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  1. Hoping for a 20th anniversary release in 2021 🤞
  2. They come out every day, but I think people who usually post (like me) have been busy recently. Presales: http://kobis.or.kr/kobis/business/stat/boxs/findRealTicketList.do Daily results: http://kobis.or.kr/kobis/business/stat/boxs/findDailyBoxOfficeList.do Generally Google Translate works fine, but if you click on the name of a film, it'll show a popup box (after a small wait) with the Korean name and English name.
  3. Tickets sold for the film on Fandango for the Monday-Thursday of release week.
  4. Comparison to Infinity War, using the usual data provided by @CoolEric258 and others Movie / Mon / Tues / Weds / Thurs Avengers: Infinity War 49,836 54,892 68,826 206,000 Black Panther 35,429 36,302 39,934 65,453
  5. I just found this... https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NBK-Sj8qK3GXl-iOdHYeD94YRNxWJ9HqZ9OKdGoSx2o/edit#gid=0 Turns out this akvalley guy has been dumping the data into the spreadsheet. It goes back to January 29th 2018, so I think we can start backdating and filling in data for Feb/March 2018 releases if we wish. May be useful for comparing Black Panther to Captain Marvel: RAW DATA: COMPILED: Date TOTAL SOLD ON THIS DAY 29/01/2018 3001 30/01/2018 11748 31/01/2018 12418 01/02/2018 12748 02/02/2018 9235 03/02/2018 6598 04/02/2018 12012 05/02/2018 13427 06/02/2018 15284 07/02/2018 16314 08/02/2018 14039 09/02/2018 11790 10/02/2018 9240 11/02/2018 18918 12/02/2018 35429 13/02/2018 36302 14/02/2018 39934 15/02/2018 65453 16/02/2018 67889 17/02/2018 59471 18/02/2018 47420 This one is comparable to the data we already have. TOTAL SOLD FOR EACH DAY: Day Tickets Sold THU 112340 FRI 147364 SAT 146654 SUN 113155 I don't have much time, but I think collaboratively people could go through this and fish out the information to compare
  6. Animations always really strong on Presidents’ Day. Alita may take #1 back tomorrow.
  7. Isn't it set in the 90s? Perhaps they wanted to be authentic and are using 90s equipment to make it.
  8. I know, but I've still never seen the reported numbers this close (regardless of what the actual FSS take is)
  9. Completely missed that! Yeah it's poor and will likely release unless they post it on Netflix (which i'm all for as it'll do bonkers business on there compared to BO)
  10. Doesn't release yet. Today was a preview. I couldn't watch it as was on at the same time as Screen Unseen!
  11. Ranking Movie Title Release date Weekend Cumulative Distributor 1 Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, The 2019-02-08 £ 2,472,489 £ 7,410,895 Warner Bros Int'l 2 Instant Family 2019-02-15 £ 2,469,365 £ 2,469,853 Paramount Int'l 3 How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World 2019-02-01 £ 1,649,759 £ 11,498,639 Universal Int'l 4 Alita: Battle Angel 2019-02-08 £ 1,417,674 £ 5,709,583 Fox Int'l 5 Green Book 2019-02-01 £ 740,086 £ 5,134,760 eOne Films 6 Happy Death Day 2U 2019-02-15 £ 735,454 £ 735,454 Universal Int'l 7 Kid Who Would Be King, The 2019-02-15 £ 666,749 £ 666,749 Fox Int'l 8 If Beale Street Could Talk 2019-02-08 £ 368,796 £ 818,825 eOne Films 9 Glass 2019-01-18 £ 311,937 £ 10,289,146 Walt Disney Int'l 10 Favourite, The 2019-01-04 £ 283,702 £ 15,264,399 Fox Int'l Closest I've ever seen it at the top. Good enough drop for Lego 2, not great drop for Alita, Green Book holding well. Pitiful for Kid Who Would Be King (sadly, I really enjoyed it). Very good number for Instant Family. I think this half term should see solid business for Lego and Dragon, hopefully Instant can benefit also.
  12. I'm a little surprised how far forward in time it progresses, but I guess we knew it would be anyway due to the child actors they'd brought on. However, the synopsis provided here is worrying me a bit. I mean I trust Jim to get it right, but if the thing he's so excited about he has to tell the public is a scene with bickering parents... I'm not so sure. Kinda sounds like this epic is being converted into a rom-drama I'm sure this is all part of a plan, but for now I'm not entirely satisfied.
  13. Oh crap it's Monday today... Genuinely thought it was Tuesday today lol
  14. Fantastically detailed post with lots of facts and figures to backup your points. Honestly the best post I've read on here all week. Thank you Is there any chance you could share the spreadsheet? Such as a protected google sheet (meaning others can look but not edit), that way others could make conclusions from it as well. If this is not possible / you're not happy doing it then no worries, just thought I'd ask anyway. Seriously, thanks for the post, very refreshing :)

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