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  1. OD New releases February 12 Rank Title Distributor Wednesday Admissions Previews Admissions Screenings on Wed. Average per Screening Total OD 1 SONIC THE HEDGEHOG PARAMOUNT 126 567 2 199 58 126 567 2 LE PRINCE OUBLIÉ PATHÉ 46 426 75 897 2 187 21 122 323 3 FANTASY ISLAND SONY 19 726 3 072 989 20 22 798 4 LA FILLE AU BRACELET LE PACTE 15 567 7 591 724 22 23 158 5 UN DIVAN A TUNIS DIAPHANA 13 798 3 584 389 35 17 382 6 QUEEN & SLIM UNIVERSAL 6 352 3 136 602 11 9 488 7 DEUX SOPHIE DULAC 2 229 3 160 222 10 5 389 8 CHATS PAR-CI, CHATS PAR-LÀ GEBEKA 675 2 373 59 11 675 9 TU MOURRAS À 20 ANS PYRAMIDE 532 1 101 70 8 1 633
  2. Top 10 Weekend January 29-February 2 Rank Title Distributor Admissions Prints Average Total Week 1 BAD BOYS FOR LIFE SONY 351 232 (-35%) 614 572 1 002 541 2 2 1917 UNIVERSAL 276 486 (-23%) 624 443 1 357 331 3 3 LE LION PATHÉ 220 189 (NEW) 714 308 220 189 1 4 JOJO RABBIT DISNEY 109 511 (NEW) 165 664 109 511 1 5 LES TRADUCTEURS (THE TRANSLATORS) TRÉSOR 98 322 (NEW) 348 283 98 322 1 6 L'ESPRIT DE FAMILLE APOLLO 95 707 (NEW) 368 260 95 707 1 7 JUST MERCY WARNER 91 063 (NEW) 206 422 91 063 1 8 JE VOUDRAIS QUE QUELQU'UN M'ATTENDE QUELQUE PART UGC 89 652 (-43%) 389 230 301 679 2 9 BOMBSHELL METROPOLITAN 86 626 (-43%) 516 168 291 708 2 10 WASP NETWORK MEMENTO 70 224 (NEW) 200 351 70 224 1 Boys with guns keep their heads up As expected, the top two movies of last week keep their place: Bad Boys For Life and 1917 stay at #1 and #2 respectively. The latest Miami buddy cop movie crosses 1M admissions in 12 days with a low drop for a blockbuster (only -35%). The one-take WW1 film is definitely on pace for 2M in France, as it gets the best hold of the top 10. "The Lion" doesn't roar, "Rabbit" doesn't jump very high Le Lion, the new comedy featuring Dany Boon, completely bombs with a performance a tad higher than Le Dindon, Which completely crashed last september. however with such a large release on 700 cinemas, 1M was the absolute minimum. The movie will probably get 500k but will not go higher. Jojo Rabbit opens at #4 with a semi-limited release, and obtains the best average of the entire week but its start could definitely could have been higher with more prints. Behind, the whodunit french/european thriller Les Traducteurs doesn't write itself in history, getting a bit less than 100k admissions in 5 days. It's trailed by another french comedy, L'esprit de famille, and Just Mercy, the trial drama featuring Michael B. Jordan. Both Bombshell and Je voudrais que quelqu'un m'attende quelque part have a similar drop and a similar amount of admissions over 2 weeks, while Wasp Network concludes the top 10 with a mediocre average.
