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  1. Coco really resonated for me and my Chinese-Canadian friends. One of them turned to me and said "I'm sorry, I think this is my new favourite" [CGI animated film over Zootopia], and I was like "no apology needed" (through lots of tears). Obviously some the fine cultural details are different but the broad strokes about the importance of family really resonated with us. And it's a hard thing to explain, but I was really happy to see it explode in China. My mother's family left in the 1950s, and since then China has changed a lot too, with the Cultural Revolution and all of that. But somehow I felt like I could understand exactly why Coco did so well there. Coco is easily my favourite Pixar of the decade, and probably overall but I'd have to give WALL-E a rewatch because it's been a while.
  2. Jason

    Best Animated Feature 2018 - Predictions

    @MinaTakla Those articles from AwardsWatch on the Best Animated Feature race - they have Erik Anderson listed as the author at the top, but the bio at the bottom is that of Mina Takla, which I presume is you. What's going on there? I've noticed this for a while but haven't asked, today my curiosity is getting the better of me.
  3. Jason

    Best Animated Feature 2018 - Predictions

    On reflection I guess it's got some advantages other independent-studio animations haven't had, and it could be another Spirited Away in that it'll be strong in a year where the big-budget American animations are weak. Maybe I'm just too salty about the 2017 rule change the nomination process to think objectively about this category.
  4. Jason

    Best Animated Feature 2018 - Predictions

    For better or for worse, there's essentially no way (edit: too strong) I think it unlikely Isle of Dogs is going to win, it's an Academy-wide vote. That's the same Academy that saw fit to nominate Boss Baby to the exclusion of at least half a dozen stronger contenders (from the standpoint of critical reception). That's also more-or-less the same Academy that gave the win to Big Hero 6 over Song of the Sea and The Tale of the Princess Kayuga. (As much as I liked BH6 myself - the gap on critical reception between BH6 and the other two is quite large.) I really don't think Isle of Dogs has enough in its favour to overcome the fact it's a not a blockbuster animation, which is clearly the only kind most Academy members can be bothered to watch.
  5. I'm really looking forward to this. (My mother is Chinese.) Edit: These tweets at the bottom of the article, QFT.
  6. No, he eats them a lot. But he doesn't usually read ingredient lists and stuff. His misfortune today was caused by me having a day off and therefore having the time to read the ingredient list for him. I am a little surprised too that it's taken this long for him to find out.
  7. So my roomie this morning decides to have instant noodles for breakfast. He comes to tell me how vegans are ruining everything; because it's actually "advertising" that it has artificial beef flavour. I tell him that that's not the vegans, it's required by law that they have to state that the beef flavour is artificial. I tell him it's his fault for being cheap and expecting $1 instant noodles to actually contain real meat. He proceeds to eat his instant noodles, and then starts raving about how good they are, and how their actually were pieces of real beef. I'm like "no way, let me see the ingredient list". Yep, turns out there is definitely no beef, although it "may contain traces of fish or chicken". He's super traumatized now that he was tricked into thinking he was eating beef when it was really just "textured soy protein". cc: @Trolltastic Tele, feel like you might get a laugh out of this
  8. I'm a bit late to this, but welcome to the forums! (Also, I see you're from Toronto as well!)
  9. My roomie initially thought this porg was sad because Chewie wasn't sharing. He was *very* upset once his gf explained what was actually happening. "OMG. Wtf. That's so dark. Fuck this movie!"
  10. I've never thought "bugs" were completely mindless automatons, but still, a little surprised by this video of a spider getting dust stuck to its legs cleaned off. It's skittish at first but after a while stays still and offers its legs to the person doing the cleaning. Spoiler-tagged in case some of you are spider-phobic: On the subject of "bugs" being clever, bumblebees learning to move a ball into a hole for a reward:
  11. First option sounds good aside from the tight deadline. I have no idea how uniquely good it is, it would take someone with knowledge of the local rental market. Second option I don't know the local market at all although a Google search pulled up some stuff. Median detached home in Victoria is $800k-$900k though, and if you're going to University of Victoria it's also around the same in Saanich. I strongly suspect you won't find a three-bedroom home for less than $500k-$600k anywhere near the university. But check the listings. Ultimately I think it depends on your parents being willing and able to absorb some of the costs in addition to what you and friends would be paying. Third option doesn't sound like that big of a deal to me, I lived with three other people when I went to to uni and others lived with four. Difference was that they were individual contracts for rent rather than a contract for a house, but I know people who went elsewhere (not U of T, homes in downtown Toronto with affordable rent, good joke) that did that. Think it was with people they already knew though. Ultimately depends on your comfort level.
  12. Maybe this is the joke and everyone knows this already, but it's originally a British sauce. Wasn't registered as a trademark in the U.S. until 1895.
  13. Dafuq? Ambulance here is $45. Like, I know the costs are being partially covered by the public health insurance ($45 is a co-pay), but still. I just never realized that it could be so expensive.
  14. I always feel so left out of conversations where Americans talk about restaurant chains (that aren't McDonald's/KFC etc., those are everywhere). The only name I've recognized thus far is Cheesecake Factory and they just opened one here. I haven't been yet. Not in a hurry to try it either, from what I've heard from family and friends who have been while visiting the U.S., it's not even close to being worth the crazy lineup for it. People were lining up three hours for it when it first opened (last fall), I think the lineup now is still pretty long.
  15. Snow White (1993 re-release). Possibly Beauty and the Beast but I definitely don't remember and my mom can't conclusively rule it in or out. Edit: I don't think this question was directed at me but I decided to answer it anyway.

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