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  1. China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING earned est. ¥185M/¥175M ($28.5M/$27M) on Sat w/wo ticketing fees. China's 2-day total is ¥328M/¥310M ($50.6M/$47.8M)
  2. I was wrong my prediction @KJsooner.Is the first time here!? I underestimated the movie, + 850m for the sixth spiderman movie is great!!
  3. I am happy to get it wrong, what is the problem? Ah yes... you don't respect the opinions/predictions but ok im clown
  4. In this case i use WW for Wonder Woman
  5. Let see my post to WW ! I told you many times WW is a mediocre film and his success is incredible for a normal film !! Logan,Gotg 2 and SM homecoming is really better !!!
  6. LoL you think im sad if this film reach 850M ahahahahah you are a stupid if you think this
  7. My thought: I expected more for this film, I am "disappointed" (WW market) but I know that China and Japan are missing. 820-825M is good for 6th Spidey film This is my opinion
  8. I didnt like The Amazing film XD
  9. I don't speak English very well so it's hard to explain all my thinking

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