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  1. Saturday is down 58% in admissions, though last Sat was National Discount Day, so more likely down maybe 45% in revenue. However it did have one of the worse holds in the top 10, along with Pika Pika (young-skewing do much much better on discount days). I think this isn't *quite* disaster yet, but it's definitely not breaking out or holding "well". (But not necessarily holding "bad" either). I'd go with -45% at the moment, with a potential to drop to -50% if Sunday goes low.
  2. I understood the message more as "Well I guess Pets 2 is screwed even more then..."
  3. At 7pm at usual locations: (OD) Zilla 2 - 71796 (¥242m) Dumbo - 30791 (¥66m) BATB - 87597 (¥322m) Aladdin - 81921 So these comps give ¥276m, ¥176m or ¥301m for Opening Day, I'd say somewhere around ¥250m sounds about right (definitely better evenings than Dumbo, but probably slightly worse than KOTM/BATB). From there I'd expect a similar internal multiplier to BATB, meaning a ¥800m on the 2-day is possible depending on presales for tomorrow. So looking to earn maybe $9m+ on the 3-day, could be good enough for $70-100m depending on how it legs (musicals are usually fairly leggy).
  4. To be fair though, SLOP2 far exceeds #1 in every possible way and is much more justifiable for its existence. If you did see it I don't think it would be wasted. Kids here in UK seem to really love it, and I personally enjoyed it a lot (and I slept part way through SLOP1... granted it was like 2 am but still)
  5. This is my solution: Use http://kobis.or.kr/kobis/business/mast/mvie/searchMovieList.do to search for the movie in English, then copy the Korean name and paste into the search box on this page http://www.cgv.co.kr/search/default.aspx?query=1. Then you get the details of the egg and click the movie to get the usual web too. To see the usual mobile version we normally use, copy the movie id in the url then go to any movie on mobile website and paste in the movie id. Just wish CGV allowed search by English tbh 😕
  6. Not long to wait now until the expected drop of the trailer happens.
  7. top 5 this week: Rank Film (Distributor) Three-day gross (May 31-June 2) Total gross to date Week 1 Aladdin (Disney) £4.9m £19.8m 2 2 The Secret Life Of Pets 2 (Universal) £2.9m £11.9m 2 3 Rocketman (Paramount) £2.5m £12m 2 4 Godzilla: King Of The Monsters (Warner Bros) £2.3m £3.5m 1 5 Pokemon: Detective Pikachu (Warner Bros) £660,000 £12.5m 4 So Pika did around £2m this week during Half Term, Rocketman did solid too, SLOP2 made a real recovery, as expected with the HT. But Aladdin is just phenomenal. Then you get Zilla... just wow 🤦🏻‍♂️ EDIT: for comparison, Godzilla opened with £6.4m in the UK on its way to a £17.2m run. So Zilla 2 is down 64% from Zilla 1... Utterly shameful tbh. Even if you account for the Wed/Thurs too it's still down 45%...
  8. Partially could be release schedule as Sony is busy with MIB and Disney with TS4. But probably the biggest thing is that this is not released by Disney. Sony is doing the marketing for this which would explain why the run-up is different.
  9. "some markets" == basically nothing... Kuwait 4 June 2019 Saudi Arabia 5 June 2019 Poland 14 June 2019 Spain 21 June 2019 Kuwait + Saudi + Poland < $1m Spain might do a bit better, though given how rest of Western Europe has gone...
  10. Generally European markets are the ones with long legs, like Germany, France, Italy etc... (but still nothing like Japan) The fact that it's disappointed in those markets automatically reduces its legs quite a lot. iirc RPO did quite well in Europe thanks to Spielberg, therefore drawing that conclusion to be invalid. Also Japan saw a much larger drop on Sunday than most other movies. Japan's Sundays are usually flat or bigger from Saturday, though with the National Discount Day on Saturday, this skews things attendance wise. But comparatively, KOTM dropped about 35% on Sunday whereas AEG dropped 20%. Pika (which skews quite young) dropped ~27% in attendance, which makes sense since family movies generally see a much bigger increase on discount days. It's clear KOTM was front loaded, whether there's WOM at all to counteract is yet to be seen.
  11. Remember that Thursday includes Wednesday too though. Wait, was the 12.7m Thursday only or Thurs+Weds?
  12. Normally they adjust as they go. So 31.4m is Friday estimate and 48.2m is what's currently estimated through Friday. It essentially means up to Thursday was adjusted up to 16.8m. I think Charlie (?) mentioned before that the daily estimates don't line up because they'll keep adjusting as more accurate estimates come in.
  13. It seems likely so at the moment. Also noticed RT audience is gradually dropping too, so could be a similar problem going on in NA and worldwide too maybe.
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