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  1. This feels like a ton of spin that doesn’t really matter overall, but that’s okay, I’m probably unconsciously spinning the other way. I don’t really think there’s that much of a backlash at ITH — the internet isn’t particularly representative of the real world. Granted, there’s not much of an initial audience turnout for ITH either. tbh both movies seem like a general miss in sheer financial terms. Our own personal opinions about each end up being whether or not we find them meaningful.
  2. Why would it bring in big numbers on D+? Wouldn’t people who are Pixar or animation fans already be subscribed? The real numbers that matter (which we only vaguely see, and not tied to specific titles) are new subscribers and (to some degree) stopping people from canceling. In either case, LUCA doesn’t seem like a driving force.
  3. Pixar winning another Best Animated Movie seems kinda uninteresting to me, it happens all the time. And ITH did get critical acclaim, it’s not exactly like it was rotten or anything. I don’t think either movie’s really a driving force on the streaming side — in terms of picking up new subs or retaining them, I feel like both movies are basically already targeting demos that are already subbed. Really, to me it seems like it just comes down to LUCA costing more overall and essentially having zero theatrical revenue. Not that ITH is doing good in that regard either, obviously, but budgetarily it
  4. Isn’t this just audiences being dumb, though? I mean, LUCA’s a bit better than GOOD DINOSAUR, sure, is that really something to hang their hat on? Especially when it was significantly more expensive to make than HEIGHTS?
  5. I mean, I don’t think this is true at all. The demographics domestically bring out strong African-American and and Asian and Hispanic audiences in a way few other blockbusters do.
  6. It’s funny, for me it feels like LUCA is the loser here.
  7. So which studio “screwed up” their release more: Disney with LUCA or WB with ITH?
  8. Nikki and Paolo were rare character missteps — the show was dang great at pretty much everyone else.
  9. I don’t think it’s made up. I also don’t think it’s a huge controversy.
  10. Conversely, employees at most stores and restaurants are still masked here, and most businesses still ask people to remain masked while shopping. Solid mix of people still masking up outside (although steadily increasing numbers of people who aren’t). Doesn’t seem to be much ruckus from folks, I think many are pretty used to wearing masks now, and seems like people still have a few handy in case they need to mask up.
  11. At this point I mainly just use the disposables — and I have a bunch of old cloth ones just stuffed in my glove compartment at this point, which is helpful if I forget others.
  12. FWIW, I think that commentary on ITH is fair (and I think LMM responded to it well). Sure, there are a few people who seemed way too aggressive about it, but that’s the Internet. Also, I don’t think it’s had any sort of significant dampening effect on the movie or the box-office. The movie itself is a more modest BO beast than we expected and the “controversy” (such as it is) is already over.
  13. I’ve done this a few times, for convenience — if I’m coming up to a security guard gate where I need to interact with someone, or I’m literally driving like a block to a business, for example (hey, I live in LA).
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