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  1. Doing great in the usual geek-friendly locations, OK for the rest. Big issue for Shang-Chi: Most sites still only have 3 showtimes per day No Time to Die coming in just a week after
  2. For the rest of September: SHANG-CHI AND THE LEGEND OF THE TEN RINGS SPACE JAM: A NEW LEGACY NO TIME TO DIE As kids under 12 cannot go (no vaccines for them yet) it's movies like Space Jam that is going to be difficult.
  3. UPDATE: Indonesian cinemas will reopen Thursday 16 September 2021. Second reopening titles might include: BLACK WIDOW THE SUICIDE SQUAD ESCAPE FROM MOGADISHU HARD HIT Wish us luck!
  4. As Indonesia opens I will of course track Shang-Chi. It's due soon. Not next week but soon.
  5. UPDATE Indonesian cinemas set for second reopening on September 14th. Full vaccination will be mandated, 50% capacity implemented, F&B prohibited. We have a whole of Hollywood backlog to clear out, so let's see what comes out first. I know for a fact that Black Widow and Space Jam: A New Legacy DCP's are being prepared for the initial part of reopening. Later on stuff like Free Guy, The Suicide Squad and Shang-Chi will follow. Stay tuned.
  6. CGV Cinemas and Cinema XXI have both announced total closure. I believe this closure will last until end of September. At least.
  7. As most of the world embrace the arrival of BLACK WIDOW, Indonesia nears total closure with only around 500 shows per day left. And that's at 50% capacity.
  8. Late June postponed titles: Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway We already a had a bunch of DCPs ready for July: The Forever Purge The Boss Baby: Family Business Black Widow Space Jam: A New Legacy Escape Room: Tournament of Champions While local blockbusters were slated to return beginning August. This new hard restriction period is supposed to last until 20 July, but I seriously doubt it will happen. The target was to lower the number of daily new case to fewer than 10k while now, 3 days in, the number kee
  9. Hard restrictions implemented since 3 July 2021. Only cinemas outside of Java and Bali now open - that's only about 25% of all screens. Number of showtimes back to November 2020 level. I don't know how we'll survive this.
  10. The country is expected to implement harder restrictions starting tomorrow (June 30) which will very possibly include total closure of cinemas 😭 Announcement imminent.
  11. This last re-closure is especially heartbreaking, since we are in a clear recovery path from GVK - MK - AQP2 - C3 - F9.
  12. As the result of partial cinema (re)closures, F9 took a brutal 70% dive in its second week. And things are about to get worse since malls will be instructed to close at 5pm, effectively eliminating weekday shows. With only daytime weekend shows, I wonder whether the cinemas will opt to stay open.
  13. Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard and Peter Rabbit 2 both postponed last week. We might lose out on Black Widow as well. Lost about 45% showtimes from pandemic peak (at the opening of F9). COVID-19 spiraling out of control.
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