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  1. Telemachos

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    This is one of the most absurd things I’ve ever read.
  2. ...It made 3x its budget worldwide from theatrical revenue alone?
  3. I was wrong about the OW and it seems highly likely I'll lose the bet.
  4. Telemachos

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    I'm down for AMAZING stories and some of their stuff that's still early in development, I guess (the Ron Moore show, FOUNDATION, etc).
  5. Telemachos

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    tbh I'm not sure which one is his absolute fave, but yes, he loves XLR8.
  6. Telemachos

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Sure. It'd be more surprising if it didn't.
  7. Telemachos

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    ^^ Apple shares frequently dip after their events.
  8. Telemachos

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Tele Jr. will be excited about this.
  9. How dare a movie try to appeal to more than pre-10 year olds. edit: I should probably bow out of this convo.
  10. And who made that parody video? sheesh, this is exactly what I’m talking about.
  11. Which is fine, the movie will do what it will do. I’m just so tired of the prognosticating and pontificating.
  12. Exactly right, and this is what eternally frustrates me. The approved list of blockbusters is basically MCU, DC, and franchises that 20-somethings and 30-somethings grew up with. Everything else is generally scorned, ridiculed, or tsk-tsked about, as if we’re the only audience that matters. DORA will end up being whatever it is (frankly it reminds of something like SPY KIDS), but broadly speaking there’s not much difference from their approach versus something like TRANSFORMERS. Or, for that matter, DETECTIVE PIKACHU.
  13. And how old are you, Mulder? My son saw the trailer and was fairly delighted by it. I have no idea whether we’ll see it or not, or whether he’ll like it when he does. But the internet is stuffed to the gills with 20-something and 30-something dudes acting like the tone police and arbiters of what an adaption should or shouldn’t be. Some are well-meaning, some aren’t. But my takeaway is that maybe we all should just shut up and let a movie exist without us giving our opinion on something that frankly seems to be not aimed at us at all.
  14. I have no investment in this movie — I just find fanboy rationale wildly hypocritical. This movie looks no better or worse than 90% of other would-be tentpoles but because it’s not part of the approved list of Favored Blockbusters* everyone’s gonna shit on it. (*tentpoles aimed at the same batch of 16-45 year old dudes)

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