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  1. that feels like a perfect storm ready for slaughtering
  2. Some anecdotal evidence from me: The showing in an hour has 4 out of 200 seats sold (Venom's equivalent was 100+), and I can't access the one starting right now, but they're every hour. Also it's rated 18 here (a strict cutoff), meaning any horror seeking 16/17 yr olds are alienated and unable to watch it. At Cineworld Crawley the showing in 2 minutes has about 150 / 400 tickets sold, which means primetime Saturday Evening couldn't even half fill it 😕
  3. Couldn't find the A3 thread, so I'll post it here... Was searching through Christmas GIFs (don't ask why) and found this gem.... Turns out Polar Express predicted the end of Avengers: Infinity War 14 years before it was even released 😮
  4. feasby007

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Sooooo... I just spent the last two hours putting up my Christmas Tree... 🎄🎄🎄 Given I've been wanting to put it up since September, I finally cracked. (I live alone btw, and this is my first time having my own Christmas tree, and I'm hosting a xmas party on December 1st so need it early anyway [It's December 1st since at uni and people go home a week later])
  5. I know a few people who would probably go do what Phoebe and Rachel are hiding from Ross
  6. But for us it’s likely to release on Thursday anyway, so wouldn’t the days be correct? also with Thursday previews in USA, everything big opens Thursday now anyway
  7. Hmmm I did Google (or rather Ecosia, better to plant trees than feed corporations) and it came up with that site. I wonder why it's a day out?
  8. Some of the comps (using direct ratios of Monday to OW): AQP - $220m A:IW - $50m H - $196m S2 - $230m TN - $247m P - $182m Soooo.... I think it's safe to say $50m is maybe the floor? Is there anyway it can respectively be more presale heavy on Monday than IW? In terms of others, given these feel like the best comps, especially the last, genuinely this could be headed for IT's record 😮
  9. To be honest, I'd rather go watch Smallfoot (that also came out today in UK) but sadly no evening showings of it at my theatre. I think I'm gonna go with El Royale, not really feeling 141 minutes of biopic right now
  10. Guys... I have the option between El Royale and First Man to go watch tonight (in about an hour). Both 141 mins, so time can't help me decide. Any opinions on which I should watch? Rotten Tomatoes had Critics swing towards FM and audiences towards BTatER Thanks for any help EDIT: I should mention I will see both regardless this weekend, it's just a case of which I see first (tonight).
  11. Fantastic timing too, literally 42 minutes ago Will posted that image. Of course it had to happen to Hades, god of the underworld, too
  12. "expects to see finished version of in a few weeks" If it's almost complete with still 9 months to go, that is very promising. However, that then makes me wonder why we've seen no public marketing for it whatsoever??
  13. Also, once it ended a fair amount of people actually clapped. Haven't experienced that since TFA's opening weekend (and I've probably seen 100+ movies since then)
  14. Is that site more like maoyan or douban? Either is fantastic, but if douban then thats otherworldly!

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