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  1. As it 110% should be done.
  2. It looks great Thanos I still read every notification I get through email (most OS market threads + Tracking thread) so I keep up to date. Just been very busy with work and university atm meaning I haven't had time to fully engage here But you, @pepsa and @Charlie Jatinder have done a fantastic job in my absence on the MegaSheet. And @imbruglia with all round SK tracking
  3. Good explanation. Just to add to it, I think people were heavily spoiled by Endgame. That movie sold out just about everything it could, and now makes any movie that doesn't sell out any showing look pathetic. I think people need to get used to the fact that Endgame was the exception not the rule. However, due to his experience, I'm sure @keysersoze123 is well aware of that anyway.
  4. Can confirm the same situation here. All my family want is the original in super duper realistic. If critics are complaining that nothing significant has been added: Good. That only boosts the potential for this now! I think the GA are very aware that TLK is so massive and significant story-wise, that any significant change would be a bad thing not a good thing.
  5. So FFH has done ~$25m in presales and is going to only 5x that for the 6-day? Nope nope nope, those tracking are way way off.
  6. Shows within two hours of the time you pull the data are not included. So at midnight any shows from midnight till 2am are not included. Usually this causes no problems since midnights are a rare thing.
  7. It's always existed but I could never get it to show on desktop. If it started to recently, maybe they fixed it before canning Pulse entirely. Perhaps they don't have the staff to maintain now?
  8. I'm not sure, I think it could be just the clip perhaps. It's kinda like the lions are expressing facially similar to humans with mouth movements but birds just have a beak. I don't know, it just irked me watching it. Will probably work better in the theatre and in context.
  9. Friday is +15% over Aladdin's OD. Will likely be more frontloaded, but very good start.
  10. Looks like this is it boys, pack your bags we're done. Deepest condolences to @CoolEric258 @Porthos @el sid @TalismanRing @Thanos Legion, we thank you for your service the past months / years. The Corporations have finally cut us loose and restricted our access to data. RIP AKValley Data 2018-2019. --- Guess we'll just have to go back to parking lot reports now right?
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