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  1. As others have said 1994 was a beast year. Just a couple thoughts... Forrest Gump - I vividly remember its box office run and it was just shocking at the time. Mostly because Tom Hanks wasn't seen as a box office draw at the time. It was a movie that just kept making money week after week. Easily in the top 5 box office runs I've ever seen. It was so against the grain of the typical movie that dominated a summer. Pulp Fiction - As a John Travolta fan, I've never been so happy to see an actor bounce back. The media really hyped up Travolta but I enjoyed Samuel Jackson's performance a little bit more. As Baumer stated, the cast was great. The Marvin scene is one of the funniest in cinema history.
  2. As other posters have said, 1993 was a very good year for big and small movies. Here's some quick notes of movies that stood out for me: Tombstone - There was a rush between this movie and Kevin Costner’s Wyatt Earp to get released first. Tombstone was first and the superior movie. True Romance - One of my favorite movies in the early 90's. This made me pay attention to Quentin Tarantino even though he was just involved with the screenplay. I became a Gary Oldman fanboy from this movie. How has Oldman not won an Oscar yet??? Sister Act 2 - I recently rewatched it for the first time since 1993. I remember enjoying it back then but it didn't hold up very well. This was a huge decline from the first movie box office wise (136M to 57M). Enjoyed Lauren Hill’s (before the Fugees) performance in it though. Demolition Man - Being a Sly Stallone and Wesley Snipes fanboy at the time. I remember being hyped with the movie's potential. The movie ended up being alright, didn't live up to the hype. Menace II Society - Another one of my favorites from the early 90's. In my opinion, it's on par with Boyz in the Hood. It's held up well over the years. Jason Goes to Hell - Maybe one of the worst horror movies I've ever been. Do not remember a thing about it. Poetic Justice – There was some hype with being John Singleton's follow-up to Boyz in the Hood. I think it was a solid effort but audiences were generally let down. Also, Janet Jackson is a very bad actress. The Crush - This movie is a very fun and cheesy. It's crazy that Alicia Silverstone didn't have much of a career after Batman and Robin. What's Love Got to Do with It - This movie did that All Eyez on me failed to do. Make a biographical movie that is engaging with great performances from Larry Fishburne and Angela Bassett as Ike and Tina Turner.
  3. It's locked to be front loaded with this type of movie. The OW will be like 35-45% of the total. Disney/Marvel would be smart to market it in such a way to get the rush factor to avoid Deadpool 2 and JW2 which will impact its late legs.
  4. I'm not quite buying an OW way above 200M. Maybe something like 190M to 205M. If the movie is seen as very good to great (or better than Ultron), I think it gets over 200M. It will be front loaded but should easily fall between CW and AOU. This is assuming the movie is not bad. OS will be huge as usual with a take between 850M-1 Billion. My prediction right now is 195M/430M/1.325 billion WW One thing that could hurt its legs is how the movie ends. If it's unresolved with a bunch of loose ends (like a part 1 of 2), it could hurt its legs. Avengers 4 is where it gets over 200M OW and possibly over AOU since it will be the finale for some of the characters.
  5. Same here. At least domestically. New properties always have a higher ceiling to explode than existing properties. Black Panther has a very high ceiling due to the character, unique cast/look and feel and directing talent. It's a perfect mix to explode. Thor will increase DOM but not as much some think. Maybe around 250-275M which is enough keep Marvel/Disney happy. Internationally, Thor will sadly easily make more than BP. I'm hoping to be wrong but some markets which Marvel has done great will probably keep it in the lower levels OS for recent comic book movies. 300M OS is a win for Marvel.
  6. If the movie is good, it's going to be huge. There's never been a big budget movie with a cast that looks like this. I'm surprised that number of posters who've said "who cares, it's just another movie starring a black guy". Some people just don't get it and understand the significance. From looking at social media and forums, there are a lot of people who look at this movie as "black pride" or "black lives matter". There's going to be huge interest from a population who's never seen themselves positively as the lead action hero.
  7. I think the number of characters could be problematic but no one knows if it will be an issue until it premieres. It could be a huge plus with the huge scope or a huge clusterfuck. But Marvel is able to take that risk with the goodwill from the GA. With Venom, Sony just needs to make a good comic book movie. The recent output was awful, so stacking characters into an origin movie is very risky. Adding characters also could take screen time from Venom. Just imagine if WW had added Tigress as a villain. Now, the movie would of needed to explain her character which would of probably taken screen time from Diana/Steve which is a very important dynamic.
