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  1. Spagheditary

    CAYOM Y4 - Discussion Thread

    BBB and Al Pacino, together at last.
  2. Yeah I really sprinted to try and finish it. By the time I was done with Spark 3 I was completely exhausted and didn’t have the energy to do anything else. Starlit turned out fairly half assed as a result, and I feel kind of shitty about that. 😕 Fear not, @cookie. Live2ream is happening and Letitia Wright is gonna be in a pretty big OC I have next year.
  3. Spagheditary

    Xillix' Critical Hit Y4 Reviews

    I can’t wait to find out how @Xillix will make sense of BTB.
  4. Spagheditary

    Best Picture Predictions - 2018

    My First Man comparison was obviously not a literal one, and it’s still looking good in quite a few categories. It just is hardly the front runner it seemed like it could be when the year started.
  5. Spagheditary

    CAYOM Y4 - Discussion Thread

    From what’s been read so far, The Odyssey and Fortnite seem like the safest bets for BP noms. Spark 3 may not be far behind, and neither are By the Balls and Can You Imagine. These unread films (or unread by a wider crowd) could be spoilers however: Silent Hill: Restless Dreams The Square Mile Starlit Highway The Dogs of Babel
  6. From a quick glance the heightened word count seemed more due to he good amount of dialogue.
  7. I still don’t think @cookie reviewed a single thing I wrote this year....and I’m not sure I’m torn up about it. The reviews for BTS so far are really encouraging, but it’s Starlit I’m worried about.
  8. I’m super excited to read Fortnite. As someone who adored Lincoln I could see it win the year for me if it lives up to the hype.
  9. @YourMother the Edgelord I’m upping my Can You Imagine grade to 9/10 - it really sat quite well for me.
  10. KINGDOM OF THE SUN A Michael Gracey Production I don't know much about this version of the story, but I'm guessing that a lot of the inspiration that @YourMother the Edgelord drew was from the original version of the film. I know production has been quite a strenuous journey for the animated film, so I'm assuming that this version represents a live action retelling of the film that could have been. Quite an interesting route, but how does it fare? I will remark that when I first read the cast, I was quite intrigued by the double casting of Jake T. Austin. It's more obvious why as the story commences, but it's a fairly predictable body swap story placed within elements of the animated version. That said, it manages to pretty enjoyable with some amusing situations, fun characters, and really creative visuals at times. The coin man was particularly a fun trick. The new elements work fairly well, and some of the stuff at the end is pretty fun (although the ending almost directly rips off The Boss Baby....yeah, someone actually stole something from that movie.) Also, Kronk not being like his animated counterpart is fine, but IDK if he really even needed to be in the movie at all. Pfeiffer is also a mjaor standout, while Farmiga also gets to have some fun. (IDK if white actors were right for this, but they still shined either way) All in all, a fun time, even when it doesn't shake the earth. 7/10
  11. Spagheditary

    CAYOM Y4: Predictions

    So here's my life. I'm traveling to LA for work from October 30 to November 5. Before I leave, I'd like to complete... My top 25 January through June actuals (I can probably do one per day) Beginning the CC thread Ideally totals by November 12. That way, we could be primed for an Oscar ceremony around late November.
  12. @cookie @YourMother the Edgelord The other reviews have me excited. Prepare for Kingdom Come.
  13. Spagheditary

    CAYOM Y4: Predictions

    I'll have first half reviews done by Sunday night - would that be good enough to start actuals on Monday?
  14. I just like that Sasha Lane and Charlie Heaton are getting non-Spark roles this year.

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