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  1. This is a really interesting look at how scientists are seeing literal quiet (from reduced industrial/urban activity) in our Age of Pandemic. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/08/science/seismographs-lockdown-coronavirus.html
  2. On a day when nearly 2,000 Americans died from the pandemic, FoxNews continues to find new lows.
  3. I mean, even then it’s not just a couple of guys with a camera. The inside of a live production truck is packed with people. There might be ways around that — especially if you roll the dice, play fast and dirty, and hope no one gets sick — but it’s not easy.
  4. Properly subscribing is the best choice and a gift greater than gold.
  5. Hey, this is neat! “CBS Brings Back Sunday Movie Night Amid Pandemic With Top Paramount Titles ‘Titanic’, ‘Indiana Jones’ & ‘MI’” https://deadline.com/2020/04/cbs-brings-back-sunday-movie-night-coronavirus-pandemic-paramount-titanic-indiana-jones-mission-impossible-forrest-gump-1202902688/
  6. Yeesh, those are big numbers for Georgia too. Quite so, this is literally how Mrs. Tele is working these days.
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