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  1. Ep 9 have Abrams, so I think will pass 600M with a strong chance to beat Titanic and JW
  2. Jurassic World II OS Thread

    I think we have a little decrease in EU but an increase in Asia
  3. Oh my god... 1 SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY USA Walt Disney S.m.p. Italia € 304.531 43.204 + 800k in 3 days
  4. Forbes Speaking of which, the film has around $1.86 billion-$1.87 billion worldwide at this juncture. It will likely top $1.9b sometime this weekend and spend the next few weeks trying to get past the $2b milestone. It’s not yet a guarantee, as the film could fall accordingly and have to settle for a sad/shameful $1.95b global gross. Jokes aside, it’s already the third-biggest overseas grosser of all time behind Titanic ($1.5b counting the 2012 3D reissue) and Avatar ($2b in 2009/2010) and the fourth-biggest global grosser behind The Force Awakens ($2.068b), Titanic ($2.1b) and Avatar ($2.78b).

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