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  1. CAYOM Year 3: Discussion

    Damn, @Xillix, really sorry for your grandma. Id be fine with an extension.
  2. CAYOM Magazine

    @CayomMagazine Abraham Attah and Nina Dobrev will voice younger versions of Baklattan and Naryani in AERA RISING, coming February Y4.
  3. LOVE, SIMON | 03.16.18 | Fox | trailer on page 1

    I can see this dropping under 33% this weekend - Midnight Sun won't make a dent at all (its facebook tracking is at a similar level to Every Day, so expect floppage) so the teen market should still be out for this.
  4. CAYOM Magazine

    @CayomMagazine From the director of OKJA and SNOWPIERCER comes THE SCOREKEEPERS, a sci-fi/drama about a world where people are sorted by their “actions” and placed into either dystopian or utopian worlds at age 18. When a woman’s (Viola Davis) son (Ashton Sanders) is wrongly placed into the dystopian world, she stops at nothing to set things right. The film will explore issues of capitalism, race, class, education, and environmental issues and will have a rather large budget. No words on who else is set to star, but it’s sure to be a strong cast. The Scorekeepers releases August Y4. (I’m aware this is similar to The Good Place. There’s a lot more to it, and I’ll even put Kristen Bell in a brief role)
  5. CAYOM Year 3: Discussion

    It could maybe, dare I say, work on the week before. Yes, it has two releases, but Metroid and PoE are equivalent threats, and it will have ZERO overlap with Dark Side.
  6. CAYOM Year 3: Discussion

    I’m not sure - Valentines Day doesn’t do as much for family movies. Should still do well for the long weekend, though!
  7. CAYOM Year 3: Discussion

    SR got very close (with great reviews, granted), so I think that helps TSW’s case a lot.
  8. CAYOM Magazine

    COMING Y4 FROM HOURGLASS PICTURES AERA: RISING Directed by Daron Nefcy Winter FRANCIS Directed by Anna Boyden and Ryan Fleck Spring ME & MY SHADOW: SHADES OF GLORY Directed by Alessandro Carloni Summer THE SCOREKEEPER Directed by Bong Joon-Ho Summer THE HOUSE THE RICHARDSONS BUILT Directed by Ava DuVernay Fall FREDDY ZAPPER & THE MANIFESTO OF DOOM Directed by James Bobin Fall MATILDA Directed by Paul King Winter ZERMATT Directed by Yorgos Lanthimos Holiday
  9. CAYOM Magazine

    Note to self: Start working on Y4 slate.
  10. With Focus Features, it's hard to tell how wide it'll go. This is based on a theatre count of around 1,500 theatres.
  11. Time to look like an idiot:
  12. Definitely not as much passion as PR1. I do think it’ll be a tight race for #1 though. I can see a situation where PR2 wins Friday, BP wins Saturday, and SG wins Sunday.
  13. CAYOM Magazine

    @CayomMagazine Jeff Goldblum confirmed for villain role in ME AND MY SHADOW: SHADES OF GLORY, coming Summer Y4!
  14. CAYOM Year 3: Discussion

    I may resort to posting some 2.0 copies, albeit with some tweaks.

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