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  1. Okay .... and Avatar movies will still make the Mouse money .... so as I said .....
  2. Congrats to Avatar and James Cameron if it’s able to keep its top spot. With that being said, James Cameron can now continue his focus on making his boss, The Mouse, more money with the sequels. The mouse doesn’t lose.
  3. Wow at all these comments. Lol. Yeah I’m pretty sure that going forward I’m only coming here for RTH/Jatinder updates then bouncing. EG is beating Avatar. All other records are pointless and irrelevant. Stop crying.
  4. Doing “just fine” is okay I guess? I’m sure WB is congratulating everyone over Shazam’s participation trophy. Lol.
  5. Black Panther is going to drop to at least 500M DOM or so this time around. Wonder Woman probably 330-350M...... if it’s good.
  6. That’s gonna be a no for me dawg. No way it surpasses the gross of the first. That was a one time event. You think it’s legs were due to the movie being that good ? It was decent ... but it was an event. It’ll have a great OW of around 135 or so probably and end at 330-390. They were lukewarm on it overseas before and I don’t see that changing. It’s a 750-850M movie. I wasn’t impressed with their casting for for Cheetah character and neither I am impressed with them shoehorning Pine in there to hold Gadot’s hands again throughout the movie.
  7. So what are the odds of 2B at this point for IW ? 50/50 ? 360 China 660 DOM 980 rest of OS ??
  8. How much is Mother's Day going to hurt IW next weekend ? Is there a good chance at 60M ? 575-580M before DP2 ?
  9. You must not really be a Marvel “loonie” then. Please stick around for the credits.
  10. Wow. Awesome drop for IW. Best drop ever for a movie that made 258M or more on OW.
  11. Target should be 2B WW. 5-10M less than predicted this weekend isn’t changing that.
  12. If that overrated garbage came out today, 700-800M max WW. Of course now that it’ll be under the Disney umbrella and with the success of Avatar Land, it should be able to barely crack a Billion.
  13. Black Panther was/is a cultural phenomenon. Unless it had some gimmicky technology (3D) or a death from a cast member, it was never going to have BP legs.
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