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  1. ...the Spark finale will be just a tip of the iceberg for what I have planned.
  2. Year 5 is still a year I just plan to sit back and let the fireworks fly...Y6 is going to be my Hail Mary year.
  3. You know I moved up TLBH to help get away from Gadget damaging its legs.
  4. You win, @Blankments. Change the director of BRIDE OR DIE (1/29) to Sussana Fogel.
  5. In. This will do to Avengers 4 what Jumanji did to The Last Jedi.
  6. I know it’s not making crap. But perhaps it will hurt Donald? Time will tell. Specifically, @Rorschach will tell.
  7. Yes but you made the first one bomb so I wouldn’t worry.
  8. Spagspiria

    CAYOM 3.0 - Behind the Camera

    Damn. The comps came up but the MCU and it’s films really have been a big help in helping me frame the Spark movies as I did. Excelsior, my old friend.
  10. Spagspiria

    CAYOM Magazine

    @CayomMagazine Alan Menken is writing a song for Two Lonely Bounty Hunters. More to come soon.
  11. TLBH will be 3D only. I’ll pretty much sit out of IMAX this year.
  12. Spagspiria

    CAYOM 3.0 - Behind the Camera

    Freddy Zapper will probably be a series of four films. Each one focuses on a decade from the 50s to the 80s, taking a tone of the popular films of the decade. The 80s finale may be a LOT like Kung Fury.
  13. I’ve put it off too long: Freddy Zapper and the Manifesto of Doom (Horror/Comedy/Musical) (dir. Ol Parker) - October 8 Also, please move TLBH up to May 7th and Final Destination to June 18th.
  14. Spagspiria

    CAYOM Magazine

    Okay please tell me @Rorschach and @Reddroast and @Xillix also have a musicalfor Y6. OH WAIT I ALSO HAD FUN HOME LOLOL

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