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  1. Not quite defending CNN here but there's nobody on CNN who feeds more lies/propaganda and bullshit to the masses than Tucker Carlson or Sean Hannity. Watching even a couple minutes of those programs will have me wishing I lived anywhere else.
  2. I hope nobody is banking on the Kennedy proposal that would see Americans under $100K a year receive around $4,000 because I don't see any way the GOP would sign off on that. It will probably be on the low end of $1000 and there will probably be all types of specifications on why certain folks do not qualify for it. That's our government.
  3. I don't think Disney will announce new dates anytime soon. Nobody knows exactly how long this epidemic will last so saying "we're pushing this back to July" would be a mistake.
  4. That's it. CDC is recommending no gatherings of 50+ people for the next 8 weeks. Every movie will have to be delayed now even the holdouts.
  5. So I guess you didn't see the shift once pro sports leagues suspended their seasons, an athlete was a confirmed case and Tom Hanks? The stock market sure saw a shift... Onward wasn't tracking that well for OW, performed to the tracking and then when it became clear on Wednesday that everything was shutting down it was over..
  6. Onward's OW didn't suffer because of the outbreak. Nobody in the U.S. started taking the outbreak seriously until Wednesday. I don't think it was poised to have a big run regardless.
  7. Disney botching Star Wars as they have is almost as incredible as their Marvel run of success.
  8. Because Bad Boys is awesome and Onward isn't on the level I expect from this studio.
  9. So we should still be talking about Solo? How long should it be a topic of conversation? How many times can it be said "it failed to reach expectations" ... the box office run is done. There's no going up or down we know what the finish line is.
  10. Okay, what were the expectations? Everyone knew it wasn't doing over $700M like Suicide Squad. I saw some people saying $500M but even that was unrealistic. I think Shazam or slightly above Shazam numbers is a sound prediction and that's where I had it. So it's definitely underperforming but not even close to something like how Solo underperformed... That's why I think it's getting into "trolling" territory because at the end of the day it's going to finish around $100M-$125M under fair expectations which happens all the time..
  11. It is likely trolling because if it wasn't attached to the "DC" name people wouldn't still be discussing it's run. It's a no brainer. The hot takes of "DC is in trouble" follow.. pretty standard per this forum's discourse.
  12. Both of those look pretty weak.. I'd had been surprised if either broke out.
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