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  1. Instead of just ‘FREE SPACE’ in the middle , would be more fun if you replaced it with “John2000 says ‘we will see’”. You can’t find something more certain than that for the middle one to filled up
  2. You should be grateful for not around this thread for the past 3 weeks. Trust me , You should be....
  3. No. Just same case like last week I think. No actuals will be reported but instead it will automatically added to next week estimate.
  4. He’s talking about “ once in a lifetime “ achievement made by MCU where they produced *almost* 6 back to back movies to gross over $1B mark In just 1 and a half year. So tell me why he should add movies like AQM and JW 2 into his post? Both doesn’t have any connection or correlation at all with MCU. Would be very very random Lol.
  5. Yes , you're right. Gone with the Wind will always be above Avatar as the true highest grossing film of all time.
  6. Putting my Money for The God , The King and The only True Master of Franchise To Win both Dom and WW next year. Dom : Black Widow WW : Eternals
  7. Probably will be another Finding Dory in term of getting to $1B milestone.
  8. A bit late , but for me WW is definitely miles better than Aquaman which itself a miles better than Shazam. WW put the heart to the whole movie. It has enough action with iconic scene ( you know which one ) , beautiful ‘first time’ romance and great plot , direction and acting+ Gal Gadot 😍. WW succeeded on making an experience that makes me feel like I was missing something as soon as I got out of theatre and creates a feeling to watch it again. And I think it shows to other people too with its 4x legs. Aquaman put the whole heart only to the action and spectacle ( wh
  9. I agree with you. But regarding the bold text , I'm not the one who thought that would be an unrealistic or optimistic thing. The person who I replied to is the one. And I give an explanation to him.
  10. Also can you please tell me how many superhero movies have a 6-day OW besides FFH? Here is the answer : 1 ! Just 1! And that was TASM who opened with $137M Leading to a Final $262M for 1.91x multi with a much lower reception and WOM. I don't see how FFH making 2x multi is considered an unrealistic and optimistic thinking. It just need an 0.09 improvement in legs compared to TASM and with barren August , I predict it will have a great late legs just like HMC did.
  11. Based on your feeling history , I'm glad that I'm not sharing the same feeling with you
  12. Yes , but still EG grosses more admissions than Avatar. That's what this thread was meant to be. An 'Admission Count' not 'Who's the most impressive run'. I agree that Avatar run was super impressive but this is an admission thread. Please keep it that way. Feels like you have a strange habit of derailing the admission thread into another subject thread which makes that Avatar always wins no matter what.
  13. I think TFA admissions was over The Avengers and AoU but lower than IW and EG.
  14. There are 2 different numbers listed for Avatar original run. The first is what you were mentioning $2.749B from the trades and others. The second is $2.755B according to BOM. But either way, EG will pass both.
  15. No , it’s not. The re-release with bonus content start on Friday 28 June. Don’t know if it released simultaneously worldwide or just Dom tho.
  16. Anyone knows why the supposedly this year’s 3 Chinese blockbuster summer released got cancelled or in danger??? iirc , The eight hundred has a controversial soldier thing so I guess it’s because of nationalism subject. Better days has something about patriarchy thing (????) But what’s the problem for The last Wish tho which makes it in danger?
  17. And guess who’ll benefit the most from that cancellation!? Yes, TS4, FFH and TLK which are all Disney related at least.... Even the mainland China couldn’t escape from Mickey’s law.
  18. Wowowowowow.... Hold your horses right there. Even $1B WW is still not locked and yet you’re already talking about $1.1B WW total. Just please keep your expectation on check. I don’t want another case of someone whining and disappointed if it can’t make it.
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