  3. OD January 29 releases Let's be honest: this is not going to be a good week. Le Lion, the new comedy featuring Dany Boon, is crashing hard with 53k admissions on its OD - but nearly 30k of them were done in previews. On over 700 cinemas, the average is abysmal. It's very similar to Le Dindon, released last september, which was released on a very wide release and did less than 300k admissions total. Jojo Rabbit takes second place with a semi-limited release - I honestly expected Disney to bring out more screens for a sextuple Oscar nominee. It has the better average of the pack, with and without previews. Let's hope it can broaden its diffusion over the weeks. 500k seems an interesting goal for the movie. Next up, two small-sized animated movies: Mission Kathmandu and Racetime. The latter has nearly twice the screens as the former, and without factoring the large part of preview screenings, they don't attract that much. The offer for younglings will be filled mostly in the following weeks when the February break will start. Two other french movies do not manage to catch their audience: the french comedy L'esprit de famille and the thriller/whodunit The Translators. Both attract less than 20k moviegoers on their OD, previews included, despite both releasing in around 350 cinemas. Wasp Network and Just Mercy, with around 200 cinemas, manage to get a decent average, by being over 10k admissions, but they won't go very far at the boxoffice either. Despite the sizeable number of new releases, there's a very good chance that Bad Boys for Life and 1917 keep the top two spots at the weekly boxoffice.
  4. Top 10 Weekend January 22-26 Rank Title Distributor Admissions Prints Average Total Week 1 BAD BOYS FOR LIFE SONY 559 904 (NEW) 619 905 559 904 1 2 1917 UNIVERSAL 357 270 (-29%) 544 657 1 002 008 2 3 JE VOUDRAIS QUE QUELQU'UN... UGC 162 748 (NEW) 367 443 162 748 1 4 BOMBSHELL METROPOLITAN 157 288 (NEW) 497 316 157 288 1 5 LITTLE WOMEN SONY 95 591 (-10%) 592 161 622 767 4 6 STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER DISNEY 79 739 (-49%) 550 145 5 808 800 6 7 UNE BELLE ÉQUIPE (QUEENS OF THE FIELD) GAUMONT 74 409 (-40%) 457 163 232 240 2 8 SPIES IN DISGUISE DISNEY 73 270 (-12%) 668 110 1 003 569 5 9 JUMANJI: THE NEXT LEVEL SONY 63 926 (-33%) 309 207 3 136 573 8 10 LES VÉTOS UGC 53 015 (-32%) 524 101 566 355 4 What they're gonna do? Take over the french box-office! The Bad Boys are back in full force and they're striking the french market. Bad Boys For Life takes #1 with nearly 560k admissions in 5 days (previews included), which is a pace slightly inferior to Bad Boys II (OW: 614k) which was released in 2003. It's still the strongest start for Will Smith in a leading role since Suicide Squad in 2016. 1.5M is guaranteed and critics are also good (4.0 out of 5 on Allociné, 5.8 out of 10 on SensCritique - best score in the saga). 1917 holds the line well and falls to second place with a very decent -29% drop from week to week, crossing the famed 1M admissions mark. It's now cruising to 2M as Oscars are approaching. The podium is completed by the french dramedy Je voudrais que quelqu'un m'attende quelque part, with a decent-ish average of more than 400 moviegoers per cinema. This movie will aim for 500k. Bombshell opens at #4 with a disappointing performance despite its wide release. The lack of Oscar noms is definitely detrimental, compared to #5, Little Women, which has the best hold in the top 10 with a -10% drop. 1M admissions seems more and more likely for Greta Gerwig. The rest of the top 10 is composed of movies in continuation: Star Wars IX will definitely struggle to reach 6M as it drops at #6. Une belle équipe doesn't hold very well and will be replaced with other french comedies in theaters soon. Spies in Disguise finally gets to 1M with very good drops, as the movie attracted a young audience every weekend. Jumanji keeps a great career while staying in the top 10 and Les Vétos also grabs a bit of admissions to push itself towards 700k. Note that Les Misérables, at #15, finally crossed the 2M mark. It could get a lot of César noms (TBA this wednesday), and an unexpected success at winning the Academy Award for best international movie could relaunch its career like The Artist in 2011.
