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  1. Didn't realise Deadpool was so big with OAPs
  2. I watched it in 3D (not imax) and it was pretty spectacular. I would recommend if you can comfortably afford (it was free for me)
  3. Thanks for the projection I'm slightly confused by the regularity throughout Christmas though, does China not celebrate Christmas or does it just not affect BO? @Olive @Gavin Feng
  4. I mean, I might be biased because I just watched it, but I feel this is a mini Black Panther in the making. I'd go with 70M OW with nice long legs to $300m+ No, I'm not joking. It appears Hailey Steinfeld gonna win twice this Christmas!
  5. Just got back from a preview screening in UK... Firstly the trailers were okay to me but nothing exciting, I didn't like the look of it from the trailers... Coming out of it... Oh wow. Just WOW WOW WOW... You must go see this, whatever you do, honestly this might actually become my favourite Spider-Man movie.... I genuinely think this could take off and hit $300m+ over the holidays. Watch out Jumanji 2, Spidey is coming to reclaim his title as Sony's biggest domestic
  6. Down to 9.5 with 20k votes Also running at about 8m/h at the moment will increase later hopefully. Personally I'd say 130m locked for the day, possible 140-150
  7. That certainly satisfies the assertion that the subtitle was never said in Infinity War, since you can't say something that's empty!
  8. Douban will drop whenever it wants to. Maoyan will hopefully drop in about 2 hours when midnights have finished. Although midnights may be a bit small, which means we may have to wait till Chinese morning (9+ hours)
  9. need to fix OD number CA3: OD - 93815 SAT - 100805 SUN - 99811 AoU: opening Tues to Thurs ~81k, peaked on Saturday with 83.7k FF8: OD - 163564 SAT - 179150 SUN - 177382 Also for the record, Warcraft peaked at 127k EDIT: Just realised you said 3rd best SH show count, so yes I believe you are correct.
  10. feasby007

    Bohemian Rhapsody OS: $423M OS | $596,5M WW

    Pretty sure that's locked at this point. It's got at least $30m more from Japan and likely another $10m from SK also. That leaves just $20m left from other markets which is easily doable since it's still holding well in most markets.
  11. How do you know what the film is like when we don't know anything about it?? We don't even have a bloody title 😂
  12. A truly fantastic explanation. Thanks Gavin 👍

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