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  1. Still not seeing any sales at my local cinema. Starting to look extremely desolate for a big film opening.
  2. If it does open that low I think DC will never put one of their films close to other big super hero films again. Its astonishing to think tracking numbers may have decreased.
  3. The Fate Heavens Feel movie is airing in a cinema near me this weekend. Wondering whether I should go because I will have to fork out a decent amount because I dont have membership at that cinema. Its the midpoint of the current anime season and here are my favorites 1. Land of the Lustrous 2. Ancient Magnus Bride 3. Children of Whales 4. Inuyushiki 5. Girls Last Tour More people need to watch Land of the Lustrous. I know its full CG and that it gets a bit a flack for that but in this case its used to enhance the visuals and probably looks better than all other airing shows.
  4. In This Corner of the World seems like the most likely from anime this year. I don't think Silent Voice will go to well with older academy voters.
  5. Thats better than the biggest cinema in Perth which prime time sess one is only 15% sold.
  6. Only 25% ahead is not that much. BvS was way more frontloaded with 28m in Thurs previews so you expect pre-sales to be a lot more than Thor.
  7. Seems to be following Guardians 2 drops which lead to a 55% drop 2nd weekend.
  8. Hard to predict though how much it will effect it. But that is actually its only competition for the next 6 weeks. Maybe a little from Coco. So overall I think its still well positioned for decent enough legs.
  9. Marvel's last three films have had legs in 2.7-2.8 area. So with that applied to Ragnarok a potential 335m-ish which would be way more than I thought possible for a Thor film.
  10. You know what is really nuts. Its holding better than the original Thor despite now being the gazzilionth entry in the MCU. Word of mouth definitely confirmed super strong here.
  11. Yeah those are fantastic drops, period. This should definitely hit 500m OS from here.
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