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  1. F9 looks to head for a $2.8M+ OW. However some cinemas need to be reclosed do to a surge in covid cases.
  2. .... which will be broken again by FAST & FURIOUS 9 next week. That 3-day sneak preview rolled into OW will surely help!
  3. Saw the movie last night (screening by UIP Indonesia). Not a follower of the franchise, so I suspect quite a few references flew past me. The action setpieces were so busy, I got lost keeping track of who's doing what, where, against whom. A clear setup for the two-parter finale where just about everybody will return. One mid-credits scene. Indonesia starts sneak previews today untuk Sunday, some 720+ shows per day (not screens). Tickets selling fast as usual. Regular shows start Wednesday, looking good to set a new pandemic reopening record.
  4. Conjuring 3 had a great first and second day, but looks like dropping rather fast. Might be offset by the sheer number of screen allocation though.
  5. After GVK (1M+ admissions) and MK (830k admissions), now this. Cinema is back. Cinemagoers are back. Next up will be the local tentpoles, and I may or may not be involved in some capacity.
  6. A huge sigh of relief in Indonesia as AQP2 set a pandemic OW record of $1.5M (550k+ admissions), while Cruella is conservatively estimated at $340k (125k admissions).
  7. AQP II set to have the first million-dollar OW since reopening. (GVK did $850k)
  8. GVK cracked 1M admissions, MK 800K+ Today AQP II is tracking to have the best opening day ever since pandemic reopening.
  9. 4 million admissions since December. Nothing like the good old days, but a good sign, especially the last month. However .... we need more blockbusters ASAP. NOBODY just started playing and didn't work.
  10. Europe as per UNIC, 9 April 2021.: Open: Albania Bosnia-Herzegovina (local closures) Bulgaria Croatia Kosovo Luxembourg Montenegro Norway (local closures) Russia Serbia Spain Ukraine Closed (w/ reopen plan): Austria - TBD Belgium - May Cyprus - TBD Czech Republic - TBD Denmark - 6 May Estonia - TBD Finland - June France - TBD Germany - 18 April Greece - TBD Hungary - TBD Ireland - TBD Italy - TBD Latvia - TBD Lithuania - April TBD M
  11. With Europe looking very bleak, can GVK still hit $500M worldwide?
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