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  1. Local films also hit a major milestone. MAKMUM 2 became the first local movie in the pandemic era to crack 1M admission.
  2. SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME Indonesian cumulative gross, my personal tracking 1st week (19/12/21) - $9.27M (Sony said $8.2M) 2nd week (26/12/21) - $18.11M (Sony did not report) 3rd week (02/02/22) - $22.93M (Sony said $22.9M) 4th week (09//02/22) - $24.46M (Sony said $24.6M) 5th week (16/02/22) - projected $24.94M, losing screens fast
  3. For Indonesia opening week I estimated $9.27M, Sony announced $8.2M I have second week at $15.95M, still waiting for Sony to announce something.
  4. Do the figures appearing at the final multiversal rift have a significant meaning? For instance there was clearly a guy holding a spear.
  5. One of my location sample group (10 locations) today shows ... wait for it ...... 95% occupancy rate
  6. WTF indeed. Went to my second viewing last night, sold out. Be seeing it again Sunday night. The only hurdle for NWH is that it will have to share screens with The Matrix 4 and The King's Man on 22 Dec (Sing 2 delayed to early Jan) and local tentpole Teka-Teki Tika on 23 Dec. I'll be seeing Matrix 4 screening on Tue night so I'll tell you how that one looks after that. Also have a Clifford screening tomorrow morning, that one supposedly scheduled for 29 Dec. 15 Dec - NWH 16 Dec - Yowis Ben Finale (local tentpole, quite successful) 17 Dec
  7. Day 3. Easing off slightly (Friday noon shows coincide with Muslim Friday prayer time). But STILL seeing sold out shows. ONE MILLION ADMISSION passed before the end of the second day. Expect massive upsurge SAT-SUN.
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