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  1. Y3 - The Oscar Nominations

    Interesting Trivia. LOTR (including The Hobbit) is the most Oscar nominated franchise of all time with 37 nominations across 6 films. STAR WARS is the second most oscar nominated franchise of all time, with 33 nominations across 9 films. THE ODYSSEY currently has 28, and SPARK has 27. Both are only two films in.
  2. CAYOM Magazine

    @CayomMagazine In celebration of the oscar nominations for HOMEWARD, we’re pleased to officially welcome @SarahPaulson and @GaelGarciaBernal to the cast of SPARK: EUPHORIA and SPARK: EVERMORE.
  3. Y3 - The Oscar Nominations

    Another interesting bit about how weird these nominations would be in real life. All of these nominations (except Number One Dime) would likely be available on home video some time before the nominees are even announced. NOD is the only one you’d have to see in theatres.
  4. CAYOM 3.0 - Studios

  5. CAYOM Year 3: Discussion

    So I saw DEADPOOL 2 today, and.... (spoilers for DP2)
  6. Y3 - The Oscar Nominations

    It has a chance to win a LOT of them too.
  7. Y3 - The Oscar Nominations

    ....at least his top two movies got a lot of love?
  8. Y3 - The Oscar Nominations

    Realistically, Spark Rising was 7th in line for a BP nom. If FACES AND VOICES didn't get in, the last spot simply would have gone to...
  9. Y3 - The Oscar Nominations

    I guess F. GARY GRAY is the king of surprise Oscar noms in CAYOM.
  10. Y3 - The Oscar Nominations

    Thank you - I'm really proud of both movies too, and I really want to make sure that the finale (and to a lesser extent AR) deliver on the hype.
  11. Y3 - The Oscar Nominations

    I was gonna make that comparison but I'm probably in no place to talk right now....
  12. Y3 - The Oscar Nominations

    I'll promise you this. III and IV will be much, MUCH better.
  13. Y3 - The Oscar Nominations

    Another fun fact: TOY STORY III is the only Best Picture nominee to open over $90m. Four of the nominees did that this year.
  14. Y3 - The Oscar Nominations

    But on a different note. The lowest grossing BP nominee is on track to make at least $150m....so about half (if not slightly under) of the next lowest grossing nominee. The remaining 3 will make $450m+. Even taking into account years with more than 5 nominees, this would be the highest grossing best picture lineup ever. CAYOM is a very interesting place.
  15. Y3 - The Oscar Nominations

    Wow! Um......at least I totally accept (and maybe deserve) it getting 5th place in most of these?

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