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  1. Because he never said “no”. That whole bit is goofy-ass Lucas messing around with that which does not need to be messed.
  2. I mean, this has been fairly obvious as a staple of science fiction for... I dunno, 80 years? It’s not exactly a new concept and I wouldn’t be surprised to see some form of it play out (unfortunately).
  3. This is hardly my favorite film of the BP nominees but I’d rather it win than that particular other movie that made a ton of money.
  4. all you young’uns didn’t know it existed. Seriously, take away my silly sandwich thing — that hardly deserves a Moment of the Week, let alone Year, let alone Decade — and put CJohn’s giant Fassy dick in instead. It’s a glorious thread from the golden age of BOT.
  5. @The Panda Is it possible for you (or someone) to link those various “Best of the Forum” threads or posts? That way those who didn’t experience them have the opportunity to see what they were about. (Hilarity, usually)
  6. Definitely worth checking it, it’s solid and surprisingly moving by the end.
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