  5. OD January 22 releases Strong start for Bad Boys for Life, with an OD slightly inferior to Bad Boys II which was released 17 years ago but is higher than Gemini Man. It should be around 400-450k this week-end and will definitely be the second "millionaire" of the year after 1917. The latest action blockbuster is followed by a french dramedy with a long-ass title, Je voudrais que quelqu'un m'attende quelque part (I would like that someone awaits me somewhere) which does a decent start, with a sizeable part of admissions done in previews. Completing the podium is Bombshell, which makes a quite low average despite its very large release in nearly 500 cinemas. The rest of the movies are mostly arthouse cinema, except Qu'un sang impur (The Breitner Commando) which is a french action drama that got a very small release despite its ambitions.
  6. 71,671 admissions (-33%). February break starts for one area on February 6, the movie can definitely get through the period as there won't be much competition on purely animated features (Mission Kathmandu, Racetime, Bayala, Samsam are all small-sized animated flms) but some family-friendly movies will be there to compete (Dolittle, Ducobu 3, Sonic, Le Prince Oublié).
  7. Top 10 Weekend January 15-20 Rank Title Distributor Admissions Prints Average Total Week 1 1917 UNIVERSAL 533 522 (NEW) 528 1 010 533 522 1 2 STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER DISNEY 156 583 (-45%) 795 197 5 704 729 5 3 UNE BELLE ÉQUIPE (QUEENS OF THE FIELD) GAUMONT 129 052 (NEW) 432 299 129 052 1 4 LITTLE WOMEN SONY 106 134 (-15%) 428 248 501 277 3 5 JUMANJI: THE NEXT LEVEL SONY 95 750 (-28%) 386 248 3 063 205 7 6 THE GRUDGE SONY 91 283 (NEW) 178 513 91 283 1 7 SPIES IN DISGUISE DISNEY 82 946 (-12%) 681 122 928 416 4 8 SELFIE APOLLO 81 254 (NEW) 266 305 81 254 1 9 LES VÉTOS UGC 77 670 (-34%) 540 144 494 912 3 10 UNDERWATER DISNEY 75 112 (-48%) 213 353 244 237 2 A Battle of Wars: 1917 takes over The Rise of Skywalker in the No Movie's Land As expected, 1917 takes the lead with ease with over 500k admissions in 5 days. The movie also has excellent WOM (4.5 out of 5 on Allociné, 7.9 out of 10 on SensCritique) and thanks to its 10 Oscars noms, 2M definitely seem feasible for the latest war movie by Sam Mendes. The other new releases do not shine as much. The two french comedies of this week, Une belle équipe and Selfie, only managed to attract around 300 moviegoers per theater. They will not go far at the box-office and will lose a bunch of screens when the February school break will start. The remake of The Grudge performed a bit better on average, with a more limited release on less than 200 screens. War of attrition Star Wars IX finally lost its top spot and gets down to second place, it looks like its final stop will be 6M. Little Women holds wonderfully well, helped by good WOM (4.0 Allociné, 7.0 SensCritique) and its 4 Oscars noms. 1M could be feasible in the long run! Jumanji: TNL, in 5th place, also holds up very well by attracting the families in off-school days. It has now crossed 3M and is on track to finish at the same level as Welcome to the Jungle. The animated feature Spies in Disguise will also manage to get above 1M, and will be the final movie released in 2019 to do so. There are 51 movies to do above 1M admissions in 2019. At the bottom of the top 10, Les Vétos has a decent drop and will cross 500k today while Underwater loses traction and sinks into the boxoffice. News from the backline Beyond the top 10, some interesting things happen: - Les Misérables, helped by its Oscar nomination for best international film and the Télérama film festival, has a +17% increase in admissions and will cross 2M admissions in the following days. - Frozen II is now at 7.25M admissions and cements itself as the #2 of 2019. - Knives Out has passed the 1M mark. - Parasite benefitted from a wide re-release in theaters both from the Télérama festival and its 6 Oscars noms, having brought more than 40k additional admissions since its initial theatrical run. Its total is now at 1.75M admissions! Parasite might stay in theaters in a limited release until the Oscars in early February. - A similar phenomenon happened to Portrait of a Lady on Fire and For Sama.
