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  1. I appreciate the sentiment, and I think they SHOULD work together, but this is a weird-ass article with some very handwave-y stuff on the actual COVID issue; it feels like something that’d be written after a vaccine has been out for awhile.
  2. I was being somewhat snarky, but also, my admittedly very anecdotal observation is that interest in BW is way, way down from previously released MCU movies.
  3. Sure, no one knows anything. But by that same point, I think it’s really goofy that they announce a number that’s precise down to two decimal places, when in fact all we know (at best) is some vague amount maybe in that neighborhood.
  4. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/nearly-onethird-of-us-households-purchased-mulan-on-disney-for-30-fee-data-221410961.html “According to exclusive figures provided by analytics research firm 7Park Data, nearly 29% of U.S. households that subscribe to Disney+ purchased the $30 “Mulan” film through September 12th — far surpassing other popular (and free) titles on the platform.”
  5. Maybe Lionsgate could repurpose some NTTD towels as Benoit Blanc ones, surely some women (and men!) would wanna wipe themselves down with him.
  6. ^^ One issue is that COVID compliance will keep budgets 10-20% higher (and cause some insurance complications).
  7. The studios don’t care about the theaters, no matter the lip service they pay them in the press. They’d be perfectly happy if they went bankrupt so they could buy up (some) of the chains for pennies on the dollar.
  8. I’m sorry, I guess I wasn’t clear I was talking domestic in terms of MULAN doing better than TENET. I think the likelihood is, things will be worse in a couple of months and everyone’s gonna scramble to delay further. At best, we’ll be in a sort of holding pattern (with a real possibility of Europe on the downtrend)... is that an environment where Disney feels great about releasing a 200m tentpole (this time with all the requisite marketing)? Are folks that excited about BLACK WIDOW? (truly, I don’t know.) I assume there was reasonable excitement pre-COVID but that seems like a lifetime ago.
  9. Well sure, there are a ton of variables and we can (reasonably?) assume that it’s not a clear HR for Disney, otherwise they’d mention it. But it seems like a pretty good strategy in the US at least — where the vague numbers we have indicate it’s outgrossing TENET and presumably providing a boost to other Disney streaming stuff. Overseas might be a different story but Disney’s strategy didn’t seem very coherent, tbh. And if there’s a second wave in Europe (or elsewhere) it probably becomes a much more obvious answer. For low- to mid-tier movies (the few that exist) it sadly seems like a no-brainer.
  10. It already is a viable strategy, though — and will continue to be until the pandemic is either over or thoroughly contained.
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