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  1. Usually people are banned for alt accounts only because the accounts are to circumvent a ban. You can see from the ban/suspension history that if there are no other offences the alt accounts are suspended but the main is allowed to continue posting. This is a unique situation (understatement!) so they are taking to time to reach a decision. I'm confident the final outcome won't be influenced because he's donated to the site. (They've banned gold accounts etc, before)
  2. Neither men nor women in ancient China cut their hair (for the reason that to do so was seen as disrespectful towards your family/ancestors). The men in the trailer also have long hair, but it's tied up. In the original Ballad of Mulan she isn't discovered to be a woman until after the war is over, but while rare it was not unheard of for women to fight in ancient China. There wasn't any outright prohibition against it, contrary to what was suggested in the animated film. So it appears that that the live-action Mulan is correcting that portrayal.
  3. This was equally true for both women and men in ancient China. The sentiment is captured in the Confucian Classic of Filial Piety in a passage that is translated into English as "We are given our body, skin and hair from our parents; which we ought not to damage. This idea is the quintessence of filial duty." Also, it wouldn't make sense for her to cut her hair to pass as a man, in a society where men also didn't cut their hair - you can see that the men in the trailer have their hair long but tied up. I think the big difference isn't live action vs animation, but the animated film was intended for a Western audience and the live-action film is clearly being made with the Chinese audience in mind.
  4. I teach at a private school for international students, many of them from China - asked my students this morning what they thought. They seemed pretty excited. One of the girls was very enthusiastic about Liu Yifei - the others didn't say much but seemed to agree with what she was saying. I also found out that the Ballad of Mulan is one of the poems that students are required to memorize for their high school entrance exams.
  5. I think that's a pretty typical weight for a 17" laptop - maybe a little on the heavier end, although it's been a while since I've taken a good look at what's on the market. But yeah at 15" and below laptops are typically lighter than that.
  6. Not sure if you're commenting on her hair being down or being long. But if it's regarding the length - both Chinese men and women wore their hair long for most of Chinese history, until the Qing dynasty (c. 1644). The story of Mulan has typically been set in the 7th century or earlier, and Disney's casting call mentioned the 7th century. So the hair length itself is appropriate.
  7. I'm not caught up on the past several pages yet. But I'm here to report that Mulan hype is real among my circle of Chinese-Canadian friends. (myself included!)
  8. Collins is a British dictionary: https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/onward. Pay special attention to the note at the top - in typical British usage, "onward" is the adjectival form, as an adverb "onwards" is used instead. In other words, as a Brit this really ought to be even more obvious to you than it would be to an American. Oxford is also a British dictionary, which I hope you already knew: https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/onward I should warn you that you will have a very hard time convincing me that you have a better grasp of English than the lexicographers of the Collins and Oxford dictionaries.
  9. I linked to it in the Onward thread because Tree said something stupid ("onward isn't an adjective") and the thread got temporarily derailed by people correcting him.
  10. Seems appropriate to dig this up right now. (sorry Tree, but this is ridiculous)
  11. In that case the other person's tweet was talking about Joyce's Ulysses, and it was specifically Joyce that she criticized.
  12. I can't find this tweet (do you have a link?). If it's worded the way you describe, I think she's wrong about why it's revered by others. There's an enormous number of other "old stories by white people" that have been lost to history entirely, or have far less cultural awareness and impact. If I had to guess why, it'd be because they haven't been as well-regarded.
  13. Very solid write up. I especially like that he converted the angular resolution of the telescope to something that people can easily visualize. Some of the other articles haven't done so, or did so using an old estimate of the angular resolution of the telescope (which has since been improved).
  14. @DeeCee So I was reading a story about the teenager who egged the Australian senator, and reportedly said "Don't egg politicians. You get tackled by 30 bogans at the same time". I had to google "bogan" since that term isn't used here, and this video was one of the top results: I might've laughed harder than I should have at this (especially since some of the locality humour is going over my head), but I'm pretty sure I know what a bogan is now.
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