  8. OD January 15 releases Finally a movie with a good opening! 1917 leads the charge with more than 90k admissions on its OD, with a third of them being in preview screenings. It's still lower than Dunkirk, and on par with See You Up There (Au revoir là-haut). But 1M is pretty much guaranteed for the movie, which will be the first one to cross in 2020. Queens of the Field (Une belle équipe) is second but does a very lackluster score, trailed by the remake of The Grudge which has a much better average per theater. Selfie also does a low score despite a semi-wide release. Below, various movies with limited releases stay discreet. System K has a typo, it's only on 31 sites, and not 337.
  9. Top 10 Weekend January 8-12 Rank Title Distributor Admissions Prints Average Total Week 1 STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER DISNEY 283 805 (-67%) 731 388 5 501 791 4 2 UNDERWATER DISNEY 143 446 (NEW) 213 673 143 446 1 3 JUMANJI: THE NEXT LEVEL SONY 133 320 (-65%) 467 285 2 951 981 6 4 LITTLE WOMEN SONY 124 219 (-39%) 297 418 366 882 2 5 LES VÉTOS UGC 117 294 (-44%) 485 242 388 792 2 6 FROZEN II DISNEY 106 684 (-74%) 636 168 7 176 162 8 7 SPIES IN DISGUISE DISNEY 94 014 (-68%) 544 173 841 647 3 8 WEATHERING WITH YOU BAC FILMS 82 200 (NEW) 188 437 82 200 1 9 SOL STUDIO CANAL 62 515 (NEW) 314 199 62 515 1 10 RENDEZ-VOUS CHEZ LES MALAWAS PATHE 61 787 (-61%) 680 91 571 181 3 Harsh week for the box-office in France: the lack of big releases and the end of the Christmas break doesn't help. Many movies lose more than 60% of their admission levels compared to the last week, mostly family-friendly movies. As such, for the fourth week in a row, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker keeps the lead due to a crippling lack of decent competition. It has now reached 5.5M admissions, and will barely go over 6M by the end of January before ending its career. In second place, another Disney movie, this time inherited from Fox: Underwater. The deep-down thriller from the abyss gets the best average per print, and grabs nearly 150k admissions despite being screened in just over 200 cinemas. A final score around 500k is very likely. The podium is completed by Jumanji: The Next Level which comes close of the 3M mark and will end its career at the same level as Welcome to the Jungle. Note that Jumanji: The Next Level is part of the highest-grossing movies in France that never reached a weekly #1 spot, being beaten every week either by Frozen II or Star Wars. It's its sixth consecutive week on the podium, though. Below, Little Women has the lowest drop rate of the top, helped with good critics - let's hope that its 6 Academy Award nominations will help it go further, closer to the 1M mark - but it will be very hard. Les Vétos, a french drama, is going to be around 600k at the end of its career. Frozen II will be close to 7.5M. Spies in Disguise should manage to get to 1M. Next up, Weathering with You is the first japanese movie since Dragon Ball Super: Broly to get into the top 10 with the second best average of the top, and does a higher score than Your Name three years ago. At the bottom of the top 10, Sol is a failure with barely 200 admissions per print and will likely not reach 200k admissions. Malawas will also fail to reach its objective of 1M admissions by a long run. 650k seems more likely.
  10. OD January 8 releases There's no big release this week, with only one above 300 cinemas and two around 200 - as the Christmas holidays have ended. Underwater is the strongest of them all, with a decent average of 87 moviegoers per theater and without any preview screening. Weathering With You, the japanese smash-hit from Makoto Shinkai, takes the second place with a score a bit stronger than Your Name three years ago but with more previews and with twice as more cinemas. Sol, a french comedy, takes third place with a disappointing average knowing it's the widest release this week. Then come two "cinema prize contenders", The Farewell and The Whistlers. The former gets a better average than the latter, with less previews. Below, we only have bombs that won't stay long in their small amount of cinemas. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker should keep the lead for the 4th consecutive week, it should be dethroned by 1917 which releases next week. Only Underwater should manage to get into the top 10 this week.
