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  1. It looks great to me but it doesn't seem like the kind of movie that makes money in theaters anymore. If tracking doesn't look good, I wouldn't be shocked if Universal puts it day and date on Peacock to try to get it more eyeballs. The reported budget is $60 million, roughly half what The Last Duel cost.
  2. Same. I was worried that the three of them together would feel weird, cheap, or off but it worked so well. There was such a genuine brotherly vibe between them that I'd love to see them all together again.
  3. Exactly. Gucci is doing very well considering the hesitance of it's biggest target audience to return to theaters.
  4. Gucci is doing very well considering it's biggest target audience has been hesitant to return to theaters for months.
  5. https://deadline.com/2021/11/house-of-gucci-jared-leto-lady-gaga-ridley-scott-contenders-los-angeles-1234872557/
  6. Russell had the charisma to work as Elvis. Most actors don't have the type of magnetism that Presley had. I hope Butler can pull it off.
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