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  1. Odeon has closed its cinemas until further notice. It was only a matter of time.
  2. Decent actually, Jessie stole the show for me. I thought it was really well done, although it felt like it ended a little early, but there's plenty of text at the end to continue the story. I saw Invisible Man last week too and that was pretty good, felt very accurate of a federal system that's out to get you rather than protect you. I agree, although everyone staying home and quarantining is somewhat sensible, many people need to get out the house to stop themselves going insane. I make sure to where my gloves everywhere and to only cough when absolutely necessary,
  3. Exactly my thoughts. Kinda bummed though as my Limitless runs out April 5th, so a lot of films I was going to see I now will have to pay for when they eventually release! But yeah I'm on a 5-day streak atm, first few days were still pretty full at Odeon, but yesterday watching misbehaviour it was only me and some random lady! Don't worry though, she was back left corner, I was front right middle, so we practised proper social distancing I kind of expect by the end of this week the major chains will close down, which will be a shame.
  4. they're not even questioning it either, tickets just released today for Mulan in UK... At this rate it might be the only movie playing
  5. There's been one every year I can remember (which is 3 years worth), courtesy of @Mike Hunt last year (among others) and then @Blankments before that. Past 3 years threads:
  6. Yep! Looking forward to it. Was half full when I booked earlier, but generally Odeon Coventry is a quieter theater. Sidenote: It would help if I didn't still have Into the Unknown stuck in my head all damn day
  7. Discussed this with Corpse last night, needs probably about 530k in usual locations to probably do ¥1B on Saturday. Regardless, ¥2b 3-day should be assured by this point.
  8. No worries at all keyser, admittedly I have been busy since June, so haven't been active at all here I used to always joke with DW (whether he remembers or not) when numbers came in, so thought I'd continue that. Although perhaps with the new members here for F2 I should've been clearer it was a joke. Overall, 160m is fantastic, especially coming from MTC, given it's not the strongest chain given what posters here have found in their tracking. --- Sidenote, massive thanks to you and @Menor for your scraping and selenium grabbing all that data
  9. I've been here a while keyser, I know what those numbers are Sense the tone Was simply making a joke because of DW's ambiguity in his wording
  10. WOAH WOAH WOAH! 160m in presales?!??! and from just one chain?!?!?! Endgame is in trouble now...
  11. This is going to be a fun run to follow, it's just such a shame that final year of uni has consumed any life out of me (hence why i've been dead since June). Although I started the sheet, and Pep helped out a lot too, you can't forget that you are responsible for a lot of the data on there too after I died! Looking forward to Frozen's run, as the PS seem to be going absolutely mental. I don't think it'll hit 1m PS, but 900k+ should be doable depending on capacity.
  12. Jumanji should not be underestimated. It did $50m and almost 5x multiplier in the wake of Last Jedi. Not to mention Greatest Showman spawning too. I have to be honest, anecdotal or not, I'm seeing just as many people excited for Jumanji as there are for Star Wars. Now I'm not saying that Jumanji is gonna do £80m, but I think £40m+ is reasonable, and with that much going out, you can't help but think Star Wars will be affected some way.
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