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  1. Probability distribution of Frozen's final Tomatometer score, assuming ~300 final reviews and random sampling of current reviews (65 in total, 53 fresh). 95% chance that final Tomatometer score is between 72% and 88%.
  2. Well yeah, I think everyone knows that, but I had the impression tribefan was talking about more recently.
  3. For what it's worth, from the time of its release to about February of this year, Moana (in blue) had more google searches in the United States than did Frozen (in yellow). Zootopia (in red) included for comparison purposes.
  4. Just for fun, this list re-orders the top 100 by the average number of points received per list. You can see that some films didn't appear on many lists but were generally very highly placed by those that did, and conversely that there were some films that made the top 100 merely on the strength of appearing on most lists. Of course, there were also many films that were both generally highly placed and appeared on most lists.
  5. A total of 27 lists were submitted - thanks to all! Some other stats:
  6. @Kalo Noticed you submitted a list in the thread but not via PM. I'd still be willing to accept your submission.
  7. @captainwondyful @Eric Addams @ZeeSoh Congrats on becoming mods!
  8. Thirteen lists officially received (by PM) so far. Thanks for the submissions! Another stats update: No film has appeared on more than 11 lists. 8 films have appeared on ten or more lists. 146 films have appeared on only one list. 253 unique films have been listed in total. Ten different films have received a #1 ranking. 41 different films have received a top 5 ranking. 63 different films have received a top 10 ranking.
  9. @4815162342 @chasmmi @aabattery @CoolioD1 @Jake Gittes @That One Guy @Ethan Hunt @WrathOfHan @Wrath @Porthos @captainwondyful @grim22 @DeeCee @Water Bottle @IronJimbo @MrPink @Sheikh @Chewy @filmlover @Webslinger @CJohn @Avatree @Tower @Mr Pastaffelees @RichWS @kayumanggi @Ms Lady Hawk @Jayhawk @Cmasterclay @Jason @AJG @K1stpierre @Barnack @Charlie Jatinder @MCKillswitch123 @cookie @JJ-8 @Morieris New "official" deadline is Sunday, October 6. No need to stress about timezones. If it's still Sunday somewhere you're good to go.
  10. By the evening (my local time) of Sept 29 would be greatly appreciated.
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