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  1. Classic Conversation with a Vengeance

    I know.
  2. Classic Conversation with a Vengeance

    It's fine to love a movie but you have this tendency to start constantly pushing it on everyone.
  3. Classic Conversation with a Vengeance

    Any list that has the Cowboys at the top of “most liked” is just wrong.* *exception potentially granted if you grew up in the Dallas area.
  4. Classic Conversation with a Vengeance

    I think they've jumped down to the next dream level.
  5. Classic Conversation with a Vengeance

    I gotta get started on that. 😬
  6. Classic Conversation with a Vengeance

    It feels good to finally finish some small side projects. Just sent the deliverables for a new horror short I cut over the last couple of months, and delivered the final version of a promotional reel to a producer.
  7. Briefs bursts of electricity firing between my neurons.
  8. Classic Conversation with a Vengeance

    Well, I should hardly talk since I was on the honor system in college and skipped all but three lectures in my first spring semester Humanities class, but regularly attending sets up a good system for you since once you graduate, you're obviously expected to show up every day for work. It was easy to skip lecture classes for me (not easy in terms of coursework but easy not to be noticed) -- it's basically impossible if you're in a small class.
  9. Classic Conversation with a Vengeance

    Organization doesn't really have much to do with anything, aside from your own organization.
  10. Classic Conversation with a Vengeance

    To answer your question: no, not in the slightest. However, and putting aside the fact that he may indeed be a lousy teacher (#OldManRant incoming)... You are in college, and as such, are expected to take on a certain amount of responsibility in initiative and learning w/r/t the class. That means examining the syllabus yourself, it means not expecting a lecture to simply regurgitate key data out in a particular order, it means being willing to expand your capacity about what sort of writing may be expected of you. A reading assignment about what's expected in a philosophy essay is not only not surprising, but giving it to you well in advance of the paper shows some indication he knows y'all don't know much about the subject yet. Also, less expectation about what the class should specifically be for you, and more openness to exploring the topic(s) simply for intellectual enrichment, is a good thing and can really help in general (throughout life). Rant over. Ditch the class if you want to, it's not a big deal (that's why they allow it, within reason).
  11. Classic Conversation with a Vengeance

    Like most JOKES here on the forum, THIS has already been BEATEN to DEATH.
  12. Winter Game Week 13 - Den of 12 Girls

    Part A: 1. Will 12 Strong Open to more than $12M? 1000 YES 2. Will 12 Strong Open to more than $15M? 2000 NO 3. Will Den of Thieves Open to more than $5M? 3000 YES 4. Will Den of Thieves Open to more than $7M? 4000 NO 5. Will Phantom Thread Expand to more than $3.25M? 5000 NO 6. Will Jumanji stay at number 1? 1000 YES 7. Will The Post stay at number 2? 2000 NO 8. Will The Commuter stay above Greatest Showman? 3000 NO 9. Will Insidioua drop more than 57%? 4000 NO 10. Will Star Wars have a PTA above $2,750? 5000 YES 11. Will Jumanji's Total overtake Thor Ragnarok's by the end of Saturday? 1000 YES 12. Will Molly's Game stay above Coco? 2000 YES 13. Will Greatest Showman have a weekend higher than its OW total? 3000 YES 14. Will Paddington increase from its 3 Day weekend position this weekend (Finish top 6)? 4000 NO 15. Will Daniel Day Lewis relent and play Daniel Day Lewis one last time in Deadpool 2? 5000 HE BETTER NOT Bonus: 9/15 5000 10/15 8000 11/15 12,000 12/15 16,000 13/15 20,000 14/15 24,000 15/15 30,000 Part B: The top 3 predictions will score points as follows: Closest: Within 1% - 15,000, Within 2,5% - 12000, Within 5% 9,000, Within 10% - 6000 Outside 10% - 3000 points 2nd Closest: Within 1% - 12,000, Within 2,5% - 10000, Within 5% 7,000, Within 10% - 4000 Outside 10% - 2000 points 3rd Closest: Within 1% - 10,000, Within 2,5% - 8000, Within 5% 5,000, Within 10% - 2000 Outside 10% - 1000 points 1. What will Forever My Girl make for its 3 day? 3.3m 2. What will Paddington's Percentage change be? -32% 3. What will Phantom Thread PTA be for the Weekend? 3,600 Part C: There will be 6 films to place and points are expanded because traditionally people haven't scored well here: 1. Jumanji 2 2. The Post 4. Greatest Showman 7. Paddington 2 9. Insidious 4 11. I, Tonya Because I realised bonuses are stupid... 1/6 4,000 2/6 10,000 3/6 18,000 4/6 25,000 5/6 36,000 6/6 - 50,000

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