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  1. Not to mention a huge amount of people signed up for the cheap 3-year deal (paid up front) — which was a nice chunk for Disney last year, but doesn’t exactly help them right now.
  2. Yes, well-deserved. Back in the McCourt days, I was hoping she’d become GM of the Dodgers. I gotta root for the Marlins now. Bravo to her.
  3. He made so many great non-Bond movies and this is a great opportunity to seek some of them out: The Hunt for Red October The Man Who Would Be King The Wind and the Lion Time Bandits Russia House The Untouchables A Bridge Too Far The Great Train Robbery ...and many more
  4. This is why you don’t let players (or even teams) make decisions, they’ll get caught up in emotions and do dumb shit. It’s why you (in theory, at least) have a commissioner to make the hard, ironclad decisions. It’s stupid, I hope they isolate and trace correctly and that no one suffers for this particular idiocy.
  5. I get the desire to allow it but it seems to be an incredibly unwise decision for all involved. I guess they’re now planning on doing a bunch of additional rapid testing and delaying the trip back to LA? (Or so I saw, from some report.) But still, no bueno.
  6. Thanks, man. Much love to you and Giant Nation — I got a text from a dear friend who said that of course in this horrific year the Dodgers had to win. Tele Jr and I screamed together at the final out.
  7. The Velvet Vampire (1971): Corman-produced exploitation, but directed by Stephanie Rothman, a woman with talent and artistic sensibilities, so it comes off as way more interesting than it might’ve otherwise (and frankly more than the story deserves). It’s about a vampiress living out in the California desert who lures a husband and wife out to visit her. The husband and wife are terrible actors, but they both look good naked (which is why they were hired). The vampiress herself is pretty good, nice sultry screen presence.
  8. Tbh, I just post when I remember or when I’ve actually seen something new, so either way I don’t think my posts would change.
  9. I already grouched that I’m not that enthusiastic about post-2000 Spielberg but I suppose I can come up with a handful of titles that’re list worthy.
  10. Hey, welcome! I was mostly a lurker on Mojo, so you probably don't remember me (and to be entirely honest, I don't remember you ), but it's always great to see a former Mojo user find their way here. It's a great forum here, there are many classic Mojo veterans still here (admittedly some have drifted away over the years), and even though posting and traffic is WAY down because COVID shut down so many releases, this is still one of the best places on the internet to follow movies (and hopefully box-office again soon).
  11. edit: old discussion, not worth bringing up again. re: NY, to be honest it's not that Cuomo should open up theaters, it's that he should shut down casinos and bars and indoor dining again.
  12. I know it’s not ideal and there’s less demand than there would be for entirely new releases, but studios should open up their existing libraries and let theaters license titles for absurdly low rates. There’s no cost at all to the studios, but it’d be more of a lifeline than the theaters have now.
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