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  1. I can’t speak to any allegations about inappropriate behavior, but comments from random anonymous crew-members about the quality of a movie from their experiences of the shoot is absurd. The crew on Star Wars were convinced it was gonna be a terrible movie. The production problems on Apocalypse Now are legendary. Same with Titanic. None of this babble has anything to do with whether a movie will be “good” or not (putting aside what “good” even means — obviously some movies are divisive). Quotes about Coppola being “inefficient” by choosing older production techniques are particularly ridiculous. It’s his money, why should anyone care how he’s spending it?
  2. Also, I think any discussion of budget is essentially moot, just like Horizon.
  3. Can’t wait for you to win Funniest Poster again in 2026 so we can have six Afflecks staring at us. 😘
  4. Came across this old bookmark... I seem to re-discover it every few years, lol. Fond memories for some of the oldies here and a document of what happened between the death of Mojo and the beginning of BOT: https://mojorefugees.proboards.com/
  5. Now I’m worried @Porthos might simply go nova from squeedom. Dug the season, thought it was very fun and nailed the tone nearly perfectly. Couple of very minor spoilers where I laughed out loud:
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