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  1. Yes, oops The new rank of Duck You, Suckers, is....
  2. Just for fun, this list re-orders the top 100 by the average number of points received per list. You can see that some films didn't appear on many lists but were generally very highly placed by those that did, and conversely that there were some films that made the top 100 merely on the strength of appearing on most lists. Of course, there were also many films that were both generally highly placed and appeared on most lists.
  3. I'll do it when I get home from work in a few hours.
  4. A total of 27 lists were submitted - thanks to all! Some other stats:
  5. @Kalo Noticed you submitted a list in the thread but not via PM. I'd still be willing to accept your submission.
  6. @captainwondyful @Eric Addams @ZeeSoh Congrats on becoming mods!
  7. Thirteen lists officially received (by PM) so far. Thanks for the submissions! Another stats update: No film has appeared on more than 11 lists. 8 films have appeared on ten or more lists. 146 films have appeared on only one list. 253 unique films have been listed in total. Ten different films have received a #1 ranking. 41 different films have received a top 5 ranking. 63 different films have received a top 10 ranking.
  8. @4815162342 @chasmmi @aabattery @CoolioD1 @Jake Gittes @That One Guy @Ethan Hunt @WrathOfHan @Wrath @Porthos @captainwondyful @grim22 @DeeCee @Water Bottle @IronJimbo @MrPink @Sheikh @Chewy @filmlover @Webslinger @CJohn @Avatree @Tower @Mr Pastaffelees @RichWS @kayumanggi @Ms Lady Hawk @Jayhawk @Cmasterclay @Jason @AJG @K1stpierre @Barnack @Charlie Jatinder @MCKillswitch123 @cookie @JJ-8 @Morieris New "official" deadline is Sunday, October 6. No need to stress about timezones. If it's still Sunday somewhere you're good to go.
  9. By the evening (my local time) of Sept 29 would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Let's be clear, I still think social media is a lot worse than mainstream media. I also don't think the world is black-and-white. I'll defend the media when it's warranted to do so, and I'll complain when it's warranted to do so. I haven't forgotten and obviously don't agree with the Liberals bringing up that old crap against the Conservatives and I actually happen to have a receipt for that one. First thing I said when the scandal broke:
  11. This is bullshit. I don't even like Justin Trudeau much, for what I think are much more important reasons. But the none of the progressive and liberal people I know - and it's a lot, nearly everyone I know -gave a shit about Scheer's stuff from 2005. It's what he and his party says and does now that matters. I don't know and don't care what bullshit shows up on social media. It's always the most rabid opinions that get the most attention there, not what most people actually think. That's too boring. The really progressive people I know that you would probably call "sjw" don't care about that kind of stuff from 20 years ago, not from anyone. If it's not illegal and wasn't hurting or intending to hurt someone, it doesn't matter if it's that old. Times change, people change. Literally everyone I know from every background and political stripe thinks this kind of stuff is bullshit and needs to stop. If the worst stuff you can find on someone is from ~20 years ago or more, that's practically an endorsement. There are so many more important things to discuss. Want to talk about Trudeau is a hypocrite on the environment? Sure. On his high-minded talk about the rule of law? Sure. On breaking his promise on electoral reform. Definitely. The fact this is the biggest damn story right now is garbage. I know multiple people - Liberal, Conservative, young (my age), old - who said more or less that the media needs to get a life.
  12. It's possible to submit a list much shorter than 100 films (minimum is 10). So maybe the people who excluded Star Wars and Jaws didn't actually imply that there are 100 films from the 70s they have seen that are better.
  13. You are indeed understanding it correctly. There's a reason why I felt compelled to post the stats so early.
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