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  1. Nobody knows anything about the details of any deal, rumored or otherwise. Selective details being leaked to the press are basically meaningless right now. The union won’t agree to a deal that it feels isn’t equitable. Further, any deal would need to be ultimately ratified by the IATSE members.
  2. I can confirm at least that they negotiated until 11 PM last night; we got an update that said as much. As to the rest, I’m hopeful but wary.
  3. The afore-mentioned article. https://variety.com/2021/film/news/film-and-tv-crews-strike-1235090748/ It’s neither a bad or a good sign, it’s what IATSE recommended to all of us, since we may not have access to anything on Monday. That recommendation first came days ago, and was reiterated today.
  4. I adore the books but my wife gave up after a long while trying to push through TTT. It’s more than fair to say they’re a complete turn-off to some folks.
  5. It’s 3 PM Pacific Time. Given the rumor/report was from this morning, I think by now us IATSE folk would’ve gotten an update from our respective committee members if they had walked away.
  6. Well, I’m not gonna claim Dune sold more copies because it most assuredly hasn’t (not close). But it’s probably one of the most famous SF novels and it’s sold something like 20 million copies.
  7. I mean, money’s a pretty good reason too! Those writers assistants and script coordinators (among others) get paid dick.
  8. I have no skill of box-office prediction but by that standard FOTR was just one part of a 3-hour weird trippy hippy fantasy book.
  9. Aren’t they referring to the Fri-to-Fri drop here? (Which of course would be larger given Thurs previews rolled into last Friday). It’s definitely confusing how they present it here but that’s how they’ve reported it in the past.
  10. They may think that but they’re going to have a bitch of a time getting anything done other than buying completed shows & movies from foreign distributors and companies. Accountants are part of IATSE. What happens when paychecks are due?
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