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  1. How it's bigger than expected when this thread was expecting 13 and the trades 12?
  2. I mena they don't matter much but for sure looks having nothing than having reviews trashing it before opening.
  3. They care so much for the spoilers that made a "fans only" screening two weeks ago?
  4. They are releasing it on PVOD on mid October, it's the same as Black Widow which was released on PVOD before going free, it's nothing weird.
  5. At the end of the day, it's just more content to their streaming service.
  6. Copy the link and wait a moment before submitting the reply, the tweet should appear, unless you are doing it from a mobile version or something.
  7. Wasn't the same said about Black Panther in his movie? And either way it's irrelevant to the overall point of the discussion, they are not attacking Simu for his performance but everything else... I don't see why chinese people will "dislike" him enough to not like the movie because he is not the overly charismatic MCU lead... If we go by redditor all those "female romantic interest" are considered wasted by them, let alone that Ikaris/Sersi is so obviously going to be mostly flashback and Sersi most likely moved on already.
  8. Cruella and Free Guy have to numbers to back up the sequel. JC is the only wildcard here.
  9. I saw a chinese youtuber that talked about Shang Chi and showed many reviews from chinese people ( in chinese obviously ) that saw the movie overseas ( either students or that happened to be out ) and was very liked by them and even the people that did not like it said nothing because it was offensive or anything negative against Simu.
  10. I'm not surprised at all...But at least this is coming from China, the hollywood articles are just people assuming without quoting anything. But hey the moment Feige agrees to "recast" Shang Chi because people that have not seen the movie got mad, he will literally become the man he fought so hard to get rid of, Perlmutter. What are they going to do with Eternals? recast Chloe lol? cut Phastos from the movie because he is gay? time travel so Chloe never talked?
  11. Grace is even less believeable on animation than with movies, I still laugh when she said "What if..." had Castlevania level of action and animation. ( I like What if but that is pure delusion or she just did not watch Castlevania )
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