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  1. I, CLAUDIUS is a straight-up TV series, though. It had like 12 episodes.
  2. Right, but it's wild to have it be a 1966 release when, aside from a single screening (!) in '66, literally no one in the world could see it until 1969. (Just to be clear, I agree with you, especially after this long period of time, but it's still crazy)
  3. This is very sensible. What gets really wacky are films that were either banned or unavailable in other countries for years. Like, what should ANDREI RUBLYEV's release date be?
  4. This is why IMDB is trash. edit: I mean, it’s not trash-trash, but it doesn’t have enough curation by people who know what they’re doing. HEATHERS is listed as having a 1988 release in Italy, but the “release” was at MIFED, which is literally a film market for international buyers/sellers/distributors. It’s not even a standard film festival. To equate that with an actual release seems insane to me.
  5. Wow, Florida Man takes it to another level. @filmlover@WrathOfHan
  6. 26. Born on the Fourth of July 27. Say Anything... 28. The Dream Team 29. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids! 30. Driving Miss Daisy
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