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  1. It seems @Gavin Feng is getting their wish
  2. Woah! A sub 25% drop for AoL... Seems like somebody might be finally watching it
  3. feasby007


  4. feasby007

    Jurassic World II OS Thread

    It'll easily make this with just Japan and Domestic. Japan has it's Obon Festival coming up which makes every weekday act like a full blown weekend. JW2 has about $20m left in JP, although it's performance this week could change that to $15m or $25m.
  5. True, although it seems to be sharing with Ant-Man and Fallout (at Crawley at least)
  6. Possible, but with the heat gone, I think Mamma Mia could be in for a tremendous hold. At my theatre, I went to watch MM2 for round 3 last night, and it was busier than last saturday evening (not even joking). MM2 also has more scheduled times than Meg at my theatre. If anything could stay flat, MM2 can do it
  7. feasby007

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Ah damn! Guess you need to go shell out a few hundred quid to get one, just so you can play my game
  8. feasby007

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Hey guys, I was wondering how many of you here have iOS devices? You see, I've spent the last 3 months making my very first iOS game and I'd love for all my friends at BOT to try it out I don't want to force it upon anybody, it's just a friendly request for anybody interested, as I've spent a lot of effort on it (sadly meaning I've been less active here). Here's the link if anybody is interested: Orb Absorb Thank you! I hope some of you guys could help out a fellow BOT'er (for 2 years now!) - Stewart P.S. @IronJimbo This is why I've been busy and inactive the past 2+ months...
  9. How is that even allowed?
  10. Maoyan shows both. AM1 has 0.72 presales and AM2 has 0.27 it seems there definitely is a rerelease unless Maoyan is wrong. It even says the date of the first one as 2015.
  11. Along with the gods 2 Saturday looking to be possibly biggest day ever, should easily have 5 days over 1 million. Outstanding performance!
  12. Woah! Based on £3.8m Friday (and without midnights too! At least my theatre didn't have any and usually does) My theater is so far heaving compared to yesterday, so I wouldn't be surprised at an increase, let's say 30%, then drop on Sunday of 20%, that gives 3.8m + 4.9m + 3.9m = £12.6m However this could very well go higher. Phenomenal performance
  13. But he might not want her there when he's singing and dancing along to Mamma Mia 2 EDIT: Also why the heteronormativity?
  14. Doesn't that put something like $60m+ OW on the cards... Or are we expecting this to be super frontloaded? 🤔
  15. Although not as many proportionally use it as in USA... the UK site movietickets.co.uk has a phenomenal 81% for Mamma Mia... this shits gonna be huge. Remember that over here Mamma mia 1 is one of the highest grossing movies ever

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