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  1. Other Presale Comparisons: South Korea Spreadsheet So, just 72 hours left until we get the final presale total in for Avengers: Endgame. Today it passed the biggest presales ever, which was held by Infinity War (of course) on Friday Midnight. This is because most movies in South Korea have bigger presales on Friday Midnight than their "final presales" on Tuesday Midnight (for Wednesday openers). However, I don't think this will be the case here, since Endgame has sold tickets well into the weekend, I don't think it'll presell enough to have a bigger total on Friday Midnight. Despite that, Endgame ends today with a fantastic 1.46m admissions, edging its way closer and closer to the prestigious (and previously unthinkable) 2m admissions presold. In fact, it's on a course collision to reach between 2.1 and 2.2m admissions by Tuesday Midnight. If we take IW's trajectory from here we actually get a final of 2.7 MILLION admissions, which is absolutely monstrous, and unlikely due to saturation. Finally, Endgame currently has 2607 screens. Note that IW maxed out at around 2550 screens. So there is more capacity for Endgame, though it is unclear if the runtime will have any effect, since there is 1 less showing per day, but it seems more theatres are running 2/3 am shows of Endgame, which are actually selling somewhat well. At this point, 1m+ admissions OD seems like a foregone conclusion. The record might be out of reach though (~1.35m by Along With The Gods 2) since Endgame opens on a work day. Single day record could fall on Saturday though, as long as Endgame isn't more front-loaded than Infinity War.
  2. I believe you're looking for Jurassic World: The X Rated Cut. Nice and gory, and no single minor survives the massacre. And, spoilers:
  3. I meant I was too slow! @Menor beat me to it
  4. Thanks! I'll take your 13.3 million and raise you to 14 million
  5. Thanks Nero Thanks a lot pepsa! Yeah, I think it's on trend though, IW also had a smaller increase on the comparable day. I think it's still running similarly to IW at this point.
  6. Btw, I won't be able to catch the midnight number tomorrow (Sunday) or Monday! I'll be able to do the write up later, but won't be around at the time of midnight Korea time. The main figures I'd like are the total admissions, the Won total and the % of the total tickets it represents. (I.e. the 3 non-zero entries in Endgame's row here: http://kobis.or.kr/kobis/business/stat/boxs/findRealTicketList.do) Also, if somebody fancies, the total screens it is on. Though that one is unlikely to change in the 3 or so hours in between. Thanks so much guys! I'll have today's report ready in 35 minutes though, looks like an as-expected day.
  7. However we know that Maoyan refuses to reduce numbers. Therefore we'd simply have hours and hours of freezing until adjusted numbers catchup.
  8. Definitely 1m+ breaking top 3. Don't know if 1.35m is possible though, simply because (when I last checked) there were still lots of seats around during working hours, and I just don't know if they'll be able to fill up.
  9. Thanks! (btw I've run out of reacts today already 😮) The screen count is already at IW's final level, so might even go higher. Though I seem to remember something last year about IW occupying like 80% of the screens in the country and the authorities weren't happy about that. Even so, I think the runtime could affect it a little, though I've noticed plenty of 1/2/3 am showings which indicates it's getting similar number of showtimes, just going later into evening/morning. Does anybody recall whether there were 2/3 am showings for IW?
  10. Thanks Thanks also I believe so. Looking at CGV (easiest to look at seats) there's still so many seats available. I think seats are being bought earlier than usual which helps i.e. people who'd normally buy Saturday tickets on Friday have bought them early since they know it's busy. It could crash out, but it looks likely at the moment for around 2.1m finish at midnight. As you know though, much of this won't be for OD, but for the entire 5-day and beyond.
  11. Thanks Charlie Yeah I already saw! I saw it at 1.396m and was waiting for 1.4m to post, but then I got sidetracked and completely forgot Also, this is definitely the biggest presales ever now, not just before release. As @pepsa reminded me a couple days ago, Infinity War actually had higher presales Friday Midnight (as most movies do) which were around 1.35m. However, I don't expect Endgame to have bigger presales Friday midnight compared to Tuesday midnight, simply because it will be SO huge (over 2.1m) Tues midnight. Never say never though, this thing has shown us plenty surprises! Comp wise I was expecting a smaller increase today than yesterday (as IW had), i.e. below 1.5m. Now, it's done 6k in 30 minutes, so it'll probably be 1.422m by 8pm, then 1.432m, 1.440m, 1.448m, 1.455m. So probably around 1.455m at midnight tonight. (increasing 140k = 74% of yesterday's increase, IW had 83%, but was later into run, so this is probably about right)
  12. feasby007

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    It's okay, you messaged early this morning (~6:40am my time)! It's just by chance you were first, not long after I woke up my Mum and a couple friends wished me too
  13. I see that as an optimistic case personally. And there's no chance in hell it matches the USD total for it

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