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  1. Which is fine. It would be weird forcing one right out the gate two months after KotM's release.
  2. They aren't going to sell it to Netflix. They may not even be able to depending on WB's contract with Toho.
  3. We have an official banner for the Licensing Expo. Source: https://www.comicbookmovie.com/monsters/godzilla_vs_kong/godzilla-vs-kong-masters-of-the-universe-and-dune-licencing-expo-images-revealed-a168660
  4. Paramount needs more successes, but this movie isn't going to be one of them.
  5. Yeah, I've seen the score go from 70% to 68% in just one click. I think it'll take a while for the score to settle in a certain range, since we have so many reviewers being added right now.
  6. I would say days of Garfield material to READ, not necessarily watch aside from the home media I've acquired since I was in kindergarten.
  7. My greatest fear is that Garfield will fall into the level of inactivity that Felix the Cat and Casper the Friendly Ghost have suffered. There was The Garfield Show that concluded three years ago. Other than that, the comic strips are the only thing keeping the character alive.
  8. I've been on a Garfield kick lately. I realize now that I'm really sad that the Garfield films weren't animated. Instead they chose to make them live action. I suspect that when Jim Davis passes away, the character will become a relic of the past. I don't want that to happen.
  9. I think the part with the old lady could have been done very differently. I was creeped out by her demeanor UNTIL she scuttled along with no clothing. Then I was laughing for most of the trailer.
  10. Oh God, where do I begin? Without going into details and writing a book (or review), there are so many problems with this movie. Editing. Some of the acting was laughable at times. Also, the movie moves too fucking fast. They hop from scene to scene like it's something that most movies do. I think a lot of the issues could have been fixed by tightening up the script and getting an experienced and competent editor. It's like they screwed around during principal photography and then realized they had a movie to make, then patched this thing up together. I can't remember the last time I was this disappointed after seeing a movie. Probably the 1998 Godzilla adaptation. I wanted to BELIEVE, damn it!
  11. Fuck. I made plans to see this with friends tonight. I hope it's so bad it's good, and not just bad because it IS bad.
  12. I've heard from friends who took their kids to see this that the movie was overall more depressing than necessary. (More depressing than the original film, even.) If this is true, I think that is why Dumbo is faring so poorly in the box office. But I haven't seen it yet, so my thoughts likely mean nothing.
  13. Lionsgate once again drops the ball with its marketing. Judging by their trends, they really suck at this.
  14. It made bank across all platforms, including the Nintendo Switch. The Doom franchise is alive and well.
  15. This movie looks like hot ass, and I don't mean the good kind. The 2005 film looks so much better by comparison.
  16. I'm confused about why this is even still in The Lot. It's a confirmed project that finished principal photography almost 7 full months ago.
  17. There are so many films I want to see this year, and Hellboy has certainly taken a spot on that list after that Red Band trailer...
  18. I didn't know that. I guess studios wanted a bigger reward.
  19. I never expected this to make money. Quite the opposite. I just hope I get an enjoyable film before Hellboy's movie franchise hopes inevitably crash and burn once again.
  20. I'm fine with this date. It could change of course, but it should have plenty of clout. Plus, we know that months don't really seem to have as much of an impact on the box office anymore. People will flock to theaters in February if the movie is big enough and Black Panther proved that.
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