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  1. Say what you will about the prequels - and I certainly would rather watch any of the Disney movies than be subjected to those again, - but at least they had a coherent vision and continuity. It was just shittily executed. Has anything ever leaked about Lucas' plan for 7-9?
  2. Genisys killed any chance this movie had. The "back to basics" approach might have worked with a 10 year wait, and also Genisys was so wretched that most casual moviegoers were probably still turned off.
  3. Back from seeing the movie. It's decent entertainment, comfortably better than Salvation or Genisys, and probably more solid as entertainment than T3 (which however has that kickass ending and generally tries to be more inventive). The problem is that it's a really thinly disguised rethread of the T1-T2 formula and I really wanted something juicier, particularly knowing that Cameron was somewhat involved. It really feels they tried to ape the TFA formula (recycle plot from the classics, throw in a young cast alongside the old cast), except this one bombed.
  4. Netflix has a very significant international library. Lots of local shows, including a healthy stream of Netflix originals, their competitors don't come nowhere near that (HBO and Amazon have some deals with local partners in some markets, but nowhere near Netflix's footprint). That will make Netflix stickier ROW, imho. locally-produced TV is still the bread and butter in many places.
  5. Over here it looks like it's getting dumped. I wasn't even sure wether it opened day and date with the US given how little marketing was out there! I just rechecked cinema listings because it doesn't really feel like this move is opening tomorrow.
  6. It's a film with very little action and certainly next to none showoff SFX. The fact is going to gross 1 bill is simply incredible given today's tastes and dependence on the Chinese market to achieve these figures. Truly historic run.
  7. No, I presume he quit/didn't stand for reelection by the time the events of the new flick come around. He survived the second movie. Poor Eckhart, his career seems pretty done atm.
  8. Yeah, it's not that he himself was in a hot streak: Chain Reaction, Johnny Mnemonic... his post-Speed run was pretty awful. Kudos to him for not taking the easy road to another hit. I think he did Devil's Advocate instead? Good decision if that's the case. Devil's Advocate is trashy fun, but great trashy fun.
  9. It has grown 15% DOM and 25% WW, that seems really healthy. Moreso when you take into account that FFH had less starpower than Homecoming due to lack of RDJ. Yes, other Marvel sagas have grown more %-wise throughout their sequels (Cap, Thor), but they didn't start so close to the ceiling as Spidey did. It won't reach 400 DOM which is why some people might be slightly down on the film, but all in all it's a great performance.
  10. What's the board's consensus on OUATIH's final DOM? My crummy napkin math says high 130s. I would love it to beat Inglorious Basterd's adjusted (145M) but that seems a bridge too far?
  11. The musical is essentially a bunch of disconnected dance/song numbers with a really thin frame story. Even ignoring the furry weirdness I really don't see this working as a film.
  12. Yep, they even bring back Claire Danes' character (the future wife of John Connor) in Salvation.
  13. I'm going to have to agree here. The whole story and concept for the villain is flat-out ridiculous and danced circles around my suspension of disbelief (and my suspension of disbelief is very high). Also all the "weighty" moments of the film (Spidey trying to fill Iron Man's very large and heavy shoes) just felt perfunctory and not taken seriously. That said, the cast made it watchable. Enjoyed the teen comedy bits more than the actual superhero stuff, which is weird.
  14. They are opening a Spiderman ride over at Disneyland Paris, too. I think the ancillary benefits of keeping Spidey popular outweigh other considerations - since as others pointed out Sony wasn't just going to sell them back the character, he's far too valuable. We'll see what happens when Sony and Disney have to come beack to the table to extend the deal. IIRC it's supposed to run out once they release a third solo Spidey movie, right? I do wonder if Sony would be tempted to pull back in order to be able to mix Spidey with their own fledging shared universe, though.
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