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  1. That’s from the movie, during the 80s heyday of movie merchandise and marketing. It doesn’t really have much of anything to do with the book (especially when it was published).
  2. tbh I think a lot of kids would find Dune boring. Yes, sure, many of us did discover it as teens, but it’s not pitched at that audience. As a complete aside, as an example of YA being essentially a marketing tool, there were “juvenile novels” back in the 50s and 60s. Juvenile novels... like Starship Troopers.
  3. Honestly it feels awkward and nerve-wracking to see all those clusters of people in the stands.
  4. I’m not sure a man who (metaphorically) steps on a rake should be praised for showing that yes, it’s actually painful.
  5. It’s not the finale, but “International Assassin” is one of my favorite hours of TV ever.
  6. I know, it frustrates me to no end but that’s the only number we have. 😂
  7. Well, since $20.2m is the official number, that means we have A TIE! @CloneWars and @Krissykins both predicted $20.7m, they were both 500k off. I'll PM their Gold accounts to them. Congratulations to both winners and thanks to everyone for playing.
  8. It's more that in the parts of the US that get hit with cold weather, people stay indoors way more. If they were self-isolating, this wouldn't be an issue, but in practical terms it means events that might be held outside now get moved inside.
  9. I mean, if you’re gonna dump SOUL on VOD, you might as well charge *something* for it. Maybe not $30, but I bet it’ll at least be $20.
  10. The only problem is the studios got out of the smaller movie game a few years ago. They don’t make ‘em anymore.
  11. I wonder how BILL AND TED is doing. I know the data seemed decently good, but it’s kinda wild that it might be the overall “winner” here. (Obviously MULAN and TENET will make way more money but they also cost way, way more.)
  12. Beneficial for whom, though? Certainly not from Amazon/Netflix/Disney/etc’s perspective.
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