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  1. There's been no stills, nothing.. how is this "young and edgy"? We don't know shit yet. The more ridiculous part is that people are taking these posts seriously. Also, this cast is great. Pattinson, Dano, Wright, Colin, etc. they can all act their ass off. Zoe I haven't seen as much of but what I've seen has been decent and she has the look.
  2. The doom and gloom is for naught. Rarely does a DC movie ever flop or come anywhere close. There's a couple examples and that's it. If you weigh the fact that Suicide Squad did extremely well despite the horrible reviews and Harley Quinn being one aspect that everyone liked and also Margot Robbie being an actress that everyone likes and that there isn't going to be much competition and also Shazam doing over $350M with a lesser known character by far and the fact that the production budget is confirmed at $81M... What more do you need to see that this will be a success?
  3. Bad Boys II seems like a movie that everyone has either owned or watched on cable/streaming at some point. It had great WOM.
  4. I agree that this doesn't need to be a "home run" but I don't think WB is setting out to produce one or the other. Joker didn't need to be a home run and it was in fact the very definition of a home run. Shazam didn't need to be a home run and it wasn't, it was probably a double using that analogy.. Birds of Prey, I just don't see how it's not profitable. Now we have a confirmed budget of $81M. If this does Shazam numbers it's a win. Anything more than that is gravy.
  5. What's up with all the concern trolling? Whatever this movie does means nothing for "DC" as a brand. It's been proven that audiences treat Wonder Woman to Aquaman to Joker to whatever else as separate entities. Also, WB would not rather SS had great reviews and made far less money. It was the lukewarm response to different aspects of the movie that got executives thinking about changing course but at the end of the day we still got a Harley Quinn movie out of it and the sequel/reboot still got green lit with James Gunn. Harley Quinn could under perform at the box office and with audiences, it would have zero impact on WW84. Lastly, $52M sounds like a solid starting point.
  6. Culture has changed. I doubt Bad Boys II would receive 28% on RT or whatever if it came out in 2020. It would be judged more like a Fast film with cool action, funny scenes and not taking itself too seriously. It's probably be in the 70s just like this one.
  7. But you feel the need to say it was horrible over and over again.. That's a bigger "issue" with the site than anything else, people who feel they weren't heard the first time so they need to repeat their position in every thread. As another example, there's at least 3-4 people in the Oscars thread who repeated they loathed Joker in about a dozen posts each, they just changed the wording slightly and hit submit. I can't imagine too many people wanting to stick around and read threads when it's the same shit over and over.
  8. Um Blade Runner 2049 also won some Oscars including Cinematography. It's not as short of a list as you are making it out to be. People are upset over Joker, well really it's just a small minority of fans of other franchises I guess but they will get over it. It's not "fanboys" who decide anything at the Oscars. It's industry people. It's people who work on films, artists. The artists think Joker is great. Deal with it.
  9. Those articles are fine and the Oscars has a reputation as do many awards shows but if J-Lo is to be nominated then what happens.. someone else is left out.. so that person is Katy Bates. The more interesting question is was J-Lo better in Hustlers than Kathy Bates was in Richard Jewel. I don't think it's a stretch to say Kathy Bates deserves her nomination.
  10. There is a "disdain for supernatural" as Avatar racks up a Best Picture nom and Lord of the Rings wins Best Picture. You know what the problem is? Most of the comic book movies were undeserving of being nominated for Best Picture. That's the problem. If they were deserving then they would breakthrough more often.
  11. I don't know what kind of fan you are but all this "obnoxious discussion" you are talking about well you are egging it on by referring to Joker as a "single" when it's clearly a home run. Aquaman and Wonder Woman were home runs too but they didn't exactly have modest budgets. Joker is clearly a home run. When you gross a billion dollars on a budget that is $70M or so.. the profit is unimaginable. It's posts like yours that tend to stir the pot. If you give credit where it's due people wouldn't react that way.
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