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  1. Because there are another threads where we post Nielsen numbers James Gunn did not say Samba was the only metric, he said it's a third party option to see HOW they are doing more or less, he talks as well how streaming services keep their numbers very close to themselves and how it's hard to tell. Let alone all the metrics are flawed when most streaming service like Netflix count a couple of minutes as a view. Again NO ONE is saying Samba is the one measure, if you have other numbers the post yourself the other numbers, it gives the context of the performanc
  2. It's going to be interesting how it performs popularity wise, it's maybe the only series that is not connected directly to a movie character or that already debuted in a movie. Ms Marvel and She Hulk shows are debuts as well but they are connected to Hulk and Cap Marvel.
  3. They have not become "de-facto" they are just another metric, they don't track every single device, just smart Tvs, even James Gunn accepts they are more or less credible. No one uses Samba as the only gospel
  4. I liked the first episode, I loved the second but I was cringing with the third one, I felt I was watching a power ranger episode. Depends what flop means Hawkeye may not be as big as the other Marvel series but is still bigger than something like The Wheel of Time which it's considered a success by Amazon.
  5. DS Supreme could only lock them because they were against each other, he has no chance individually and The Watcher pretty much set up everything. Let alone DS Supreme took decades eating demons and it's the worst example for your point when he destroyed an entire reality to save one person.
  6. It's as solo as Civil War, which it's considered solo.
  7. We say this every 2 months but I agree on 300DM and 400OS-C
  8. The fact that Venom outgrossed Shang Chi for less than 100M after its first movie did over 800M I would not call it a win or that BW when you add PA, did pretty much the same.
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