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  1. Today, March 26th. Only about 100 cinema screens are open, all at reduced capacity and showtimes. Less than 4% of national capacity. We are bracing for the peak. Stay safe everyone.
  2. Indonesia is approaching a near-lockdown situation. More and more cities are closing schools and offices. Cinemas recently included. Some local tentpoles have delayed their releases with more to follow. The government has declared state of emergency until 29 May. The total number of daily showtimes (normally upwards of 10K) has dropped significantly in the past 4 days. Expect an even steeper drop Monday, when capital Jakarta closes all cinemas. Stay safe everyone.
  3. I just noticed that Indonesia's two largest cinema chain, XXI and CGV, have also changed Birds of Prey title in their website and booking app. Meanwhile, The Gentlemen and Brahms: The Boy II opened yesterday. The Call of the Wild will follow tomorrow. The next big one will be Sonic on the 26th. Videogame adaptations may be associated with box office failures in general, but in Indonesia the last 6 movies (Warcraft to Detective Pikachu, 2016 to 2019) ALWAYS breaks 1 million admission. Too bad I can't attend the premiere screening tonight.
  4. Unfortunately, screens are practically nonexistent now, crushed by local blockbuster Milea: Suara Dari Dilan. This movie passed 2M admission on Tue, heading for the vicinity 3M by this weekend or shortly after. Its predecessor, Dilan 1991, once held the opening day record for Indonesia, beating Avengers: Infinity War. I tweeted about it and got quoted by Deadline.
  5. Little Women opened very late in Indonesia, so getting 100k admission is actually OK.
  6. Fantasy Island's actual OW number in Indonesia is better than the estimate. 311k actual admission vs 289k estimated. The Cinepoint Flash score (7/10) is not good though, so legs will be short. Cinepoint Flash is exit polling that I conducted through this app (Cinepoint), from actual moviegoers fresh out of their respective showings. If you ask why I ask for phone number when using Cinepoint, this is why. All rating submissions are verified, no trolls.
  7. Indonesia box office summary, 10-16 Feb 2020 Local franchise hits big time again, while Birds of Prey nosedived in its second weekend. Fantasy Island connected with nicher market. Both BoP and FI grosses were #1 in Asia.
  8. Top 10 import of 2019, MINUS JOHN WICK 3 which is not properly reported
  9. DC Films Indonesian OW (gross/est adm) UPDATED #BirdsofPrey $2.4M/733K Joker $6.1M/1.918M Shazam! $$4.7M/1.512M Aquaman $7.1M/2.387M Justice League $5.8M/1.816M Wonder Woman $4.8M/1.478M Suicide Squad $3.4M/1.088M est. Batman v Superman $7.7M/2.488M Man of Steel $3.6M/1.068M
  10. I know my images are blurred, but I really don't know how to insert them nicely, sorry. Advice/tutorial would be appreciated, thank you.
  11. INDONESIA KEY RELEASE DATES JAN-FEB 08 JAN - Underwater 10 JAN - Playing with Fire 15 JAN - Dolittle 17 JAN - Bad Boys for Life 22 JAN - 1917 24 JAN - Enter the Fat Dragon 05 FEB - Birds of Prey 07 FEB - Little Women 12 FEB - Fantasy Island 19 FEB - The Gentlemen 21 FEB - Brahms: The Boy II 21 FEB - The Call of the Wild 21 FEB - Richard Jewell 26 FEB - Sonic the Hedgehog 28 FEB - The Invisible Man
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