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  1. With Leonardo di Caprio villain smashes the Box office i know it s my fantasy
  2. The REAL spider man not him... +Doctor strange +Black widow +Guardians maybe Namor

    Total Lifetime Grosses Domestic: $235,000,000 58.2% + Foreign: $169,000,000 41.8% = Worldwide: $404,000,000 Domestic Summary Waiting final Os numbers
  4. http://deadline.com/2018/02/black-panther-thursday-night-preview-box-office-1202291093/ Monday AM writethru after 12:05AM post: Disney has verified this morning what we saw in the middle of the night, that T’Challa recorded the second-best Sunday ever at the domestic B.O., however with $60.1M (higher than the industry’s $59.55M estimate last night), ranking behind the all-time record held by Disney/Lucasfilm’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($60.5M on Dec. 20, 2015). This now pushes Black Panther to a 3-day of $201.8M; still the 5th best domestic opening of all-time after 2012’s Avengers ($207.4M) Disney does see Black Panther making $235M over four-days which means it will beat the Friday-Monday hauls of of Avengers ($226.3M) and Jurassic World ($234.1M). But there are those in the industry who believe that T’Challa has a shot to be the second-highest 4-day opener ever with as much as $242M-$245M behind Star Wars: Force Awakens ($288M) and taking out Star Wars: The Last Jedi ($241.6M). In order for Black Panther to claw his way to that height, it would mean that Monday’s ease from Sunday would range between -30% to -32% or $40.3M to $41.75M. Disney’s projections this morning figure today will decline -45% from Sunday, in which case Presidents Day would yield $33.2M for a $235M FSSM.

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