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  1. Looks like LA County’s staying cautious and keeping theaters at 50% (for now). “Los Angeles’s New Reopening Order More Restrictive On Movie Theaters Than State Guidelines – Updated”
  2. No, although that’s awesome. The Despecialized Edition did a lot of cleanup and noise reduction and the like — typical restoration stuff (which I’m all for). But the edition I found is a much “purer” raw version intended to show (as much as possible) what it would’ve looked like in 1977.
  3. This seems somewhat relevant to our current discussion.
  4. They're still vectors for transmission, and with the vaccination percentage looking like it’ll fall short of herd immunity, there’s still a possibility the disease can get transmitted to some adults (and/or mutate further). I’m not saying it’s an appalling situation but at the same time, I wouldn’t want my kid to be in a packed theater with other kids right now. I agree, hopefully the kid version of the vaccines will get approved soon.
  5. Stoneypoint Entertainment In the immortal words of Vin Scully quoting Eugene O’Neill, “a humble thing, but thine own.” This is one of my new ventures — it’s a small distribution company for indie films. We just launched this week, only a couple of titles so far but we’re looking for more. Our new release is a concert documentary called ADAM JACOBS - BEHIND THE CURTAIN, starring Adam Jacobs, the original “Aladdin” on Broadway. It’s a one-night-only concert where he also talks about his life — what it was like growing up as a Jewish Filipino American, a mixed-heritage kid with an immigrant mother, and how he became a Broadway star. If this interests you at all, please check it out! We offer streaming video to rent/buy as well as DVDs and Blu-rays. We’ve also teamed up with other digital retailers so it’ll be available on iTunes and Google Play soon. (I wasn’t sure where to post this, I guess I’ll cross-post to the VOD forum too.)
  6. I’m just looking for a good excuse to escape the emotional maelstrom.
  7. If it happens, it’ll be the lever I pull on my ejector seat.... which honestly might be a relief at this point. (I’ve been feeling more and more skeeved out and unsettled by the NFL in general, and I keep saying I’m out, but some ties are hard to break.)
  8. To be honest, I found the trailer a little depressing. I’m sure the movie will be fine, I just wish Spielberg had taken on something new.
  9. Sounds like the US is finally getting off our asses to help.
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