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  1. Vaccines aren’t widely available around the world, though. They’re just very available in some countries.
  2. The vaccines are great. Even a miracle in terms of how effective they are. Unfortunately every day that goes by with a lot of unvaccinated people wandering around increases the odds of a new variant developing, one that the vaccines may be more ineffective against.
  3. Let’s be honest, TSS could make $1 worldwide and WB would still push ahead with a sequel/YAR (yet another remake).
  4. These are all largely perceptions from here, from us. They may (or may not) be what Disney (or any other studio) thinks internally, and we should stop assuming our assumptions (and expectations and perceptions from those assumptions) mean anything at all other than us banging our fingers on keyboards.
  5. I mean, y’all just pulling numbers from your ass and then assuming Disney will/won’t be happy. I know this is a pandemic and everyone is still adjusting expectations lower, but expectations aren’t money. Best case scenario is JC making back half of its budget domestically — that’s lousy (even if expected).
  6. Isn’t it a 200m movie? Even with the lower pandemic expectations, it’s basically coming in at less than half of BW while costing just as much.
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