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  1. Super late reply, but fwiw - I'm not familiar with the proper Mandarin pronunciation but it's definitely not the Cantonese pronunciation. (The character 夏 is pronounced more like "haa" in Cantonese.)
  2. Pretty close, but actually a bit better than that - according to the NYT's tracker, 68.3% of US adults with at least one dose. (59.6% fully vaccinated) Also worth noting that the US coverage is very heteregenous - there are several states with >75% of adults with at least one dose, which is great, but then there are also states that are at less than 50% (not great, and also bringing down the average).
  3. This has already been weighed in on (oops), but I looked into this a while back and it seems like even the minor chains/independent cinemas survived. The landlord of one of my local independent theatres changed ownership (or something like that) but apparently many of the independent theatres in Toronto (including that one) have heritage protection. (So it's difficult to change the building to a different use.)
  4. So, in the absence of reduced social contact, the rate at which the virus spread is going to mostly depend on the level of immunity in the population. The R0 of the Delta variant (the number of people infected by one person in a naive population) is estimated to be ~6 - this is a statistical inference, since naive populations don't exist. If a naive population did exist, the Delta variant could theoretically spread extremely rapidly in the asbsence of social restrictions. (For comparison, the original variant had an R0 of "just" ~2.5). But if you have a population where 50% of people are im
  5. Oh jeez - yeah I mean to say that it makes me *NOT* want to watch it when I'm stressed and tired. Yeah I'm aware of that aspect of it.
  6. It's well documented that the rate of growth in a population without restrictions is at least a tripling every week, closer to a quadrupling (The R0 of ~2.5 is for a transmission time of about 5 days, extend that to a week and you get about 3.6x) When you use the correct exponential growth assumptions you need only about 9-10 weeks to get to 200,000 cases. That also assumes only a single introduction at the very beginning, which is unlikely. Increasing the number of introductions in the first week from 1 to just three cuts off an entire week from that estimate, if you have around 10 initial
  7. I've had A Silent Voice personally recommended to me twice (by people who know my taste) and it's been on my watchlist but ironically there's been a few times I've put it off because the strength of the recommendation makes me (edit: NOT) want to watch it when I'm stressed/tired etc. Was planning to squeeze it in for this list but didn't quite make it. Going to try and watch this very soon.
  8. The Breadwinner was on my watchlist (I've seen Wolfwalkers and Song of the Sea) but I didn't get around to it. Next time, I promise! Also, I agree about Pocahontas - it's impossible to separate from its historical context but if it were somehow purely fictional I also think it would be remembered more fondly.
  9. The same word can mean different things in different contexts, something that I'm sure you're aware of. In the epidemiological context, transmission occurs when the infection is transmitted (not merely a single virus particle), and transmissibility is the likelihood that an infection transmits from an infected individual to a non-infected individual, all other things being equal. It is correct to say that social contact and relaxed measures increase transmission, but not transmissibility. However, the basis for stating that the delta variant is more transmissible than other variants hasn't
  10. I'm not sure you understand what is meant by transmissibility - if a variant is more likely to pass from one person to another (all other things being equal), then it's more transmissible. This is a property inferred from case statistics - not calculated from an inherent viral property. There are different reasons why a virus can be more transmissible, such as causing higher viral loads, or being better at evading the immune system etc. It's also worth noting that the higher transmissibility of the delta variant hasn't just been inferred from case statistics but also numerous cases of trans
  11. Beauty and the Beast Princess Mononoke Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind WALL-E Whisper of the Heart Zootopia Coco Spirited Away Moana The Wind Rises Persepolis Grave of the Fireflies How To Train Your Dragon The Tale of the Princess Kayuga The Incredibles My Neighbor Totoro Porco Rosso Castle in the Sky Kiki's Delivery Service Frozen Wolfwalkers Big Hero 6 When Marnie Was There The Lion King Finding Nemo Your Name Tangled Bambi
  12. Honestly, I'm super hyped for this just because it's set in Toronto - from a director who grew up here!
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