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  1. Most people here, myself included, have the utmost respect for China. This forum frequently promotes the impressive achievements and contributions the country has made to the global film industry. However, China is not synonyms with the CCP. Throughout history, a government that allows criticism has a more harmonious relationship with its citizens. Self-criticism is a sign of humility and displays confidence, which could actually reinforce people's opinion of the government. Indirectly, this could lead to an environment where filmmakers have more freedom of expression and open the door for stories from the Chinese film industry, which resonate with a global audience. Separately, Xu Lizhi is a hero of mine; he would have turned 29 last Monday. You shouldn't assume I'm western, simply because we disagree.
  2. Nope the subject matter is to much of a hot topic in China right now. It may be the most pirated movie in China this year though.
  3. Citizens are likely required to watch these films, similar to what happened in 2017 with the Amazing China documentary. I think the trade war/economic stagnation, and the Hong Kong protest are causing the Chinese Communist Party to reinforce their political rhetoric.
  4. @Olive Do you have Jan to Aug numbers for China (B.O. Adm, Screens)?
  5. Thanks for all your insights on Indian titles. Do you know why it's so difficult to find true box office numbers for Telugu and Tamil films? It feels like Hindi films are pretty good at keeping records, but reports for everything else is all over the place. I'm looking for a reliable, but it's become quite challenging. 

    1. Charlie Jatinder

      Charlie Jatinder

      Hindi is easier because producers release official numbers which are close to actuals plus there is Box Office India as big independent source but boxoffice raw numbers are not available in open.


      South India figures are actually readily available if you know where to get but since no official reporting, various sources & various numbers available. everyone want to believe highest number for their favourite and lowest for the opposition.


      You can see http://www.cinetrak.in for South Indian numbers. 

    2. Somoset


      Thanks for the insight here, Charlie! Really appreciate it. 

  6. Rank Title Release Date Yearly Gross (Total) Admissions Number of Screens Revenue Share 1 Extreme Job South Korea (CJ) Jan 23, 2019 $114,559,015 16,264,806 2,003 11.51% 2 Avengers: Endgame U.S. Apr 24, 2019 $100,230,746 13,934,390 2,835 10.07% 3 Aladdin U.S. May 23, 2019 $86,994,669 12,447,084 1,409 8.74% 4 PARASITE South Korea (CJ) May 30, 2019 $70,393,135 10,076,256 1,948 7.07% 5 Spider-Man: Far From Home U.S. Jul 02, 2019 $56,579,283 8,016,323 2,142 5.68% 6 EXIT South Korea (Filmmaker R & K, filmK) Jul 31, 2019 $40,318,789 5,843,793 1,660 4.05% 7 Captain Marvel U.S. Mar 06, 2019 $42,240,590 5,801,070 2,100 4.24% 8 The Lion King U.S. Jul 17, 2019 $33,705,323 4,688,878 1,936 3.38% 9 Toy Story 4 U.S. Jun 20, 2019 $23,558,296 3,393,930 1,336 2.36% 10 Money South Korea (Showbox) Mar 20, 2019 $23,683,030 3,389,035 1,431 2.38% 11 The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil South Korea (K-MOVIE ENTERTAINMENT) May 15, 2019 $23,897,080 3,364,360 1,307 2.4% 12 MAL·MO·E: The Secret Mission South Korea (Lotte Cultureworks Lotte Enter...) Jan 09, 2019 $19,427,923 2,812,444 1,203 1.95% 13 Innocent Witness South Korea (Lotte Cultureworks Lotte Enter...) Feb 13, 2019 $16,798,410 2,534,075 1,047 1.68% 14 SVAHA : THE SIXTH FINGER South Korea (CJ) Feb 20, 2019 $16,413,050 2,398,519 1,174 1.64% 15 The Battle: Roar to Victory South Korea (Showbox, BIGSTONEPICTURES, W-Pictures) Aug 07, 2019 $14,619,139 2,081,478 1,476 1.46%
  7. Thanks for the explanation! That's pretty cool. Do you have a link to their official site?
  8. Take a pic next time and send it to them.
  9. Awesome! Can you share the rating site?
  10. Early Douban score has TLK at 8.1. Pretty solid, but that doesn't necessarily translate to general audiences. Avengers: Endgame - 8.6 Spider-Man: Far from Home - 8.0 The Jungle Book - 7.8 Aquaman - 7.6
  11. Hobbs and Shaw will have no competition until Sept 30th. The film should have solid legs.
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