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  1. Looks like a pretty soft opening for Escape from Mogadishu
  2. Yes, it's going early in a lot of healthy markets. The hope is other markets will recover by June.
  3. Any thoughts on the B.O. potential for SEOBOK? Hear it's going to OTT same day.
  4. Any thoughts on the opening of Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time?
  5. Since Peninsula was a little underwhelming, it looks like Deliver Us From Evil and Steel Rain 2 could capitalize on audiences that are hungry for good content. Which one do you think has more potential?
  6. Train to Busan 2 is the only one I know of that may have a chance. Extreme Job was a fun action comedy that provided some great escapism. Something everyone flock towards when you live in a Parasite type of society...
  7. LEAP and LOST IN RUSSIA should have good WOM, opening a day early could help them get a strong audience rating sooner which would help them climb the daily box office faster than ORS. In the past, opening your film ahead of CNY was a sign of weak product, but I think that will change going forward... We'll see though.
  8. Delayed presale on all films, they are waiting for Leap (http://movie.mtime.com/254336/) to pass censorship.
  9. I'm seeing some forecast saying CNY will be up 35% from last year? is this super unrealistic?
  10. TROS doesn't really have strong competition in China, South Korea did. Also the local titles in December have always steamrolled every Star Wars film.
  11. Sounds like ASHFALL reviews/score isn't very good. 87% egg which is just above BATTLESHIP ISLAND.... Will START-UP have longer legs?
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