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  1. You are only an outlier in the US. Other countries loved it. Hence the over $100M international. Who else has done so well with so poor reviews and no IP? And overseas? I disagree.
  2. It has passed $100M international, and worldwide it will make or be close to $150,000, once it opens in Russia. It will end up making money in the aftermarket, particularly since they had Fox International distributing a bunch of places, but unless they have plans to trim the budget, I don't see a sequel happening. I really thought it was well done, though, and I loved the ending.
  3. Aronofsky wasn't her boyfriend when the deal was cut. She also took a pay cut for American Hustle and 'only ' asked $15M for Joy -- and the studio came to her and DOR to make it, and kept asking. She asks less up front for passion projects. However, if a studio wants HER in a picture, it is up to them what they pay. As I stated above, I think she is sort of a catastrophic loss insurance policy for movies with poor reviews and little IP - Passengers made money despite it, and so will Red Sparrow, even if it ends up making it in the after market. RS has already made $130M ww on a $69M budget, and none of that money is from China so there is no steep applicable discount. It will make over double the budget in theaters, and her blu rays and streamed films sell well. And no, I don't think a Reeves/McAdams Passengers makes nearly as much with those scorching 'date rape' reviews. They are great actors (I really, really like Keanu) but they don't have the overseas draw Jen and Pratt have, nor the domestic draw to fight those reviews, imho. We will never know what that film would have done however, because it couldn't get financed until they had Jen's name on it, and Keanu tried for years. (His company was still associated with the final project.) Getting it financed was worth $20M to someone, clearly. @straggler RS passed Atomic Blonde's total take world wide early in RS's second week.
  4. It was #1 in Germany for weeks, and is still going strong. I can see why they'd hope for a repeat.
  5. Sadly, I wouldn't be surprised if you were right. I think 2+ x budget is the best it is going to do in theaters, but that is hardly terrible, and as said above 57% of attendees polled went for her. It should make money in the after market, which, with Passengers, makes her something like a catastrophe insurance policy for films that get bad reviews and have no real IP. We don't have to go to Alicia, look at Charlize Theron in Atomic Blonde. She is known in the US, is an excellent actress, and is gorgeous. However, Red Sparrow outperformed its entire run globally by RS's second week, with much worse reviews (here, overseas reviewers liked it better.) Draw includes international draw, and I think this movie further proves that Jen has that. It's funny that I have never ever heard a fan say something like that. You know who did say that? Jen herself because she is always self deprecating. She also DOES need space in public, or she would never have a normal dinner out with friends. She isn't 'occasionally' recognized, it is constant. Her fans are fine with getting selfies when she is at events, where she is there for that. People who didn't like her to begin with raise these things against her, but they didn't like her anyhow. Fans completely understand, and hope she'll have some break time between promo tours. Again, only with people who didn't like her before she said that in an interview last year. And they were already a lost cause. Amazing how invested they are in the issue, though.
  6. yeah, I couldn't get the video out of it to embed, either. Anyhow, tldr, DP came in under budget. However, they want to change the third act and expect the cost to be less than the $10M they came in under budget. No one is saying what the third act changes will be because SKinberg hasn't written anything yet.
  7. to get all the VFX etc right. Apparently Sophie isn't available until Aug/Sept which would leave little time (and people are assuming her schedule is the reason). It might have been ok had the reshoots been of more available actors.
  8. so possibly 50% of the movie reshot on New Mutants, but Dark Phoenix is just a scheduling issue for their regular reshoots.
  9. this was on twitter, no idea where it is from: People are saying Sophie is filming GOT and isn't available for reshoots, so they assume it is her schedule, but that is speculation.
  10. It has passed SG now. PR 12.1% ICOI 10.9% BP 10.3% RPO 7.7% SG 7.6%
  11. I hope you are right and that doesn't make them want to use him as the straight man foil. His comic timing is impeccable.
  12. your user name and this is the first time you watched the blu ray? I watched it for the third time last night when that clip came out for Infinity War. I think Goldblum is a guy thing, but he was ok, and I really hope they keep some of that Thor in Infinity War just because he was so engaging. Even with short hair.
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