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  1. That's a good read actually, I especially like these two comments, gave me a good laugh: The idea that the kids in this movie were specifically bred by Cameron so they'd be perfect for their roles. THAT'S WHY IT'S TAKEN 10 YEARS!!
  2. Personal anecdote, I don't give a rat's ass about football and the WC. That's why I'm going to see I2 opening day with a bunch of friends, and will likely see it again the day after too. However I'm biased since I absolutely love Disney and Pixar
  3. Given World Cup started and weather hasn't been terrible, that's fantastic! Might decrease a bit next weekend due to Ocean's 8 having a massive marketing push in UK. Although may not effect weekend, but more weekdays since it releases tomorrow. Officially it'll be number 1, since I'm pretty sure it'll be clumped into a dodgy 7 day opening
  4. Oh dammit, that's my bad assumption again. I thought since it's actually on the same day in U.S. and U.K. that it actually aligned elsewhere too, as opposed to Mother's Day where they're separated differently in UK/US. My point still stands though, that getting within $20m, or 1% of TFA is quite incredible
  5. With the excellent hold domestic, this is going to get very very close to TFA. Also actuals will likely go up this weekend for both OS and DOM as Disney always underestimates Father's Day (which is actually on the same day universally, unlike Mother's Day)
  6. @Fish&chips Do you know what somewhat big films are coming out over the next few weeks? Primarily looking at U.S., but SK is fine too. Trying to figure what movies would be best to track presales runs for
  7. Oh crap my bad, I forgot it's Summer. This is what happens when you're in the UK, summer doesn't start till late July and its currently miserable outside...
  8. It'll be interesting to see what Monday is. If it's bigger than usual, then that would indicate it's acting like a Marvel movie, which would indicate shorter legs, whereas a smaller Monday indicates more family biz which would suggest longer legs. Kinda ironic that to have better legs, you need to make less on weekdays
  9. July: / August: CR September: / November: WiR2 October: / December: MPR January: / Feburary: CM (If she moves early) March: / April: A2 That's a lot of big movies, we've figure out Disney's plan now
  10. Anything less than $2b WW and $700m domestic is an automatic disappointment! Isn't that apparent by now?
  11. Thanks for these lists! Since Disney usually lowballs a little, it's possible True Friday could come in higher to reach #7. I think we can say for certain it'll end up 7th to 9th, as going above 56.8m (75.3m total) and going below 51.6 (70.1) is probably very unlikely at this point.

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