  8. Agreed. It was a very fun movie. I remember this was Arnold's first starring movie after T2 and there was a lot of rumblings and rumors that the movie wasn't going to be good prior to release. But since Arnold was the biggest movie star at the time there was some optimism that the movie would overcome this. Unfortunately, no. I think this was the turning point in his career that he never quite recovered form. Before this, he had a nice streak of classics. He did have True Lies a couple of years later but it just wasn't the same in my eyes. It was up and down from here.
  9. Agreed, Batman 89 was massive. There was nothing like it ever at the time with the movie, music and merchandising all at the same time. I think it was the first movie where the toy companies were involved early in the production. Which is pretty standard today. It was the also first movie to hit home video under 6 or so months at an affordable price (under $30). Before then it took months or even years for movies on VHS to be cheap enough for purchase.
  10. These threads always go to shit with the Marvel vs. DC bullshit. People take this shit too seriously. I'm here for the analysis of the weekend and I'm seeing my movie or actor is so much more awesome than yours. WTF The funny thing is that the studios actually don't care about the rivalry all that much. They just want to make money. Plus the producers and actors seem to be all on friendly terms.
  11. I think Spider-Man's biggest issue is that it's the 6th movie from the character with three bad movies. That will have some type of effect. I doubt most in the GA know the difference between the Sony and MCU movies. If Transformers franchise suddenly has a well-received movie, it's probably not going to jump to 400M DOM, it's going to take some time to build up the goodwill. WW is character that's been around to the GA since the 70's from the Super Friends cartoon and of course the Lynda Carter show. So you have over 40 years of people waiting for a WW movie. The performance is reminiscent of Batman 89 and Spider-Man 1 with built up demand of a popular comic book character. WW was the last iconic comic book character to not have a movie and the book office results is showing it. I'm certain if Captain Marvel had come out with the same exact reception, it would make 150M less from WW just simply because the character not being all that iconic. Black Panther could do great and overperform but it would be due to social reasons and the movie serving an under represented audience more than the actual character. Spider-Man is doing great for Sony. But right now, it's Wonder Woman's time.
  12. Loved the movie. Michael Keaton in the 3rd act was magical. Very menacing. Easily for me one of the best comic book movie villains in the past 5 years or so. Hope his character comes back at some point. Also, this was easily the most diverse cast I've seen in a comic book movie which was refreshing.
  13. I do not think Han Solo not making 400M is all that crazy. The novelty of the spin-off films will begin to decline with this entry. Outside of hardcore Star War fans, what's the real pull here? Just to see new actors play classic Star Wars characters? At least Rouge One was an original story with Darth Vader. That had real novelty as the first one right after Episode 7. I see a lot of casuals sitting this one out as it's not really all that needed.
  14. Agreed. I'm not sure why people wouldn't even consider that being a factor. Of course there's a decent amount of people who simply do not follow movies as close as we do and watch live commercials. As a cord cutter, I maybe caught a Wonder Woman commercial once and it was during the NBA playoffs. Other than that I rarely catch movie commercials as I rarely watch live TV outside of sporting events. Anyway, I think Iron Man had a bigger factor with CA than the Avengers apperance hence why the movie performed similarly to IM3. There's other factors like the actual movie not being an Avengers film, no fun, no rewatch factor and etc. IW performance is dependent on WOM and reviews. If the perception is that it's better than Ultron, it should bounce back little but still under 500M. Plus with the Guardians in the movie should help with the family friendliness. I'm out. IW probably will get over 400M and for sure JW2 will get over 400M. Kids like Dinosaurs.
  15. 1987 for me was one of the best years for movies in my lifetime. Some of the movies were very simple plot-wise and predictable but had magic that is generally missing from a lot of major releases today. Below is my list for 1987: 1. Fatal Attraction 2. Lethal Weapon 3. Robocop 4. Hollywood Shuffle 5. Raw 6. Overboard 7. Dirty Dancing 8. Predator 9. Street Smart 10. Summer School 11. Full Metal Jacket 12. Running Man 13. Raising Arizona 14. Less Than Zero 15. Stepfather 16. LaBamba 17. Space Balls 18. Witches of Eastwick 19. Lost Boys 20. Empire of the Sun 21. Adventures of Babysitting 22. Monster Squad 23. Some Kind of Wonderful 24. Last Emperor 25. Good Morning, Vietnam Lowest-rated movies of 1987 for me: 1. Revenge of the Nerds II 2. Teen Wolf Too 3. Jaws: Revenge 4. Superman IV: The Quest for Peace 5. Who's That Girl

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