 2 already did really well for a low budget niche actioner and I don't see it broaching into the mainstream to get 100+. Films like the Spider-Man sequel, It 2, Jumanji 2, Frozen 2 will do really well, but it will be hard (or straight impossible) to top their predecessors. Zombieland is too late to the party.
  2. The film was a bit of a disappointment. The space sequences are amazingly shot and convey the fragility and isolation astronauts must have felt like no other space movie, imho - the Gemini 8 sequence is fantastic -, but the earth-bound sequences are such a bore of manufactured drama. And they did have some good dramatic material to work with - we're talking about a guy that saw a bunch of his buddies die throughout the years while chasing a dream of dubious feasibility. But all the movie does is showing us closeups of Ryan Gosling acting like an inexpressive asshole. A pity. They could have released the film for the 50th anniversary and give a couple passes to the script.
  3. Phoenix's look is essentially César Romero's 1960s look with some updates. He only needed an unshaven 'tache under the white make-up to top it off. Incidentally, I love it. Clear break with previous looks (Leto, Ledger) and should enable Phoenix to make this his own thing. He's the only reason I'm interested in this project.
  4. Club-worthy, I'd say. Avengers should be a shoe-in for 600+ barring an (unexpected) bad reception. Lion King and Ep IX should get there if their reception and pre-release buildup is good enough. Toy Story 4 and Frozen 2 are the biggest outliers at the moment, imho. I'm really surprised to see them releasing Aladdin and Lion King within two months, incidentally.
  5. Fallout's third act is ridiculous in the best possible way, and the movie is massively entertaining throughout (maybe the first act is a bit wonky until it fully gets into gear). I'm happy it's doing so well. The small drops throughout make me wonder why studios aren't being more daring when scheduling for August. Guardians and Suicide Squad thrived in past years, but it doesn't look like studios are taking the plunge and moving some of the tentpoles from earlier in the summer.
  6. He's referring to the truly high-brow awards/reviewers, not the more mainstream stuff like the Oscars and similar. The GA won't indeed give a crap about Fury Road getting the FIPRESCI award, but it's a pretty incredible achievement for a Hollywood blockbuster to win that. It's like Alabama voting a Democrat president.
  7. Celedhring

    ANT-MAN AND THE WASP | 07.06.2018 | Disney

    The movie was fun, if a bit unsubstantial. People already into the MCU will surely dig it, but Marvel is hardly breaking new ground here. My theater screwed up the trailers and we got a Justice League trailer. I jumped in my seat fearing that I had traveled back in time. God, I really don't want to relive the second half of 2017.
  8. Nearly $500m in new releases. Chinese New Year is truly crazy.
  9. Yeah, I fail to see the politics being shoved down in this incarnation of SW, unless having women protagonists is still considered politics - which would be sad. The prequels were way more on the nose about politics (Trade Federation, evil capitalists!)
  10. No. There are movies out there that sank entire studios (hello Heaven's Gate). Solo won't even lose that much money when it's all said and done. And certainly just a blip on Disney's radar.
  11. Out of the "largely unknown before GoT" crowd of actors, to me Natalie Dormer is the best of the lot.
  12. The bursting film careers of Edward Furlong, Hayden Christensen, Nick Stahl, or heck, Mark Hamill, beg to disagree with that statement. These franchises have never been kind to young actors.
  13. Lightsaber battles are best used when they are a battle of the wills between two main characters, not some random brawl between nameless jedi/sith like often happened in the terrible prequels. I think lightsaber duels have been used well in the Disney movies. You have two big ones involving both Rey and Ren, which tell the tale of how their relationship evolves and how they grow as characters. Is drama through action.
  14. The Conjuring. It's even managed to spawn spinoff franchises (Annabelle). I'd not count Pacific Rim unless there's a third movie. To me "franchise" entails more than 2 movies.

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