  11. Top 10 Weekend December 18-22 Rank Title Distributor Admissions Prints Average Total Week 1 STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER DISNEY 1 886 610 (NEW) 731 2 581 1 886 610 1 2 FROZEN II DISNEY 475 426 (-15%) 879 541 5 625 531 5 3 JUMANJI: THE NEXT LEVEL SONY 329 936 (-31%) 644 512 1 654 244 3 4 THE ADDAMS FAMILY UNIVERSAL 156 486 (-16%) 646 242 696 792 3 5 DOCTEUR ? APOLLO 126 411 (-24%) 440 287 348 830 2 6 VIC THE VIKING AND THE MAGIC SWORD SND 125 663 (NEW) 427 294 125 663 1 7 LES MISÉRABLES LE PACTE 107 321 (-29%) 640 168 1 510 906 5 8 LE MEILLEUR RESTE À VENIR PATHÉ 107 127 (-31%) 788 136 624 634 3 9 KNIVES OUT METROPOLITAN 82 328 (-27%) 502 164 689 107 4 10 NOTRE DAME AD VITAM 80 085 (NEW) 256 313 80 085 1 Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is here, and claims the 4th biggest OW of the year behind Avengers: Endgame, The Lion King, and Frozen II. Even though that opening is massive, that's a 30% drop compared to The Force Awakens, and a 14% drop compared to The Last Jedi. It does confirm the loss of interest over the years for Disney's Star Wars. The final score should be lower than 7M, basically on par with Avengers: Endgame. Vic the Viking, with a daring move to open alongside Star Wars in a crowded market for children, manages to get 6th place. With the school break, it will do better over days, but I don't expect it to go above 600k with that OW. Notre Dame, a french comedy about the famous cathedral, also gets into the top 10, but its market is already taken by Docteur and Le meilleur reste à venir. Most already released movies hold very well and their week-to-week numbers can only increase from now as the Christmas school break has started, and will last until January 6. Frozen II is now above the first one and is still on trail for 7M+, while Jumanji: The Next Level will definitely have trouble to equal the score done by Welcome to the Jungle, while still going well above 2M.
  12. The 215k PS number is for the entire week, not just for OD.
  13. Yeah, that score is definitely underwhelming, I really thought expectations would come back as the marketing campaign greatly pushed the movie these last weeks and the market seemed to wait for the release of SW9. It's only the 4th biggest OD of the year behind Avengers: Endgame, The Lion King and Spider-Man: Far From Home (the last one having benefitted from a nationwide operation called the Fête du cinéma where every ticket is sold at €4 without extras). This is the lowest OD for a main SW movie ever. I'm excluding the original trilogy as releases weren't as wide in the 70s-80s as they are today.
  14. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker OD: 392 783 admissions on 731 cinemas. In comparison: The Phantom Menace: 450 531 admissions on 793 cinemas Attack of the Clones: 453 203 admissions on 836 cinemas Revenge of the Sith: 641 799 admissions on 938 cinemas The Force Awakens: 619 020 admissions on 1 093 cinemas Rogue One: 271 902 admissions on 910 cinemas The Last Jedi: 503 727 admissions on 1 027 cinemas Solo: 89 338 admissions on 844 cinemas A 37% drop compared to TFA, and a 22% drop compared to TLJ. The number of cinemas is lower (but the difference is made on smaller cinemas with less screenings per day), and there was a strike that prevented some people in the Paris region to go to cinemas normally. There was though a feeling that this episode had less expectations around it.
  15. OD = 600k OW = 2.2M OWeek = 3M (monday and tuesday being in school vacation period) Total = 7.5M (a bit above TLJ but way below TFA) Note that 215k tickets for this week have been sold in presales only at Pathé Gaumont. On par with Avengers: Endgame. In comparison: Avengers Endgame: 216k The Lion King: 104k Frozen 2: 78k Spider-Man FFH: 55k Captain Marvel: 45k Joker: 25k
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